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Today Laura read, Today I read...


Spent the entire day reading Hawks and Hands a DS, wrong Ray, hockey au. But a really good, really long one, if that makes any difference. It's got plot for days, it's classic boy gets boy, loses boy, gets boy, loses boy, gets boy -- and it manages to incorporate all of the important parts of the DS canon, such as Mark Smithbauer, Frannie, Victoria, Dief, etc. Totally recommended.


It was so good to talk to you Saturday! I'm worried about you, of course, but considering all of shit raining down on you, you sound like you're holding up pretty well. I'm sorry to badger you about exercise when you're already stretched to the breaking point. Which doesn't mean, of course, that I won't keep pushing <g>, but I'll wait a little while before next time, okay?

SG/TS, AtS: Lovely, and Tatters, by Martha, is a cool and intricately plotted crossover with horror overtones.

Recently pub'd H/Snape

Release From Bondage, by Elanor Isolda, older story, but you might not have read it
Conduits of Sorcery, by pen and umbra which you may have read already, dunno
Dark Beginnings (and sequel), by Dzien,
Letter of the Law, by Luthien,
Liminal, by Yevgenie,
This Thing Of Darkness, by Aucta Sinistra (WIP, sequel to Scratch and The Holly and the Ivy)
What Might Be Done, by Loup (chapter 7 of a HP/SS WIP)
Liason, by Mijan (HP/SS/DM).
A year like no other -- huge WIP from hell, but good


HP: Courtship Rituals, by Meri, is long and not bad, but she couldn't decide where she wanted to go with Dumbledore, and she doesn't really add anything to the genre of slowly falling into like. Maybe I've just moved on from H/S; maybe not.  Telanu finally wrote a sequel to Wizard Song -- Possession -- but it's just an interlude during the summer. It's good, but too short, and obviously mostly a setup to whatever she's got planned for the next school year.  Anniversary by RaeWhit is long and kinda cool. When Dumbledore dies, he makes them promise to meet for 24 hours once a year, and of course, over time, they fall...Nice happy ending. Longer is okay but I just never get the appeal of d/s relationships. Peripheral Vision by Alexandra Dane has a cool premise -- in killing Voldemort, all magic was lost, and many/most wizards have gone blind. Harry and Snape are bickering roommates in a care facility, learning how to deal as blind people. It's the rare story where Snape is solidly in love with Harry and has been for years, but neither we nor Harry realize it until late in the story.


SG-1: best dark j/d in a long time -- civilian by Komos (paian). Daniel has given up on Jack, and CID notices him as he prowls a local gay bar. syllepsis, a happier j/d with Sarah by her, is the perfect antedote to it

for each estatic instance by dith is another depressing one, but goooooood. It's a long one where Daniel knows Jack cares, but he won't unbend; eventually, after season 8, Daniel leaves earth and travels the worlds. Jack eventually comes and finds him on their 20th anniversary. (And Sam and Jack very briefly get together while D's ascended.)  Apparently I needed more dark -- I went and looked for her others. Rough Trade is another hot sweet miserable depressing one: When Osiris has Jack taken over by a gou'ld, Daniel puts up with being raped by him as part of a plan to save him; afterwards, they have one painfully ecstatic day, before they agree 'never again'. later, I won't be able to remember which story this is (actually, it's the one where Daniel got through college selling himself as rough trade), because the plot has been done before, but it always works, and it always hurts. Also her Two Sides of the Coin -- printed but not read, yet.

DS: printed but not read Hawks and hands DS hockey au


FF: mal/simon, lowkey but good firsttimer (the one with the puppies) Dangerous Cargo by Nestra

PotC: Jack/Will, drunken and silly -- Hurricane Jack by Shrift

SG: Sinner's Grove by martha.  jack rapes Daniel while a go'uld is in him; and later knows that the go'ould took the idea from his own mind. broken narrative structure does a fabulous job with the reveal.


Since last time I wrote, I lost my job, I lost Roo, you lost Calvin, and I swear, we've barely talked, even with all of this shite going on in our lives.

House: There's not a lot, but what there is, is choice. gigitrek has a couple of good stories that include Julie in interesting ways: The Meaning of Marriage (could be considered pre-slash). (She also writes in other fandoms -- how did I never hear of her before? Seeing Things is good Mal/Simon)

SG-A: Thegrrl seems to be one of the most reliable out there, and prolific, too. We All Arrive By Different Streets pt1 (and pt2) is longer than most, and made me happy.


SG-A: Science Geeks is Rodney/Zelenka, and cute.

BSG-old school: More off the site with Revenant -- Price for Treason is another mac & cheese story, but it's got some pretty good h/c; you might like it.


SG-A day!: So Long by [info]deannie. Rodney on drugs. Damn, it's a scary thing. Damage Control by [info]kageygirl. It's McShep with pissed off, snarky Rodney at his best.  Controverted by [info]astolat is a post-Siege McShep first time fic. Some good snark. The Once and Future Goon -- gen, with a slash sequel, I think.

SG-A threefic: Alone in your Mind. It's by James Walkswithwind, but I liked it. For one thing, it's the longest thing I've read yet in this fandom!


BSG - old school: Revenant Not good, but long, and perfect for PMS time. Sequel, Masquerade, is longer, but a bit less successful. Bunch of other stories, that seem okay, here.

QAF:UK -- Nathan gets a toaster for bringing Christian across. This was weird to read at first because Christian's US analog actually hit Justin with a baseball bat, but of course that didn't happen in the UK universe, so he's a bit more saveable. Anyway, good first-time-with-a-virgin sex, and a nice look at their universe right after Vince and Stuart left town.


BSG -- Wow, the rare het fic that's as hot as slash -- Kara/Lee, Something Pretty. Lee's having trouble 'making his donation', Kara's not helping...and then suddenly she is.

Lost -- 3fic PWP, Jack/Kate/Sawyer, Quid Pro Quo -- hot enough, but just a bit too surface-y; why does Kate start everything; if she just wanted to get laid, she could do it in easier ways, and I'd expect Sawyer to ponder about that a little.


SGA: World's cutest pair of stories, both referenced here, first one by Julad; second by Naomi

3/21 Banking links others have sent me:

Fabu's links
HP (?)
HP (H/D)
DS -- Tried, but it's got a very annoying RayK first person POV I couldn't get past.

PS: No batteries required silly robot au, but kinda cute. Pacific, silly western au.

Buf: Xander/Oz (yeah, whatever <g>) Lessons in Cool 1, Lessons in Cool 2: Being John Wayne  Adorable, if not so much well characterized.

QAF: first time Vince/Stuart We Are Not Amused by Sue Walsh. Charming, a little too surfacy, but sweet.

House: A Differential Diagnosis for Green Silk. Awesome. and Naomi's got a couple -- one called Maryland which I liked a lot, but which is over a bit too soon; one called Pathogenesis and Intervention, also nice, but the relationship pieces are skimped in my mind.  Went by the House archive, and it has 113 stories already. Jesus. only 33 are slash, but still.  Trivial Pursuits isn't bad, but mostly I liked it because it was 50K, and I was dying for something a little longer. Blow the Candles Out by Syal is good and long, too; Perhaps House is a bit too nice, and perhaps it's a little hard on Julie, but maybe not.

HP: Your Charm, So Irresistable is the sweet Sirius/Remus I already sent you; Players by Isis is Luna/Millicent, but honestly, it's great. I loved Millicent's doggedly confused pov, and their triumph together. Daylight, and the cost of dawn by blacksatinrose is very good Sirius/Remus, but ends in a very sad place. Be warned.


DS: Surviving Long story, set a couple of years after CotW, with Fraser back in Canada, RayK in Chicago, and weird hints of something hinky about RayV. Good story, though a little slow moving. (By lalejandra)

SGA: Hilarious McKay/Zelenka story by Julad called The Secret Life of Scientists. McKay stays a jerk, and is not the smartest man in the entire world -- yippee. Starts out more a set of perfect and funny vignettes than a story, but ends up strangely sweet. Monsters by Salieri is short, but her other one is longer.  Here's a not bad SGA rec page. The Balcony series by Leah is long and good, on the coffeeslash archive.

ER/XF: Fascinatingly weird crossover called the Chicago Stories -- Skinner, and John Carter from ER. Long, first time story between guys who (mostly) id as straight. I loved it. It lost a little steam when it started to integrate into the XFiles canon, but still fun.


SG:A Read a crapload of Atlantis fic (mostly by thegrrl) so that I would understand the fandom well enough to 'get' Naomi's fic. Which rocked, though honestly, I think I missed an essential point somewhere. I was so barreling towards the finish that my eyes were crossing by the end, and I should have stopped and taken a breather.

Buf: Spike/Xander, not-particularly-con by Anna. Hot. Written to my exact kink. Whew.

BG -- old school: Sacrifice is cliche-fic in a good way; Apollo and Starbuck have to pretend to be married on a strange planet. Long, slow, yummy Mac & cheese fic.


HP: Sirius/Snape mpreg. Huh. Nevertheless, it's long and plotty and good -- Back In Black by Kalena.


I'm starting it until it's all up, but here's the address for , the long Chris/JC sequel by nopsued

LoTRPS: slightly sad but altogether beautiful sangria by cee (Dom/Viggo)

lovely x/spike, set right after Xander loses his eye: Seeing Distant things as though they were Close. Really good, a very solicitous Spike.


LotR: Sweet, long, lovely Legolas/Gimli by Cimorene -- Promise. Totally recommended.

DZ: I have seen is a wonderful but frustrating little story where Johnny realizes a) that his visions are making him open to bisexuality (as he experiences having sex with men, and enjoying it), and b) that Bruce is bi -- and doesn't do anything about these realizations. A well written and characterized tease.

BUF: Wow, Gunn/Spike -- wouldn't have expected to like that. Boy's Club is kinda sweet though -- set during a quiet moment in season 5 -- we know shit's about to hit, but they don't, and it's nice to see them get a breather.

HP: Two Weaknesses is Remus/Sirius set when they were still in school, all from Lily's point of view. Good stuff, happy ending (if, again, you can ignore the cloud hovering over them. Definitely recommended.

Buf: okay, Oz/Devon is the most pointless pairing ever, but The Pearl is a short cute story.


Wow, without my pocket, I don't keep this up at all. Bad Sandy!

LoTRiPs: Just rec'd She by cee to rache, who says she really enjoyed it. Yay. It's Orlando/OFC/Viggo, hot, adult, and interesting.

Buf: Xander/Spike -- someone posted a huge page of links. I don't know if I care, but just in case...


I broke my pocketpc again. I could cry. ARGH -- and I just realized that even if I bought one today, I probably wouldn't have it for the con.!!!!! Why I am so clumsy and bad with my toys?

FF: Moving on -- adorable Mal/Jayne two-pt story called Right and 50 Credits. Boy, is that a pairing I would have thought I never would have called adorable.


I have been reading Pirates like crazy this week. I don't know where this came from -- I couldn't have been less interested when Colleen first started raving about them -- but I'm having fun. I recommend the Moonverse series of four stories -- nice longish first time Norrington/Jack (though you might want to avoid the last story -- it's rather sad).


SG: Yet another good SG story -- how strange the resurgence! Anyway, this one is long and ambitious, and post holocaust, and even a little artsy, called The Dirt of Sowing and Reaping. Takes a little patience, but it's good.

Alexander/Fire From Heaven/The Persian Boy recs:

A Christening of Wild Apples by [info]musesfool (A/H)

Earthquake by [info]fajrdrako (Alexander/Bagoas)

The World Will Sing by [info]reggie_mbq (Alexander/Hephaistion)

Dream by [info]reggie_mbq (also A/H)


Angel: Very sweet Wesley/Gunn called Ending in Amazement -- set during the final episode. Ooh, it just made me happy!


BSG: 5 Deaths that didn't happen to Laura Roslin (BSG) by Rheannam is FAB!. She's written with Yahtzee before -- this one is very gen, but very good.

HP: Just dl'd Blind as a Bat to my toy -- a long Snarry.

And Cathybites just posted a small Bean/Orlando list:
Holding the Pose by sheldrake
jaded and postcards from malta by mel
For Peace Comes Dropping Slowly by reg
bron-yr-aur by cee
Falls the Shadow by azewewish
Time of Day by yueni, which is really viggo/bean/orlando, but I don't think you'll mind.
Shed Your Skin by Bron
Memorandum by sparcck


There's a lovely long Clark as a Hooker WIP that I'm going to send you the second it's finished. It's by Seperis/Jenn, and so far at least, it's seriously yummy. Air, by pearl-o, is short but sweet firsttime.


HP: Very serious, very sad (but happy ending) SS-RL, called The Persons We Were where Snape is horribly jealous of the dead Sirius and it keeps getting in their way -- especially once HP brings Sirius back to life. Also, a miserably depressing trio-ish fic, Trinity, where Ron and Hermoine have come to hate each other by 7th year, but hide it because they both want Harry, and don't want Harry to know there's a problem. Aucta Sinistra has a new Snarry: Hollow, which I liked fine, but at some deeper level, didn't work for me. Why they did or didn't understand each other never really rang true, and Harry's preoccupation with Snape as a sexual being at the beginning seemed terribly forced without a longstanding school crush or something. Or I'm just cranky today...

SG: Two sides of the coin -- yummy long plotty first-time J/D with three distinct acts, and surprisingly hot sex. I liked it enough that I read all of the rest of Dith's SG stories, and they're good, but Two sides was the best.

Two recommended sweet longish first time J/D stories. It's All About The Quantum, and Grown men don't freak


HP: Good long yummy Harry/Snape. So Lonely without me by CalligraphyHarry's 24-25, if it helps -- the story starts with them locked into a small magical room they can't get out of, held secretly for their own sake. I like the claustrophobic feel of it.

SV: Conflicts of Interest, rageprufrock -- odd story, more about Lex's precocious 9-year-old son Conner then about them, but deeply engaging.


Hey, did you give me the SpyDaddy/Will story? If not, you must read it -- it was fabulous! All hail Yahtzee. pt 1 pt 2 pt 3


Just back from seeing you, sweetie! It was a great trip. Honestly, all I really want to do when I come down is spend plenty of time with you, and relax, and I got both. Can't wait for Feb!

HP: My current fav type of non-con -- some third party is forcing them both (sorta) -- Birthday; split tongue by lily (a good ps writer -- she maintains the religious themed ps archive) is cool; Snape uses Harry to take care of his snakes, and they slowly come together. Stops too soon for me, though.


Back from X-mas break, and man, did I read a lot. I need to log the best SeSa and Yuletide stories.



Stardust, Trixie -- Chris runs a jazzclub after getting back from the front (and divorcing Dani); JC is a CO who plays a mean piano.

8:88, Giddy Geek -- time stands still during a hurricane party


When The Tick Met Mr. T, Naiad -- cute AU where Joey owns a comicbook shop, and Chris owns a record store...


One thing that so never happened to Joshua Scott Chasez, Merry -- Chris 'breaks up' with JC, who's surprised, since they never were together...

In His Wisdom, s. keene -- strange religious au where Joey looks for people who are Called.


Justin's Dark Design, silveryscape -- Justin wants Chris' help to seduce JC; until he realizes he really wants Chris afterall.


They Say That Rock Is Dead, Betty Plotnick

The Cure, Kaneko -- Justin's OCD therapist has some fun



Martyr, Georgina -- Brian can't figure out why AJ's sleeping around Backstreet.

mousetraps and the moon, stubbleglitter -- Nick and Justin work in an amusement park. in Gotham.

PS: Crownzeal posted her fav Bassez stories list today, and I'm pasting it in -- I'm sure I've read them all, but I like to reread the good stuff:
Stay the Night by Em
Fairytale by synchronik
Just Push Play by without_me & ramblinround
Movement in Still Life by evil_man & icebun
Sent From Above by Leash
Truckin by go4it
Slave to Love by Nix
Marking It Down to Learning by jewelianna
Camp Somewhere by Lara
Always Turned On by jewelianna
The Baffled King by SaraQ
Run Smooth by without_me & ramblinround
Carry Me Away by amuse
Come Undone by evil_man
Brave New World by amuse
Forever Young by Karen & LB
Secret Desires by Gretchen
Hit by synchronik
Carnival by jksladder


Should be writing, (or working... hah!), but instead someone rec'd me Harry/Ron, and it's really good! It's darker than you usually like, but it Has A Happy Ending, and their love for each other shines through the whole fic, so I think you'd like it. Exorcism, from the Merry Smutmas project


SV is having some sort of weekly thingie I don't understand, and don't have time to read right now, so I'm just pasting it in:

Cliche Week (Dec. 13-19)

13 They woke up married/had to get married (to escape prosecution, deportation, etc.): [info]scribblinlenore | Red Tape and Manip slot filled by: [info]nightchik | Las Vegas
14 Alien! Clark Hey, did you remember Clark's an alien?: [info]violetsmiles | Learning to Love Your Superpowers
15 Two People. One hotel room. One bed.: [info]rose_emily | Strange Bedfellows
16 Amnesia: [info]tamalinn | To the Batmobile!
17 Forced to have sex! (to save the world, placate bad guys, etc.): [info]carson_leigh | Favors and [info]svmadelyn | Love Games
18 Hooker Fic: [info]raijahn | Brand New Name and Manip slot filled by [info]lapetite_kiki | Standing There
19 Under the Influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.): [info]digitalwave | Voices


DL'd a bunch of good-ish SG to my toy and read them last night; I really need up update them here, but may not get around to it soon. It's nice to see new SG getting written -- and the casting spoiler (just in case you don't want to be spoiled) is freaking me the fuck out!  Also, I'm way behind still, and I'm warning you now, I'm going to be begging you to watch some with me while I'm down. I'm tiredtiredtired of watching them by myself -- I need some help with my squee.


PS: Adorable and hot little JuC called Shove, but should have been subtitled, it takes a boyband.

New Harry/Snape archive called Detention.


First race, run! Whoo, hoo. Ultimately, fairly anticlimactic, as is best for these things -- I'd actually over trained. Wish I did that for important things. Next goal -- 5 miles.

SV: This, Too is by Prufrock, and it's cute, but it spends too much time telling you how silly and high Lex is, and not enough time showing.


SG: Spatial Relations Sweet Jack/Daniel caught in the rain.


Gah, it's the week of the wip for me -- Starry has a cute-ish HarryP/Clark story that I'll doubtless hate myself for reading, and Rivkat of course, and another silly SV one.

Someone rec'd Falling, too, which is also a SV WIP
(Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
(Ten In Which Lex Scores Major Mom Brownie Points )


You were *so* right about Kinsey, honey -- I loved it! Thanks so much for the rec.

12/6 -- Much goodness was read over the weekend.

HP: a 19-part Snarry series linked solely in LJ, so you know it wasn't too bad if I bothered <g>, called Aqua Fresca. Good plot, but but as too often, they get nice and close too quickly.

SV: Rivkat has a new long one (I just noticed you rec'd it too! Cute -- and damn her for posting over time: if it's finished, post it, bitch!), and someone rather horrifyingly named DogPoet has a bunch of okay-to-good CLex stuff. Rose_emily is the babe who wrote Omiai; she also has a bunch of good standalones, and a couple of other series -- one where Chloe is the snarky pissed off surrogate for Lex and Clark's baby. Definitely recommended.


PS: I don't know who Topaz is, but I really like her stuff. For example, Five is nominally JC/Lance, but it's Justin's POV, and it's really about the five of them coming back together. Slow and wistful, but ultimately very sweet. Reentry, Chris/Justin -- Chris gets scared by Cameron, but Justin finally kinda figures it out. All of them are good, but this foursome was especially good: Plan B, Unplanned, Il Progetto C (all timbertrick) and Last Past the Morning (JC/Lance).


I'm saving a bunch of stuff to my toy, so I'm writing the links down here:

HP: Requiem - Snarry
The Return of the Prodigal - Snarry
A Necessary Evil Snarry, I think, by kai

HP: I'm not a big Draco fan, but Shelter from the Storm by Isis, was kinda good. It's futurefic, Voldemort has won, but all is still not lost, as Draco and Snape have a chance meeting. The Hat Trick is all Ron futurefic, and good, but sad -- one small mistake, one weakness you let them exploit, and you pay and pay and pay.  Caged is good -- Snape and Harry together vanquished Voldie, but he managed to jump into the body of a bird; they're stuck together guarding the bird -- but the author's in too much of a hurry, and the emotion at the end suffers. Snape/Black -- Slowly, but exceedingly fine (Ellen Fremedon -- who really can title). This starts slow, and has a slow middle, what with all of the stuff from the Eddas that she tries to cover, but I still liked it a lot. (And I've noticed -- just as in Harry/Snape stories, where Draco tends to have no real part; in Snape/Black, Lupin is just a pale shadow. Interesting.)

IM: Sharing the Madness by MHTime. She normally drives me batfuck, but someone I liked rec'd it, and it's not like there's so much IM out there...


I wish I knew where you were -- I can't remember where your conference is. Anyway, I haven't bought tickets yet, and probably should, but it seems weird without talking to you.

I don't understand Sparrington -- the clear and obvious pairing in that movie was Sparrow/Will/Elizabeth, but after never trying any, I thought I'd make an exception. Uncharted is a Sparrington trilogy that's been highly rec'd. We'll see.


Sorry that I was putting iread.html in the wrong Trickster directory -- sheesh, we've only been doing this for years, you'd think I had some idea what I was doing. Oh well, it really hasn't been a good week for me being competent. Yesterday, I walked into a streetsign at full speed -- I have open cuts in a line up my forehead. Very professional looking.

Pros: Handy Pandy, Out Goes the Rat Someone rec'd this on crackvan, and even though I haven't read Pros in years now, I thought what the hell.


HP: You are going to love this, I swear. It's seen years of the Marauders, just the week around Valentine's Day, mostly Remus/Sirius and it's adorable. *Seven Things That Didn't Happen on Valentines Day at Hogwarts, Or Maybe They Did, aka Valentine's Day at Hogwarts  Good stuff, eventually (spoiler <g>) Sirius/Remus.

HP, Remus/Snape: Saving the world has a cool psycho Snape who cures Remus permanently on the night the world is supposed to end. Cool idea, great ending. and The Importance of Being Moony -- thanks for this one; I liked it a lot.

HP, HP/SS: Sunrises is long and lovely and rereadable. It's soon after the war, Harry is 18, and returns to Hogwarts as Snape's assistant, so they're forced to interact. Snape is cranky and lovely, and Harry is a little young, but understandably so. Yum. There's a sequel started, but she's only on part 5 so far. Also, Severus Snape and the GhostWritten Romance by ClueGirl. It's fun (a retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac) and long, but the characterizations are necessarily distorted into the other template.

HP, H/R: Settling after a fall by Jintian/hesychasm is wonderful. Ron wants to help and doesn't know how, and it's very sweet and has a great ending. READ THIS, you will like it. You rec'd Get there faster which I loved too (it's a sorta sequel to the other, actually), but I don't quite understand the ending. I hate that I can be so dense. Feel free to explain it to me.


Lost: You have to love Yahtzee, don't you. Making Do, Jack/Boone, and I'd almost forgotten how much I love the scenario of one of them being really *really* straight, but getting together anyway.

HP SS-HP: The Dreaming Spires by DementorDelta. It's a stupid psued, but she's a solid B writer in a pairing that has a lot of crap. At first, it's (intentionally) not clear whether the story is an au, or something magically bad has happened to change Snape's life. Harry is a little too self-sacrificing, and Snape might be a little nice, but I really did like it.  Her other stories on skyehawke are all linked here.

HP SS-HP: Disarmed by Luthien. An incredibly sweet story that has an irascible, cranky, mean Snape throughout. I wish more people could pull this off.

HP SS-HP: Aw, I'm still enormously sick and twisted <g>; SS must terrible rape poor widdle Harry in front of Voldemort, and hates himself and loves it, and for once, it's actually well written. Hush Little Baby. Too bad the sequel is shite.


PS: A Humble Amen. A new Amish au, long and yummy, filled with long inarticulate looks and painful hesitation. Bassez, with a side of Timbertrick.

MFU: The Man From Yesterday. Very old fashioned story, but I mean that in a good way -- long and straightforward, but very loyal to its source. I was annoyed by the lack of understanding about technological change they would have encountered, but I loved the subplot of them realizing that they didn't have to be closeted anymore -- that was very cool. 

PS: Hot hot hotness -- GameNight is GSF, a strip poker game that gets nicely out of hand.


PS: Inherit the earth is a TrickC au where JC is ultra religious, and NSYNC started out as an overtly religious band. Cool au, and nice to see JC as the uber-religious guy (instead of Lance), and especially cool that JC has all of these religious issues, but he's totally unstressed about his apparent homosexuality. Avoids the bad cliches, and it's long and yummy.

PS: Spin the wheel has an adorablely clueless Joey and Chris. Great first time. Hard Synch is a hugely hot GFS about how hard it is to reconnect when they get back together after the hiatus. I wish this one was a true story, and that I had video footage.

HP: Spitting Image non-con. Draco can no longer hide the truth from himself about Lucius when he finds Lucius' pensieve.


Jae Gecko has an old rec page of Sorkin fic, and I found myself wanting some Danny or Sam or somethin'. Best story so far: "Greener on the Other Side" by kel. Josh and Sam in two points of view and three time periods, and the form is cool, plus it's canon-consistent, politically accurate, and funny.


SV: Bugging Clark, at the Smallville archive. Short, adorable, and up-to-date, i.e., it's future fic that incorporates Clark and Lois knowing each other back then -- probably the first story that includes our new knowledge about Lois.


Very sweet TrickC story, set more or less now: Full Circle. Not as well done as Betty's Mercy, but leaves the same sort of happy, "the band may be over, but they'll always be friends" feeling at the end.


HP: Not a fav pairing, but rec'd Remus/Harry is rare enough I have to give it a try. Remus Re-erected; and SS-RL Evolution


HP: This one is smoking hot, and killer wrong -- Good Boy by memorycharm. It's Harry/Sirius (yes, you may gag now <g>) and you honestly can't tell whether Sirius is a little impaired, or deeply effing manipulative. Really well done.


DS: Passeggiata by Hth -- another one you won't read (tm), it's Ray/Ray -- but I actually love the pairing and wish there was more of it.


SV: Omiai is a weirdly titled but good LONG au where Lex never gets sent to Smallville to run the crap factory, Lucus becomes the favored son, and Lex has his own reasons to befriend a young Metropolis freshman in need of a scholarship. Really well thought out au, with an interesting Chloe history, though Pete gets the short end of the stick, I think.

SV: Such a Pretty Face is future fic where Lex and Clark end up roommates in Metropolis after college, and Lex and Lois are dating, and Clark is going *nuts*! Not art, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.


HP: This story -- Spark -- made me cry, and it's not even sad, not really. Lupin and Snape have been together 10 years, the fires have ebbed, and Lupin tries to rekindle their earlier passion... only to pique Snape's distrust. JK/MacKay's other stories are at ChocolateFrog

HP: I think Stone Cold Sober is my fav of Fabula Rasa's Snape/Sirius stories (it, and its prequel, Under the Influence anyway). Two very damaged men who have a very hard time trusting each other -- mixed with a fairly involving plot of things happening that make it even harder.


Why would I start reading a story that I'm pretty sure is going to suck? I don't know, but The Thurber Hypothesis just seemed so audacious in its stupidity, that I have to give it a try. Legolas/Spike.

PS: And today is obviously wackyfic day -- no pseud has one called Mortal Coils where JC has a prehensile dick.

FF: Noel by emungere. I don't read much FF, but it's good: Simon/Jayne, River/Kaylee, with Mal keeping a watch over everything...


WW series: Another Light Missing; Your Next Bold Move. After last night's debate, I'm ready to believe in the possibility of politicians who aren't the embodiment of evil (i.e., WW) again.

SG: Pavlov is an awesome slow, descent into hotness. Jack is stubborn and determined...and falls anyway. I loved this.


Absolution, by Rushlight, is so not good, but still weirdly satisfying. Snape has to rape Harry (yeah, I know... <g>) after he's been captured by Death Eaters, and then once they're back at Hogwarts, they slowly learn to forgive themselves, and each other, and end up together. Not well written, not all that realistic, but like I said...satisfying. (story is in Walking the Plank)

        Mirror, Mirror Affair MFU by Nix I saved to my toy, and now can't find the link.

Ces has a new DS (Hanged) which I also saved to my toy, but haven't read, because it has art (of a hangman game, apparently) which my toy didn't keep. wah.

SV: Rainbow Sign by RivkaT this is the sweetest damn thing -- just what we need in these days of the Rift. Clark has lied to his female roommates and said he had a male partner, just to keep the girls off of him; Lex shows up, and rides their assumptions.


Indiscretions  6 part WW story long, and ww? I think my nipples are hard. I

Newish HP rec page, and an old SV one that I read off of for hours

In SV, Seperis (aka Jenn) is up there with RivkaT, and pretty much no one else. And Somewhere I have never traveled (one and two) is long and wonderful futurefic. Clark finds Gold Kryptonite, and decided hes done being super; Lex immediately decides hes done being enemy number one. So many changes, so fast can they make it? It's got a sequel where Lex runs for President, too. And then I went and checked out every long story that Jenn  has written and found Standing in the Common Spaces. Its Lex/Peter Parker, but its not, really, because PP really only loves Mary Jane, and Lex really only loves Clark. Despite that, its hot and long and goooood.

I need a Links page somewhere -- it drives me crazy when I can't find a popular author that I read all the time -- just because they've changed sites or whatever. Sandy the Older has a new page, and it's making me nuts. (Duh -- finally it occurred to me to go find her LJ, and look for a link there. I rode the short bus today, for sure.)

Cute, slight, fun Nick/Lance: Sexy Boy by Coreopsis


Just read a lovely story that there's no point in rec'cing; I don't think any of my friends read LoTRiPS. But so good! It's The Old Lion by fabula rasa (you know, she writes a lot of Snape/Sirius), and it's mostly a character piece about Ian McK, with a bit of Viggo/Sean pairing stuff at the end.

Ooh, she's got a Gimli/Legolas, too, and it's fabulous -- I'm going to put this in my LJ: Lords of Misrule. Hot, sweet, great ending.


I just sent you the URL to Frost, which was darn sweet adult(ish) Harry/Ron. I would be happy to read more of them, in case you find cute ones.

Also a rather adorable and happy SV called Ties (by JoJo), which even has a non-horrible Lois.


We're going to talk tonight!! I'm just bouncing.


Creepy cool Snarry (with a bad name): Lachrymose. Snape's a serial killer; Harry's sent after him but starts to get sucked in (but not really Silence of the Lambs -- they have history, after all).

Read Helen Raven's Angel novel. Whew, dark and long. I want to write about it, but I have no idea what to say at all.


Very sweet Trickyfish, Under My Skin by sola_fiamma -- Lance is underage when the crush starts, and it takes years for them to get together, but it's worth it. Bonus points for snarking during sex.


So, I'm worried about you, sweetie; I hope you're okay in St Louis. I tried your cell and got a message -- I don't know if it's even with you or not. I'm thinking about you.

And, of course, reading slash. Long, sweet, not-particularly angsty Harry/Snape, and Snape stays snappish and testy to the end. Wow. Primer to the Dark Arts by Icarus. She has a bunch of good short stories too, with a bunch of pairings -- no marauders, though.


Sheesh, three weeks almost. Well, I have been doing some actual working at work recently; maybe that's it.

The Fog's Lifting by Violet -- Dan/Casey; the morning-after-the-night-before.

Your Every Wish -- a literal version of every man destroying the thing he loves, as Harry can't help changing Draco.

Vividcon was...well, argh. I probably expect too much each year. It's good to see people, but hard to connect, and I never get get any real fannish time, you know, talking new SG or DZ (possibly because I'm behind on both of them), and Mer and I never really talked Popslash, and I see all of these people I recognize, but if I'm suddenly standing next to them, I don't know how to get to the meat of a conversation, so we just chitchat, which bores me in seconds. It wasn't bad, by any means, and I definitely had fun taking pictures.


Loved all of the formatted stories you sent! Thanks so much sweetie, it was such a pick-me-up after my horrible presentation yesterday.

Angel: Trust Me -- Angel/Wes, and a story title which is very, very meta. seriously a cheer you up story, and a good ending (though she makes them work for it near the end).

HP: just read (and HATED) The Goblet of Unions -- potentially cute idea (that there exists a device in the wizarding world that can point out your perfect mate) done horribly.  Also hated Lesser Two of Three Evils -- fanonical tripe


Whew, a whole week -- where have I been? Sorry I don't have links for any of these -- I read them on my toy -- but I thought it was better to write them down without them, then not at all.

Much HP: Julad wrote a prequel of sorts to Res' Transfigurations -- it's how Neville changed from book Neville to the dynamic Minister of Trans. Night-blooming Heartsease -- it's good.  I also just reread Juiced, by Predatrix: HP/SS. Great beginning -- simply perfect and hilarious scenario -- which the rest doesn't quite live up to, but is nice, and ends well.

And a nostalgia TS binge: Mountain Pass by Lady Ra -- terrible pseud, but good (deeply romantic, happily OTT) story; Lonely by Martha -- SG/TS long, solid, nice smarm h/c -- I can't imagine you wouldn't like it.

And someone just posted their fav JuC stories:

Torch Song Six Months Gone and No One to Dry Your Eyes Fear No Evil Won't be That Something There Is Is Benzedrine In Bed Bitchy Barista Metaphor Not Smile In Your Defeat


We don't talk so much, but knowing you're out of town and I can't just call makes you seem further away; isn't that weird? At least I'm sure you're having a good time.

I know you're not much of a Harry/Draco fan, but The Way of the World by [info]zionsstarfish is really very sweet.

And in case I need more H/D, I'm banking: The Hedge of Thorns (PG) and Only Castles Burning (NC-17) by [info]earthquake1906 -- both here)


Contrition, by breed -- How Ron and Harry deal after Ron accidentally? kills Malfoy in a Q game. Very unusual feel, recommended.

Sleeping with the Enemy -- very cute -- what if Draco stays evil and Harry stays good, and they are love bunnies?


I sent you mail about Rat's Alley by fabula rasa this weekend. Yummy good, I must say. I know I liked one of her others earlier, but I fear it was while I wasn't keeping this up at all. Sirius, generally, doesn't move me though -- JKR made it a little too clear to me that he was a jerk (or maybe I'm wrong, and it's fanon, but whatever, it's in my head, now) and I'm not getting over it. Which is funny, cuz I love Snape, and he completely is a jerk, but I only love Snape stories where the *writer* is clear that he's a jerk. Too often writers of Sirius think he's the bees knees.

So good to talk to you today, honey. I'm sorry you're stressed about leaving, but at least you know that it's a normal part of travel for you. (And it makes me want to go back in time, and give little-girl you a lot more control over your environment. And a cookie.) Give Randy a big hug and kiss for me, will you? I really feel for him, and I can't think of a thing I could do to make it better.


Sanj has a new story -- August 12, Harry/Lupin -- and it's darn sweet. I normally have a twitch against stories where the 'adult' tells the non-adult to wait until they're 21 -- when I don't think they would have turned the non-adult down, if they'd just waited until they were 18 or 19 -- but she motivates it by saying that Lupin needs to see him as separate from Lily and James.

I am now officially on a SV kick, too mostly because I'm still on Seperis's rec page: Three Fairy Tales of Smallville -- amazingly het for a title like that, by Koi -- like the Five things that aren't true stories. Then Rivkat's much slashier 5 things, which is good, but the last one confused me. Then a futurefic triptych by Jojo: Predictably, Different and Red - one story per POV: Lex, Clark.


I'm on Seperis' SV recs page, and realized I never wrote down Safe which is a sad little thing from Supergirl's POV. I'd like to see more of her -- even when people bring in comicbook canon (like Lex as President, etc.) they almost never include her. And I found the link to RivkaT's Clark as a girl fic, which honestly, honey -- made me so happy. Big Time Comfort Fic!

My three drabbles.


I read over the weekend, but nothing particularly memorable. Just read The Language of Hieroglyphs which is HP/NSYNC -- Bill/JC, and rather sweet. (Another ArsenicJade story.)


So -- what did you think of Farenheit 911? I thought the coolest parts were the first ones -- the near riot of Inaugural Day, and the black congressmen and women trying vainly to get a Senator to sponsor their issue -- but I liked it overall.

Chocolate Frog is a long slow Snape/Remus from Remus's pov -- he's left magic society altogether 4 years before, and is surprised when Snape shows up and asks to be taught to live as a Muggle, too.


Can't believe it, but I just killed my PocketPC again. That's three in a year and a half. I don't think I can afford to love this toy anymore. On the other hand, I hate printing out all of the crap I read. But geez, can I buy another one at $150 a pop, just to kill it in another month or two?

Hush Harry can't move or speak; only Snape's legimance gives him any voice at all. I think you'd like it. Short, and weirdly sweet.

Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme 12 chapters long -- i.e., perfect to read with the toy; pain in the ass to read without it. (And that writer's -- femmeslash -- rec page)


Just read The Task at Hand -- basically silly light first time Snarry, but it also has a lovely 'fix/explain' for Harry in OotP. Fixes can bug me, if I don't think there was anything that needed to be fixed, say, but this one just kind of works for me, despite liking OotP. (Also, there's a killer Dumbledore line near the end.) Mixing Your Drinks is short and cute Snarry and an aphrodisiac with a twist.  Mirror Magic is completely flawed (Snape, having sex with someone he knows is magically obscured? Not this lifetime. But the puzzle is fun, and Snape's neediness is small and subtle, instead of the usual OOT. I liked it.

Someone rec'd Whiskey and Vodka by Setissma (Harry/Lupin), but I don't have the password.

So, I read all the way down to your April comments, and went to Nestra's page. I don't actually believe in Mal/anyone-who-isn't-Innara, but she's got a Mal/Simon called Dangerous Cargo that worked while I was reading it.

Banked for later: SG1 Five Billion Years of Sunshine by Maayan, and then RayV Alcofribas, My Love!, and RayK Being Benton.


Finally noticed that you had been updating regularly, and even, gasp, communicating with me. I'm glad you liked Stealing Harry. It is comfort reading, isn't it! I haven't read so much SB/RL, and I fear I haven't written down what little I've read, but I'll try harder. Read Kass's Dream on your rec, and I agree: it's solidly good, but Res's H/H/R was even better; then read Third Time's the Charm, which had been rec'd all over, so I don't know why I was fighting it. I liked it, but only wish I thought Snape was actually that emotionally healthy. (hhm, I've picked up your font!), then Credulous Hearts, which is emotionally too darn much like Helen's (I think) Ron/Harry even though it's got a very different plot.

Lastly, read Dominoes -- the Mal/Simon one? Pretty, but man...depressing.


What Separates Us is dumb, OTT, happyhappy magically bonded Draco/Harry. I have no idea why I'm reading it, except it's long, and damn it, I took the time to save it to my Pocket, so I might as well read it. And after being annoyed by one H/Draco, I immediately started another: Thicker than Blood, by Corvette Claire, which I found equally annoying. Weirdly, I got them off a rec page that was very reliable for Snarry -- apparently she has different emotional requirements for the two pairings.


The longest weekend in the world, as I put off doing my review until the last possible moment (and it still sits unfinished now, due in another couple of hours, and ha ha! I'm updating this instead.)

Stealing Harry is such a happy fic! It's a pairing I don't usually read (Remus/Sirius), but it's an au where Sirius was never suspected of killing Peter, and even better, when Harry is eight, Sirius can't stand watching the Dursleys mistreat him any longer, so he steals him away. Dumbledore is pissed (the protection spell, of course), but lets them get away with it. The rest is watching cute slightly abused Harry unfurl like a flower <g>, and watching Remus and Sirius finally get a clue about each other. Slow and fun, and even has an adventure plot going on in the background. There are sequels, but I haven't read them: Tales From the River House and Laocoon's Children.

Rare Snape/Draco In Want of a Wife, by Isis, Snape hires a courtesan to masquerade as his wife at a family gathering, and it's Draco, way undercover. Cute, light.  She has some SS/HP, too


Reviews today. This is the biannual peaking of my self-hatred. So, of course, I'm dealing with it by reading more HP.

The Lodger is rather low-key but nice H/D. They're both damaged and depressed by the war, and slowly get together, despite everyone else thinking that Draco is DE scum. Sweet feel-good ending.

What he wants is Harry truly becoming slythryn, but in a beautiful lowkey bitter way. This story makes me feel sorry for Snape, if you can believe it. Ouch.

Wabi-Sabi, by Kai, is too talky, but a cool idea; Harry learns to appreciate things that are broken, like, say...Snape.

Quick recs: 'Dragon-Blind' by Thamiris (old dark and lovely); 'Competitive Assessment' by Lasair (ooh, bitter), UST; How the Cookie Crumbles H/S smut; "Improbable Games" by Sophie Richard: estb. relationship (short, pervy and fun); DragonLight's and Dementordelta's "The Ill-Tempered Potions Master" (quite cute); gen Herm: First Signs of Magic (I'd read it before -- slight, but sweet) 'Absolution' by Rushlight, 'Fourteen Fathoms' by Hanakai (just an intro, really -- a classic, if Snape only knew how mean the D's were); 'Sometimes' by Sloane; The Task At Hand' by DementorDelta, and others at this great HP/SS rec page:



Anna just sent me Mountain Pass, first TS story I've read in a LONG time. It's a little au'ish, but good, starting right at the end of the pilot.

But I can't leave Harry/Snape: Bittersweet is set as Harry gains the ability to easily transform himself anytime he wants -- and he becomes Snape's cat. Not the most plausible idea of all time, but I am loving it.  First of a set of combined novels, which is annoying and good at the same time. Here's the site for the whole series, but honestly, you should probably wait another 6 months, and see if she's finished yet.


Adorable fluff Draco/Harry story -- it's Draco's POV, and I *still* like it. A Slytherin in Gryffindor Clothing -- Draco ends up in another Hogwarts, where *he's* the Gryffindor, and falls for Slytherin Potter. Not at all deep, but charming and fun and snarky.

Read a bunch, a huge bunch, of Snarry this weekend, and then accidentally deleted it from my pocketpc before I could write it down. I could cry.

A Taste of Liberty by Lamardeuse HP/SS Long (and I do mean LONG) fun xover with QAF.

Aftermath: A Story In Four Parts by Josan -- odd pairing (Snape/Ron), but kinda cool and eventually sweet; Ron hides after he's damaged by the war; a Snape who has pretty much left wizarding society reluctantly takes him in and rehabilitates him.

HP fic sites: Harry Potter Fiction [Skyehawke] [Fiction Alley] [Ink Stained Fingers] [Restricted Section] [Potter Slash Archive] [Walking the Plank] [The Severus Snape Fuh-q Fest] [Veela Inc. - H/D Archive] [ETC - Harry/Lucius, Harry/Snape, Harry/Sirius]
Harry Potter Recs [Switchknife's Recs] [Isis' Recs] [HP thematic lists] [My recs] [The Quick Quote - fandom newsletter] [The Daily Snitch - fandom newsletter] [ari's recs] [The Quibbler Project] [HP fandom and lj names references] [HP LJ communities] [Fandom Wank] [Spoilers for HP fics]



Finally found the link for the Lovely Clark turns into a girl story: Skin Deep. I just adored this.

and Kass rec'd a nice marauder fic: Beyond the Veil. Not really Lupin/Sirius -- I mean it is, but the point of the story is Harry working with Lupin, and barely, with Snape to bring Sirius back. I liked it more than most marauder fic. Long, with a good ending.

Someone rec'd Heatwave, my first S/H story. God I love that fic. As I said in my lj, this is the fic that made me a MM fan, not just a trek fan who'd fallen into k/s.


A Time for All Things Kinda sweet happy ending fic -- Harry goes to Snape after graduation, but Snape says he's still too young; Snape makes him wait years before they get together. Again, extra points for Snape staying a bastard.

The Medean Curse: A Romantic Comedy This one is adorable. Harry's an Auror, been cursed and goes to Snape for the long, difficult cure. In exchange, Snape wants Harry to set him up with Lupin, who he's liked ever since school. Everything's going well until Harry realizes he wants Snape for himself. Long, happy.

Unnatural You'll never read this, no matter what I say about it, since Harry is a hermaphrodite, and ends up pregnant by Snape. It has some cool world creation, though -- it turns out that hermaphrodites have important magical implications. Not enough Harry/Snape interaction, but a nice ending.

Clipped Wings H/S post apocalyptic -- muggles have found out about wizards and enslaved and/or removed their magical abilities. Snape is being sold and Harry (who managed to lay low) decides to buy him. It starts slow, emotionally, but it has an interesting take on Dudley, and a good ending.


Still reading Harry/Snape

No Place Like is fun -- Harry, Ron, Hermoine and Snape get transported to Kansas -- and Hermione, at least, has read her Frank Baum. Good first time H/S stuff, good Kansas stuff; I liked it much more than I expected to.

A Fracture of the Mind's Eye Harry slips back and forth between two realities -- happily partnered to Remus, Voltmort dead; sex slave to Malfoy's, Voltmort won. I wanted to like it more than I did.

Choosing Loyalties Cool idea -- right before Hagrid shows up to take Harry to Hogwarts, Death Eaters grab him, leaving Peter Pettigrew in his place -- but only adequately written.


I'm going to start listing HP stories with arranged marriages, cuz they crack me up and work for me, all at the same time.

My Man Friday. Ridiculous title, OOT story, but written directly to my kinks. By enahma They're forced to marry after V almost managed to bond to Harry; This is the straightest Harry of all time; he takes years to get comfortable with gay sex. Nicely wounded and damaged Snape too -- if only it were better written.

A Convenient Marriage is fun, but dumb (Diana Williams). Lucius has the legal power to force Harry to marry him unless someone else gets there first -- Sirius begs Snape. (Bad sex to begin with.)

The Courtship of Harry Potter also Diana Williams. Not *quite* marriage -- but formal erastes rites, in which Harry has to let himself be pursued by the DADA teacher, and Snape.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place Again, Sirius must beg Snape to marry Harry. Horrible story: takes forever to set up concept and barely even makes sense at times. Despite cliches, has a relatively good deflowerment scene <g>.

Bound  Ron accidentally bonds them permanently. Horrifyingly OTT, endless wish fulfillment -- Harry finally has someone who truly understands him; no one understands how perfect Snape is...

A Life More Ordinary by Lexin Wow, is this frustrating. So much good, and yet... Dumbledore convinces Harry and Snape that they are fated to have 'the protector', so they must marry (without possibility of divorce) and have a child. Snape is emotionally damaged from his previous 'relationship' with Voldmort, and it takes years for their marriage to become a true relationship. I'm willing to put up with mpreg because I love the emotional throughline, but despite the fact it's 140K, the actual plot is very sketchy and confusing.

Shattered Badfic. Harry is going through his parent's papers and finds that he was betrothed to Snape at birth. Badbadbadbadbad.

TheYoungHusband More horriblefic. Snape marries the sweet young Harry at twelve, smitten at first glance. Horrifyingly bad.

Their Bond Fuglyfic. For complex and unlikely reasons, they must marry and conceive a child, all within a day. Severus -- brutalized as a child and teen as the consort of Voldemort -- must 'be the girl' and be impregnated and bear the child, despite his PTSD. Has the germ of a cool story, but it's clearly written by a child and a moron.

The Mirror of Etamlous Horrifically bad. Dumbledore finds that Harry will be more powerful if he finds and bonds with his soulmate. The next day, Fudge mentions they found an old mirror that magically shows a person's soulmate. Of course Harry and Snape find they are each other's, and they're both, immediately pleased.

La Vita Nova by Titti -- only two star badfic. One of those where Slytherins are so much cooler and nicer and smarter than anyone else, and Snape is so much cooler and nicer and... Anyway, they were betrothed when Harry was a child, married when Harry was 19, and start taking the marriage seriously only after Harry almost falls apart. Dumb, and annoying, with extra stupid points for Harry becoming a rent boy for a while.

Devil will Drag You Under Harry needs to be married to get into Hogwarts (yeah, so likely), so Snape ends up married to him within a day of meeting him. Interesting premise, because it cuts off 5+ years of enmity between them, like a big reset button on their whole relationship. Of course, you then end up with a much nicer Snape. Chan-nish, but it's always Harry's idea to push things further. Very sweet.

The Wizard's Bond Harry starts having disturbing m/m sex dreams, only to find out that he's secretly bonded to Snape, and the bond is a sexual one. Some cool universe bits. (And some interesting fiddles with fanon -- Snape delibrately makes himself look sallow, greasy, etc., in the hopes that their bond won't develop 'that' way.) Longish.


not a 'marriage' per se:

Sanguis-Vinculum Harry and Snape are accidentally blood-bound together.

"It means that you're going to share..."

Harry felt the panic rising in him again, and he tramped it down as best he could, but the idea of sharing anything personal with Snape made him want to throw up. He'd been there and done that, and really, he'd rather not do it again. "What?"

"Everything, Mr. Potter." Snape's tone should have been sneering, should have held the usual hatred and it didn't. "Quite literally, everything that you are, everything that you will become, every emotion you have."

They use the phrase 'good as married' in the story, but the bond doesn't, per-se, have a sexual component.

Loving Potions both Snape and Harry are ensnarled in the same Love Potion, and become domestic partners. Not great, but Severus never becomes goopy, which wins it an extra star.

In Turn Around, Harry replaces Snape's Dark Mark with his own mark. It really reads like part 1 of a longer story, and it's not great anyway -- but I really liked the idea (and was fascinated by Snape's willingness to convert his loyalty (of sorts) to Harry. Another idea I'd love to see a better writer run with. (her email is and I ought to write her)

Hall of the Mountain Kings Harry becomes Snape's heir, then lover. Good, long, and I liked the idea of rock magic.

Slytherin Bond Harry does a spell to find and bind his true love -- expects Cho, gets Snape. Not well written, but I loved how Snape was almost all for it -- immediately thinking through all of the pluses and minuses for himself.

Unnamed Telanu WIP Fab idea, but really only a few scenes: Snape and Harry are dosed with a love potion and both beg Dumbledore not to fix the spell. Once D insists, the fix doesn't work, but they both pretend (even to each other) that it did - they both think they're alone in their love. Yummy, if sketchy.

A Good Match Harry accidentally does a spell that finds and binds him to his soul mate. Long, but WIP, and untouched for over a year (and one of those stories where reading the author's notes and getting to know her a little makes you like the story less), but extra points for nicely cranky Snape.


Found a new HP writer named Aucta Sinistra, and read three lovely long H/S stories by her: Scratch, Beech Hall , and Quid Pro Quo (which may be my fav.). QPQ is strangely like another recent Snarry where Harry's been cursed and comes back to ask Snape to save him -- in that one (name?) Snape's payment is to get Harry to get Lupin to go out with him; in this one, there's no real payment.

Without Ceremony (46K), sequel to: Beech Hall
Relations 102K Nice, but a bit same-old, and a rather anticlimatic ending. I would describe it as chickensoup slash.
The Kiss (21K) Sweet
Cell Biology (33K) Not a fav


Read a bunch today, and didn't think at all about writing any of them down. Then Anna rec'd a few Spike stories, and I must copy them here for safe keeping:

Freaking by [info]entrenous88
Never-Ever Land by [info]shrift
Closeted (+ several more chapters) by [info]kimberly_a
Three's a Crowd by [info]camisha
Knowing Style by [info]paperk8

Then H/S: Nightwatchers, by a friend of Res's.


Wow, I just finished the longest H/S story of all time. I lost patience with it a bunch of times, but somehow kept reading. It's called A Bit of All Right by I Got Tired of Waiting. (Cute psued, sorta). Happy ending, much miscommunication, and Kass just rec'd it on Quaffle.

Wow, it's been a looooooong while.


Someone was rec'cing H/S on Quaffle this morning, so I'm banking them:"A Bit of All Right," by I Got Tired Of Waiting. It can be found here:

"The Paradox of Existence," a time travel story by Dragon Light
( is another such story, but the author is re-editing it, so it's not available on the web right. I think she posted it as a WIP on the snapeslash or SnapeXHarry lists, so you might try those archives in the meantime.

Finally, "A Three Potions Problem," by DementorDelta also sort of fits the bill. You can find the first part here:

3/9 Anna sent me a Spike/Xander called Dark Horse a while ago. It's this great setup for emotional kink at least, but no real payoff. Dark forces have won, Spike buys a nearly broken Xander thinking he'll get his own back, but then doesn't really know what do to with him. Well-written, sad, good, but no payoff.

2/25 I've been sick 3 weeks today. That's enough of an excuse to be behind in my entire life, right? (Please?) I took yesterday off and called you in the afternoon, but just as it went to vmail, I started coughing so I just hung up.

2/20 How can it have been 16 days since I last updated? Jesus god, where does my life go? I'm just pissing it away, you know? On the other hand, I've lost 3 pounds since Monday, so everything's good, really.

Found a fairly good SN/WW cross called Echoes; Casey and Donna are flirty/Josh and Danny are together. it's not the sharpest, wittiest thing in the world, but it's long, and not terribly characterized, and I liked it.

HP: Fairly cute Remus/Sirus homage to Buffy's love spell Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and another cute maurader era one: Concerning Flying Lessons, Snuffboxes, and One Hundred Galleons. And I think you rec'd If You're Breathing (Harry/Neville) by Sandy Justine to me, but I want to make sure I can find it later.

2/4 Wow, I'm two weeks into this diet/exercise thing, and it's starting to feel sorta normal. I lifted a bunch of weights this morning, did aerobics for 45 minutes, and didn't feel like death at any time.

I know you've been reading a lot of HP (and I've started to again, too), so I'm pasting in these recs from cathexys:

Cimorene and Wax Jism's Thing, Kel's Nobody Ever Said It Was Easy, Penknife's Ephemeris, Lexin's He Said It that Knew it Best, Helene's Beyond the Veil, and Wax Jism's Second of our Reign (in minor role). Also, there are quite a few really good Snape/Lupin out there after OotP, who deal with Remus/Sirius (Juxian Tang's Lukewarm series, for example).Invisible to See (NC17) by FayJay h/d Seven Things That Never Happened at Hogwarts on Valentine's Day, or Maybe They Did (R) (Remus/Sirius, James/Lily) by Rageprufrock, and A Season in Hell, by Cassandra Claire, of whom I have mixed opinions.

And another set from daraq:

Draco/Ron -- Irreversible by Blue Draco/Ron Unbecoming by Cinnamon Draco/Ron Gluttony by Dala Draco/Ron Heresy by Dala Draco/Ron Like Water For Squid Meat by Mad Maudlin Draco/Ron Memento by Mad Maudlin Draco/Ron The Ship That Dares Not Speak Its Name series by Mad Maudlin Draco/Ron Revelation, Conversation First Kiss In Three Acts
Caught In The Act Wait Up I'm Sorry
Work Strange Bedfellows by Mad Maudlin Draco/Ron Let Me by SnoopyPez Draco/Ron Surfacing by Kay Taylor Draco/Ron

And man, crack_van is getting ahead of me! Scary. Anyway, I'm banking a Starsky and Hutch series I don't remember reading: Parking, Pavlov's Response, and Playing It to the Edge, by Lilith


Yummy, yummy popslash: not too late. Okay not perfect: I love the setup, wish the middle was a little more sketched out, and dig the happy ending. But I think you'd like it, and I'm being vague not to give away the gimmick.

And wow, that Olijah thing you rec'd? Hot. I loved the slowness, and the backwardness of it.


I'm finally feeling awake and aware again -- after a full week of recovery. It's nice to have myself back. I spent the day reading.

Sad and quick and sweet SG: Wash Away (rec'd on DHD).  And wow, long and slashy and good SG! Loki's Curse -- Jack fears that deep down, Daniel doesn't really remember him, or remember the important pieces that made their friendship true, and the author takes some real time to work it around. Yum. Then read Destina's and Kay's new SG -- good, but not worth tracking down their URLs unless you really want them.

Hey, you might like this -- recasting au where the NSync guys are in the Nikita universe: JC is Michael, Lance is the blond innocent. Looks pretty good.


Gah, what a week it's been. Honestly, my brain still feels mixed up; I'm borderline sleepy and confused most of the time -- but I try not to mention it at home; I think Brie was more upset by the whole thing than I was, and I don't want to worry her.

After avoiding it for weeks, I finally read shallot's Master and Commander set of 5 things that didn't happen: Invasion, listening, All The Wonder, consolation and the world turned upside down and they're really good! She has continued to improve.

I didn't read many of the "while we dream of yuletide pleasure" stories this year, but Sanj wrote a Neville one that I loved: If You're Breathing.


Thanks for calling today, sweetie. I'm still sad and a bit ick'd, frankly. You've been so strong about Calvin, and all of the your deaths in your family, honey. I'm in awe.


Rivkat has started a Lex with amnesia, in the future, and so far it's all good, but it's a WIP.

PopSlash -- Thankfully someone mentioned The Show today, since it's the loveliest AU in awhile, and I forgot to write it down when I read it. All five of them are players on a minor league team, hoping to make it to the majors. Seriously, I think you would like this -- JC/Chris, if that helps <G>.


Started 20/20. Am speechless


It's xover month in popslash, so I'm I'm guessing, you're going to get more than your share of silly xovers you won't read...

Fangirl, by Jem. Lance/Dom  Silly but cute, all from Dom's pov.

Mr. Fabulous, by Betty Plotnick. Lance/Wade  Wade's the viewpoint character, which is cool, because he has this great outsider view on the whole band... Stands alone, but it's part of Betty's long series.

Buf: ONCE IN A LIFETIME: Eldorado, part 1, by Mustang Sally. Only the first part is out, and man, she's in no hurry. This was 15 chapters, just to get Xander set up in a new town, and a new life...and finally have Spike and Faith show up. I liked it -- it's a page turner -- but it's like Dickens in its big lazy shamelessness.

Sandy the older has a popslash AU that's more au than most. Justin's a DA, Lance and Joey are bounty hunters, JC and Chris are criminals -- and Justin and Chris used to go out. Complicated but fun: Four Ties


Just reread Herc: The Many Deaths of Iolaus, and found Bed and Breakfast, both by Therienne. I would have sworn I'd rec'd The Many Deaths before, but I don't see it here.

SeSa -- after reading many of them, these were the best:
Mercy by this is the one I mailed you -- definitely my favorite, but I really like trickyfish, so maybe that's it.
Trial (by Grease and Rubber) by Calico. (lambs)
Thirteen Hours from New York to Rome by ChrisJ. (timbertrick)
ManDate by Deidre. silly but sexy JC-Justin au
No Comment by Giddy. Trickyfish!
Pillow Talk by Haley. (trickyfish)
The Plain Truth by Liz. (Lance/Nikc
What I did on my Summer Vacation by Slimslash. Chris/Nick.
I Only Eat Things That are Already Dead by Rhys. (timbertrick)
Stick Around, very sweet JC-Chris
Becoming, great JC
Crowd JC/Justin/Nick -- not quite a threesome, but hot.

Non-SeSa, but they made me way happy: Recreation (timbertrick), and (trickyfish) Nothing Better.


Gah, what a pointless week this has been. And worse, we haven't talked. (And FYI -- this is the first time I've remembered to upload since 12/-1, so everything since then is new to you.)

Telanu's blog has a long thread on "not necessarily best, but hottest" stories, and yeah. So here's a few of them: Not great, but hot, and it completely reminded me how much I loved Bobby Hobbes: Sharing the Madness. You'll never read this, since it's Benton, Ray, Francesca (and yes, I mean RayV) (and again, not great, but whew, hot), but here's the link anyway: Forbidden Fruit. And probably the hottest and sickest of them yet, 'Idle Hands' by Nimori, Harry/Snape chan.


SeSa! What the world calls Romance Very subtle, dark, Timbertrick, based on this quote: In love, one always begins by deceiving oneself, and one always ends by deceiving others, that is what the world calls romance.  The Middle Child -- JC is freaked out by the hiatus, and more than a little pissed at Justin, and Chris puts him back together. Nicely, though sparsely, put together. Good.  I'm going to paste in a chunk of my fav SeSa's later, I promise.  Mandate was a silly but fun one -- everyone's gay, and JC's trying to hook up.  Plain Truth (Lance is pre-law; Nick is Amish <g>) was annoying, in that it was well written and enjoyable...and just ended. I hate that!


Altar Call Lance realizes that he wants Chris, and then torments himself for literally years before it all comes to a head. Better religious angst than some, and great group interaction. Rob these waters odd voyeurism story -- both Chris and Lance like to watch JC in the throes of creation, but it never goes further than that. undone weird religious au, where JC is "the vessel". Porcelain Chris stresses Lance out (babies! still in Florida). Delayed Re-entry when Lance comes back from space, it takes GSF to reconnect him to the group. Longish and sweet, Chris knows he's horrible at romance, so he tries to keep it cool with Nick What I Did On My Summer Vacation. Short but sweet, same pairing: Families of Choice, where Chris tries to help Aaron with his mom stuff. Out of Reach - baby!sync: Chris is surprised and bummedwhen he sees Joey pick up a girl...but he eventually gets lucky. Tethered: Chris tries to set Lance up with a booty call, but Nick has other plans.


My presentation is just two days away, so of course, I've read fic for 3 hours straight this morning. I can't even stand myself any more. On the other hand, some good stuff <g>

Manifest Destiny -- Joey is all kinds of closeted and fucked up, but Chris eventually straightens (or not) him out. talking to myself, or business men are serious, is good, but a tiny bit underwritten -- I wanted more, which I suppose is not a bad thing. Choey, and this Joey is cooler than most.

And a fab xover: Now or Never by Slim and Without Me. Long, hot, Lance/Nick, lots of canon details, flashbacks over the last 6 years...just yummy!  (two sequel stories: Falling - Little Gold Rings) And, pointless but hot 3some smut: JC-J-Chris, Bonus1, Bonus2; A room our of own is by Sandy the Older, and it's sad, and a little oblique, but it's also cool; Chris would take either JC or Justin...and they both think about him, but step back -- at the end, he thinks, damnit I can outwait you. One last entertainingly titled one: The one where they all have sex in a hotel in houston GSF, but funny and good.

HP: Crucius by Dolores Crane -- H/Snape Harry drops out of Hogwarts but stays Snape's student. Longish, intense, excellent -- Snape is a little nicer than he should be, but not much; Harry is perfect.  And I have to quote this bit:

    Harry started, then stopped, and started again: "But - Death Eaters..."
    "Are a pack of self-deluding fools with no self-discipline and no right to the title," Snape spat. "Quite right. Short cuts and sloppy thinking and chicanery. No better than the other side."
    "No *better*?"
    "What? Oh. Yes, yes," said Snape irritably. "I was talking about their intellectual rigour.
Coercion is Underrated  is unlikely as hell, but nice porn -- H/Draco/Snape.  Dark Creatures is Snape/Remus, and it's so sad -- Remus taught at Hogwarts earlier, before the wolfsbane potion was perfected -- and they hurt each other. Snape is clearly at fault, but they both hurt...



Hey, I rec'd this in my LJ, but I never did add this one: Chloe tames the Beast. Completely funny -- I think that Randy, honestly, might like this.

So, while I was at your house (and I wish I was still there!) I read this hilarious Chris turned into a dog story by nopsued. Obviously, you're not going to read that (though I'll tell you, Merry did!), but I also went back and read everything she's ever written, all of which I liked, and most of which I think you'd like too. First, The Wedding Cake Theory, is an absolutely fabulous JC and Lance, from JC's carefully closeted perspective -- long and yummy.   Don't Waste Your Money is Timbertrick, where slightly closeted Chris meets the irresistible object. Funny, long and hot. Things to do in Orlando when you're GFSish, and yes, JC is a zombie for most of the story. Disgusting, but funny (co-written with torch).

12/1 Good talking to you Sunday (though I'm still sorry I got you up, honey).

I'm not a huge D/s fan, but this is intense enough that I loved it. It's Lambs, though Chris has a big part: Please Master. You might read it and see if theres a chance that Shannon might like it there's no branding, but there are nice welts <g>

Here's a cute little tinsy JC/Tony story to get your in the mood for Thursday: Old Times

11/25 Okay, today is apparently Threesome Day: Tempting Fate Good, angsty, hot, post-Hogwarts Harry/Draco+Ron threesome. and The Answer is LoTRiPs: Dom/Orlando/Kiera -- pure p*rn, but good. And I never put it here, but I gave you a Word file; Rhys wrote a long threesome for Merry's Billy Joel  challenge: Fool For Lesser Things.

Someone just rec'd Severus and the Crup, so I'm saving it for my ride home tonight...

11/24 Oh god, you're back, and I said I'd update -- AAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

On the other hand, I did just read a kinda cool story. Hard to know if you'll like it or not -- the theology might give you a headache, but I liked the relationships: Rake at the Gates of Hell. It's GFS-y, or at least, there's no one real pairing.

I hope your trip wasn't too heinous -- you didn't sound particularly enthused.

11/10 Horrible idea for a story, but I laughed plenty -- an mpreg Clerks story. Yeah, right, I hear you say, but...funny.  And then a hilarious US QAF: Blissed.

Just found a note to myself at home, to add these stories -- apparently written in September:

embitca's In the Closet Justin and Marshall hide their relationship, even from each other, sometimes, and then JC shows up.  Coolish, though generally I avoid Marshall stories.
This Time -- Chris/Lance, part of the Billy Joel Challenge -- sweet, long, good -- set a few years down the pike.
Promise made to be broken: Chris/Lance back in Germany, happy ending.
HP Obsession - Draco is obsessed by H's cock. Longish.
HP arsenic story, Origins of Myth Draco, Hermione, and pretty good.
Buf / MustangSally, Eldorado I--Once in a Lifetime Xander is making a new life after the end of S7, until Spike and Faith show up.

11/7 Fucked up strange day. They took the team to lunch and a movie, but I didn't go. Don't know why, really, except that it sounded like work, and I currently hate everyone I work with. Oh yeah, maybe that's why.


11/6 Julad rec'd Physics, Groceries, and the Homosexual Agenda. I don't know if you're reading QAF, but this is intermittantly brilliant.  Double or Nothing is (wait for it), Lance/Fred/George (yes, from Harry Potter), but it's good. Trust me. Underglass is a bsb/nsync crossover au, so you'll never read it, but it was good, too.  Diversion (also bsb/nsync)has the toughest, sexiest Brian ever, and the fact that he's mean to Justin makes it that much better. (All by Calico.)

11/5 Wow, it's been an entire month. I feel so guilty!

Ack -- I have no idea what happened here, but there are multiple lines just missing. Hopefully I didn't lose too much.

 (with happy endings): Catfight (linked off of here) is horrific, but really good -- one of the Justin is cheating on Brit with Lance ones, but ouchy as hell. Outside is less ott, but still painful -- Brit loved JC, and then Justin -- and the entire time, they can only see each other.  From the Billy Joel challenge: Synk did The Human Heart, Chris/Lance with a happy ending; Black Wren Road Chris/Joe (which is way too rare), and a non-scary Nick as a ghost. 

Professor Kirkpatrick where AU prof Chris kicks annoying student Lance's ass. (Hmm, possibly Professor Laura would appreciate this?) Part 2 and Part 3. I loved them. From the HappyFic challenge (can't find the link, sorry) Giddy did an adorable Chris/Lance called Catch,

Buf: Did I mention all of Anna's Spike/Xander stories? Throwing Shapes (which I just mentioned in LJ) is absolutely hilarious and a characterization masterpiece. And the others aren't quite as funny, but they all end happily (I swear!) and are hot and yummy. Can't remember if I need to push this pairing or not...

And in different news, did I mention that they fired 12 people from our 42 people team today? Fucked up beyond my ability to say.

10/8 Anna just rec'd this adorable amnesia!Spike story -- cracked my shit up!  Read, read, even though you're not really reading Buffy; it's just that cute. And hey, I don't supposed you're finding good Harry/Draco and not sharing...?

10/6 Man, we haven't talked in too long, already, girl! What is up with our busy little asses?

Banking: Anna just sent me a rec for a S/X series called New Boy that she says is fun.

10/1 I'm being terrible about writing stories down for some reason -- it comes and goes, I guess. There's a great story in this fandom called Break that kills me each time I read it. Here's a very good one by Jane St. Claire also called Break about Justin ending up in a psych ward, and just how different their lives are.  (This and others from this cool rec list (for Justin month).)

9/30 Okay, I rarely read LoTRips, but this one's good: Ingenue -- it's Viggo/Elijah, and it just feels amazingly real. Mind you, I spend no time with eighteen/nineteen year-olds these days, so maybe I'm completely wrong -- feel free to tell me I'm wrong, based on your experience <g>.

<during the blackout>

It's a WIP, but a long one (16 chapters so far), A Lacking of Foresight, by Keelywolfe, who I remember with mild fondness from PM fandom.  Merry's Chris Challenge -- largely good, and some stories still coming in. I made some into word files, and didn't save the links. Oh well. the same language by Tiffany Rawlings -- very sweet babylambs. Tiff's the one that did the really long Chris/Lance, set way after NSync was over -- you know, The Long Run?  (And if you haven't read it, you must!)

9/29 Man, I don't remember the last time I took such a long break -- and a stupid one, since I didn't stop reading, and now I'll never be able to find any of those stories. I'm so glad you came to visit -- Randy just called me, you know? For a moment, we'd lost you!

keep pounding rhythm - I mailed you this one, just because interesting religious stuff in fanfic always makes me think of you. Justin/Brit (and Chris is married-ish to Lynn. Scary.) Three Dollar Bill is adorable Lance/Nick -- only flaw is its a little too short, and moves a little too fast. All that glitters - sad, short, sharp, JC leaves Justin, all JC's pov. Ooh, unfortunately WIPish, but good: At the Corner of Ink and Pierce - Justin's got a crush, and he wants to be just like Joey.  Torch has a new JC/J: So you wanna be a rock star set basically after one of Justin's justified performances, when they're both amusingly toasted.  spin is a day in the life of Justin's PR rep. Cool idea!

Very silly idea -- JC's a dancer, Justin's a Sk8ter Boi but it's kinda fun.

9/12 Rosenho rec'd a bunch of SV. She's usually reliable, but right now I don't want to read SV. But I know someday I will, so...

Rec a Roni
Compromises and Other Positions by Celli Lane. This is a right complicated series of vignettes, starting when Clark is young, and moving straight on until Lex is president, capturing the growth, the changes, and the compromising positions in each age. Celli threads them together wonderfully, and yet, each vignette is complete into itself.
Home Plate by Shrift. Eeeeeee! Okay, I really have to stop squeeing, it's unbecoming of this delicious play on Lex's need to give gifts to Clark, and the ulterior motives he has for giving them. The atmosphere is so real in this story, the characterization is spot on, and dang it, it's sweet. *happysigh*
Adrift by Alee. This one hurt, in a very good way. Alee deftly handles Clark, Lex and the secrets between them in a vivid, deeply moody meeting of minds and bodies. This one left me a bit tender, but faintly hopeful. (Spoilers for S2)
Let Go by Andy. Most of my feedback to Andy on this was incoherent, and frankly, I'm still a little shaky in the knees and needing a cigarette hours later. It's the little details that really make this story- Lex checks his caller ID, Chloe is quite practical calculating just what it'll take to make him forget there's a world outside at all, and it's all wrapped up with a hint of anger at the first, and a shade of grey at the end, which utterly suits both of them. Whua.
Domestic Relations by Punk. Again, I really must tamp down my squeeing here. I just love the way Punk writes- she's got dialogue nailed to the wall, and this story goes from Clark's amusement, to Clark and Lex's petty bickering, to six kinds of heartwarming in a completely natural and organic way that just makes me want to go, well, squee!
Beginnings by Corinna. This is a wonderful portrait of Lionel and Lillian Luthor, before they owned the whole world, and before things started to fall apart. This Lillian is the perfect lioness- smart, sharp and loving, and mistress of her domain, and it's easy to see why Lionel loves her... and it's easy to see why things eventually go awry. Really wonderfully done, and bonus, baby Lex makes an appearance!
Summer Sigh by Wendi. I'm probably not objective about this one at all, but I really love Wendi's Lois (now recast for her younger years as Kate Moennig... mmm, Kate!) I love her Lana, and I love them together. The sweet, sensual tension crackles in this story as Lois and Lana get to know each other, and poor Chloe's bewilderment over losing her cousin to the Cult of Lana Lang is priceless. I'm really looking forward to the next story in the series! (Spoilers for S2)
Lost and Found by paperbkryter. Now this is a story that gives me a good reason I can believe in, as to how it would come about that Lana would find Clark in Metropolis. Excellent atmosphere and characterization here, and a really nice glance forward to what the Lana-Chloe dynamic might be like in S3. I'm a little fuzzy on how Lana knew something that's pretty integral to the plot, but it's a minor quibble in an otherwise truly enjoyable story.
As always, recs will live on forever at Secrets & Lies.


9/10 Did a whackload of reading last night, but I didn't write anything down. There was one Popslash/Fairie story that knocked my socks off. Also, Res has a Hornblower story that was hot and fun and sad (or rather wry...) and great.

9/9 Ooh. Talking Happened! It was great to have time to really chat, honey! Don't let school completely fry you, and Make you-know-who commit, okay? I'm completely easy about what happens, except that if we putz around too long, it'll be Escapade already.

I went on a reading BINGE today. Passages by lesa is good, but it ends abruptly, and I hate that. Tomboy is kinda fun Timbertrick -- I like stories where Justin suddenly realizes that his little playpal is really a decade older, and wiser, and sexier... Genuine #1 is a great au crossover; NSync never happened, and Justin is a groupie who really wants to get close to AJ. And then you wake up is sweet, *very* early Timbertrick. Something old, something new is short, sweet JuC, in the Germany years. Quebec City is sweet -- Justin's a little older, but just as confused and Chris really is everything to him. Post Modern Fad is a confusing au where they've come back from the dead, or been reprogrammed or something, and it has no payoff whatsoever. Avoid. Ghostbusters is sad -- Chris is afraid, and then afraid of himself.  Pretty Dead City (gray dreamy/nightmare au) made me impatient almost immediately -- I just wanted to know what the story was -- and of course, there's no damn payoff at the end. Grr.  Exactly as it never was is very cute and funny Timbertrick -- Chris thinks Justin needs help coming out, so he decides to be gay to make it easier...and decides he loves it. River is sad baby (and I mean *baby*) JuC -- set in MMC days. Justin is sweet, and JC is...not quite clueless.  Ready to Wear is fun and silly, and I think the transition between part 1 and part 2 is a little abrupt, but I like it a lot -- it's JuC during the Hiatus, and JC wearing couture. Rentboy is sad as hell; Justin is famous but falls for JC, working the street -- just as JC is starting to believe, it all goes to shit.

People are doing their 13 fav popslash stories.

Here's Kim Gaspers:
Book of Secrets rhyssj
Master Plan uhmidont
Human Behaviour visionshadows
Traditions visionshadows
Normally Kinky quiet000001
Mirage merryish
To Sail You Home jchalo
Experiment rhyssj
The Perfect Game viasaintpaul
Talliswood Tarowen
Not A Pretty Boy - cjmarlowe
The Legendary Grapefruit Gurus of Southern California - flambeau
The Other Half -
The Long Run by Tiffany Rawlins
Talliswood by Tarowen
Runaways by Merry
Cake by Giddy
At First Sight by Julad
Fragile by Julad
Rumor by Calico
Be Your Own Best Friend Betty Plotnick
A Fool Could See by Velma
Black Rock, Nevada by Cranky Girl
Diminuendo by Amy
Coffee by Cappuccino
True Romance by Rhys
halo's desert island thirteen:
// come back new- by velma
// the long run - by tiffany rawlins
// a little rain- tiffany rawlins
// let the calendar burn and
whatever gets you true - by tiffany rawlins
// switzerland - by kel and tiff
// the perfect game - by velma
// mirage - by merry
// before you - by amber
// cuisine - by calico
// relief - by calico
// II by amber
// pretty dead city - by wax jism
// starfucker - by helen

9/8 Dorinda has a short WW (Jed and Leo, natch), called Fall and Fallen, which, weirdly, I can't make myself read right now, but I've saved it to read later.

9/4 It's justin month, so brace yourself for a lot of Justin recs. Light is saddish lambs, from Lance's POV. Lance is *so* in love, so over the top, and so convinced that Justin couldn't be in love back, that you realize by the end that he's a completely unreliable narrator, and that we have no idea how Justin actually feels for Lance. Kinda cool, really.

8/27 I've done nothing on the rec page in 5 days, which makes me suspect I'm full of shit.

Just read a silly OTT BSB au called Over the Sea to Skye, that I nevertheless really liked. Nick really is Nick, but Kevin is a Scottish tour guide on the isle of Skye where Nick has run off to after a bad breakup with Britney. It's long, it surprised me at least once, and it really reminded me of reading my mom's Harlequin novels when I was in 5th grade...


I think I'm finally in the mood to update the rec page -- not the nc one, but at least neurotic. I also noticed that I've skipped a lot of stories here, recently, like Daylight Dissolving, aka the Timbertrick roadtrip -- Chris is so sure that they've broken up, he can't hear Justin wanting them to get back together. Rhyss has started a popslash rec page

8/21 -- wow, am I behind or what. I've been reading a lot at home and on my Pocket (which needs a name, don't you think?), so I have no idea what I've been reading. 

SV: Punk has a little slice-of-life thingie called Domestic Relations that's adorable, if you believe in that sort of thing.

Pop: Cute silly little AJ&Howie shopping run into JC&Lance, called Matters of Style. Not credible, but sweet. Merry rec'd Lennie's One Wise Man before she left Vividcon, and I liked it. It's lambs, but before they end up together, almost everyone else dances around the possibilities.  Come One, Come All by Dacey has got to be illegal in some states, but it's also adorable -- all five of them, in Germany, cold and cuddled... Sure thing is a nice enough Lambs (ooh, I am much for the faint praise today), but the band pays too much attention to the fans to be credible to me.  Sonata in Minor Key is hot Chris/JC/Tara, and I really like it, but in all of JC's musings about how he doesn't love Tara, I never get the feeling that I'm clear about how he feels about Chris. (And this picture is cracking me up, but I can't save pictures right now. More baby cuteness: fast as you can by Iphigenia939 -- J is underage, but it's JC who feels pursued. Restless is sweet, not-quite-slash, and Chris is impatient but still sweet, like I like him. (the one where JC and Chris are in bed, listening to Lance and Joey in bed in the next room.)  stop and smell the smoke is really subtle Lynncest -- just in the "the things I like best about Brit are the things where she's most like my mom..." stuff. Never wrote down Tell me I'm wrong, which is shortish but hot Chris/Nick.

8/12 Velma just posted a long cheery TrickyFish called A Fool Could See that is rather adorable, even if you never have any doubt where the story is going.  I just reread the slow and saddish Ever After == where Joey goes off the rails, and Chris helps him come back. It's basically what if Joey had gone into rehab, instead of AJ. It's not bad, but it's long, and as soon as they get together, other pieces of the guys relationships just gets dropped.  Cake is sweet Lance/Chris, where it takes Chris more than a little while to figure out he's in a relationship...

8/11 I appear to have had the world's fastest cold -- throat tickle on Friday, near-death by snot over the weekend, almost fine today. Very cool, I must say. And being sick for my birthday was strangely okay -- I could ask for care and cuddling without worrying about over asking, and I didn't have any stress about having "FUN!"  Anna just rec'd:

8/8 You're back, and I'm talking to you, and everything is good in the world!

8/5 Took a long weekend off and now I'm 600 pieces of mail behind. But the first thing I'm doing when I catch calling you. I'm so glad to hear from you!

N: At every hand is the latest Berrigan entry. Yet another "lance is a big playa" story, but      Merry had never read Subtext by Lise (which is weirdly hard to find in Google if you don't know the title), which led me to look for other stories where the boys read slash, of which my fav is Fiction, Baby by Lois Slash, by Halo, is fun, but more silly and over the top; and finally Calico has a short non-fiction about what they'd all be like as slashers that's hilarious. Good page of silly aus -- with lists like, what if they were slashers, what if they were animals, etc. I've read a bunch of them, but mostly not written them down, damn me. Like Milk, where Lance is a kitten.. And this is a wonderful rec page -- lots of stuff I've read, but forgotten to save; some good stuff I've never read.

7/30 C M Decarin is writing SV - Air is neither dark nor twisted, but it has the lushness of her best HL stories.  Pointless porn, but goodish: Such Sweet Bliss    Orlando/Lance. Something to talk about is Nick/ in an au where NSync broke up, instead of BSB.

7/29 HP: The Lovesong of Bastard and Idiot. I know I've read this already, but apparently never wrote it down. It's cute, but just a little too easy. I want Snape to fight harder in the beginning. The ending is charming, though.

AJ/Kevin -- not a common pairing at all, but small pieces are a very cool delicate set of shortshorts.

7/25 Just read the longest N story ever, called The Tour from Hell. Far from perfect, but it was a lot of fun, and avoided some of the most horrible intra-band and slash cliches. The plot is, BSB and Nsync go on a joint tour, while both bands are dealing with their own intra group issues. Honestly, I liked it a lot, and would have liked it even more if her command of emotion was as strong as her command of plot. Goodish wallow. (only downside is that it's on a bunch of separate pages, so it'd be hard to reformat. Sorry about that.)

I don't know if I ever mentioned Something To Hold, which is a completely short but completely sweet JoeC with good supporting parts for the others, and sandwiches and mustard. Anything he wants is lambs with a big scorpion sting in its tail.

HP: Hal wrote the sweetest HP/D, D/Cho story you could imagine. Weird, eh? The Curious Vengence of Draco Malfoy.

Someone rec'd a QAF/HP WIP, and after I got done laughing, I decided to bank a link: A Taste of Liberty.

and banking some QAF:
Blurring the Lines -- I wish she didn't have a thing against contractions, though. But nice. Disjointed works for me. Spoilers for season three.
Exception -- Interesting. Third person, double pov, almost-but-not-quite random shifts in POV. Usually this would annoy the hell out of me, but the style of the story lets it work extremely effectively. Much good. Season three-ish.
What I Know -- in which Justin isn't a little girl at all. My favorite, I think. First season.
Find the rest here or search under her name. She's good. She also writes Michael/Brian, and I didn't read them, so no comment, but hey, Jessica, you might like!
Best Laid Plans by Severina. Okay, again, double first persons, not my cup of tea, but hey, I'm nothing if not adaptable. And it's cute. First season. I think.
Floating in Darkness by userinfodestina Oh yeah. Just like that. Go read now.
Lick My Bum by Trisky. Because it's a good, good teenage Justin and funny as hell.


7/24 So good to talk to you, honey!! Have a fabulous trip, and come back and tell me everything.

N: No Myth, which I've already lost the URL to, and My OTP, from A to Z (JoshTin) which doesn't build or anything, but it's very sweet, and is a fairly cool structure for a bunch of short bits.

7/23 Can't believe my way back when is told in a completely weird tense, but it has some lovely lines ("The fighting will not stop before the sex starts.")  and I love Stubborn Justin who knows what he wants, damn it!  What you need is (by TruthfromLies, and it's okay) from Sandy's Berrigan challenge, and and how do you see yourself in fifty years' time? is good -- Chris and Justin get together in the hiatus -- but it's not distinctive enough. Didn't put enough of their stamp on the idea.

7/22 Finally reading LJ again after a weird break where it started to feel like work -- strange, huh? It's not like I'm posting, I'm just reading...yet I was more comfortable reading the NYT than catching up on LJ. Anyway, I'm back: The View From Here is Justin/Pharell (who with his brother Chad is The Neptunes...they produced many songs for Justin, and for NSync). It's good.

Someone compiled a list of good Chris/Nick stories -
Wouldn't It Be Nice? by Sandy Keene.
Calling by Velma.
Growing Up by Rhys.
Stolen by Georgina.
Balance by Nafio. (Work in progress.)
Twenty-eight by Sandy Keene.
Orange Juice, Waffles, and Two Strips of Bacon by Chris J.
A Little Less Conversation by torch.

7/18 Just read a great Giles/Oz -- very sad, set in the Vamp!Willow universe, showing how Giles and Oz came to work with each other -- called 'Til It Bleeds Daylight by SarahT

7/17 Ooh, I haven't been keeping in touch, have I? Oh well, I haven't been reading that much anyway, though, off line, I started Vita Sackville-West's biography, and I'm really liking it.

Buf: Just read The Book of Daniel, and it's a hard sell for me (Oz/Giles, before the year that Oz/Willow got together), but it's surprisingly good, with an interestingly open ending of misunderstanding all around.

7/7 What a weird weekend. I had no pressure, saw good friends, and yet, wish I'd slept through the whole thing.

SV: I'll show you mine cute short Clex.

N: Still loving the Teddy B challenge: brains go great with aquavit is unusual but adorable (Justin accidentally makes Kevin into a Zombie), and Depth is a sweet au lamb, where they all go to the beach for spring break. And closer to porn than slash, but *good* porn: New Sensation is gay!lance/curious!Britney/nicely-non-jealousJustin. And Hot.

HP: A Bittersweet Potion is done, but it really just continues seamlessly into the next part, Procul His. If you can stand a WIP, it's good and long and yummy.  And I've not been reading much H/D, but Sodomite is good -- actually Harry/Cho/Draco, set after they've all graduated...

7/3 Another perfect one for your vacation: Triangle One: JC/Chris, long, sexy and good (early, set in Germany) by the same babe that did The Lance Bass song. She's clearly an OT3 person who hasn't given into it yet; all of her stories have JC/Chris and Lance as the three gay ones... Too many mosquitoes JC/Chris that is short, and laden with poetry, and yet still okay.  There's a new challenge breaking today, big names, lovely stuff -- just go here and start reading from the top. One of them is a long choey by Rhyss:  Nevertheless, you'll do. And a sweet lambs au by Sandy(k): Spring Break

So, did you see the new lance pictures that came out a couple of weeks ago? Probably 20 different pictures, both hanging out in his house, and then more self consciously sexy ones on a beach, both with a shirt on, and shirtless? Ever since, fans have been trying to figure out WTF? This story is my fav so far: What you came for

Someone posted a huge, unanotated list of HP stories -- I gotta read a couple and see if I approve of their taste.

7/2 Tiny little Chris/RicktheTemp story, called dating, and a kinda sweet, Lance is so sure that Justin can't be his, that he ignores all the proof that is already is: Go Without. Okay, and probable proof that I'm PMSing -- I just cried reading Ad Astra -- no one in the band understands why Lance wants to go to space, but they eventually send him off right... (it's Lance/JC and good!). yourself in song is one of those not quite prosepoem, not quite stories, but for that sort, it's actually very good (damn that faint praise!) JC/Chris. Not that you'll ever read this, since it's JC/Nick, but Marythefan has a cool crossdressing story called The Man Within Me; and a lovely timbertrick to finish out the day: all the things she said -- I was afraid at the beginning that Justin's mom was going to have too large (and too creepy) a part in this, but she's just right.

7/1 SV KoiMistress rec'd Primary, and it's so good! Long, hot, sad but with a yummy happy ending, it made me cry in a good way. N torch has a new JuiCy (Go looking) that's very sweet -- all JC's pov -- and has wonderful Chris and JC interaction, even though they're not the pair. 'dorable.

BSB: someone rec'd a bunch, and even though I've read most of them before, I'm saving them here in a lump:  Zoicite's Kevin stories: Circa, (Kevin and AJ are together from Europe on and even make it work with their marriages, but can they survive the band drifting apart?) --  Punctae (When Kevin and Nick first get together, Nick says, "no one over thirty" and now Kevin's b-day is coming up...) Monkeyshines (not totally successful story -- Howie spends most of it waiting to be pranked by Nick, and slowly falling for Kevin -- but it's got nice angst and a happy ending), and, as part of a GSF story, Something More than Long (Very long story -- all of BSB is sleeping together, but only in twos (and rare threes) and with the marriages and N's solo album, they start to think it's over, but instead, they try all five. BUT fade to black ending, damn her.) Eyes to Grow Old, mostly Brian and Leighanne -- Brian wanting to connect with the guys, even after his marriage, and Lieghanne is way ahead of him.. Lucy writes Kevin in Another Boyfriend, Glitter (Kevin and AJ, you gradually realize they'd broken up a while ago, but are inching back together) and Hands (Kevin and JC, again, with a history) Also, as part of GSF stories, Performance High and Games (AJ & Howie are together; Nick and Kevin are getting together...) CJ's Four Nights in Amsterdam. Great Kevin pov, almost gen. Coreposis' Just What I Wanted (Nick pov) and Just What I Needed (Kevin pov). AUs. Kevin's a popstar, and Nick's not, but Nick's mom is still a bitch. Arsenic's Butterfly Kisses. Very sweet -- Nick puts clips in Kevin's hair. Allecto's Shoop Shoop. Kevin's a girl, and goes on Nick's solo tour

6/30 Survived the weekend, read HP 1 through 5 over the last week, and now am dying to talk about book 5  SV: I also read Thebes by rosenho; -- pretty good au, but do what I should have done: skip down to the end and figure out who everyone's au name is before you read it.  I'll Show You Mine by Dannyblue. Though it's pretty much a one-joke story, I love Lex and Clark's interaction. Containment by Kirsten Sea. Sad and slightly creepy story of Lex and his mother

Rosenho's SV Recs
One Hundred Years by Signe. Ow. Seriously, just ow. This entry into Rhi's "Cure Lyric" challenge weaves the words in deftly, never detracting from a tight, inexorable slide toward the ending. Clark's whole life, the lives of everyone around him, beginning and ending are rendered here with precision, and though Pete's particular end doesn't quite resonate for me, the reaction to that ending does, as do the rest. One of the best endings I've read in a long, long time, it's absolutely gorgeous.
Truth & Lies and Stunner, #1 Superstar by Wendi. Two sides of the same coin, she brings the hurt, and the funny, mingles Smallville with the Justice League, all so vividly. Lois will break your heart in her heart to heart with Chloe, and Wolverine (yes, Wolverine!) will threaten to snikt it out for you if you mess around with the names in the betting pool.
Three Things That Just Won't Happen by mobiusklein. All of the entries in this challenge have been very good, and very, very serious- this one just cracked me up from beginning to end. Three things that definitely won't happen, but it would be a trip if they did.
Five Things That Already Happened in Other Fic by Te. Ha ha, despite the title, this is actually an entry in Lenore and Rivka T's Cliche Fic challenge- and it's got drunken sex, hooker sex, truth and dare sex (sort of,) pon farr sex, and trapped in a small space sex, all with heavy doses of humor and... well, sex. Whee!

Other SV recs:
Cycles by userinfozarah_5 I had to read it three times. And I still dont' think I have it all. And I'm still thinking about it.

Echo by userinfoblackfall Three words. Piercings. Concert. Lex.

The Last Days by Lux.

fall far from by wearemany

and if I get very very desperate: The Summer of WiPs, listed out and annotated by userinfomecurtin

Essays I might get to: userinfosavageseraph discusses "reality" and RPS, while userinfoithiliana talks about RPS as Role Playing Slash.

Dormant Magic -- Xander/Faith bodyswap story, but I think it's a WIP

6/27 Naomi's got a short XMen story called Pilgrimage, for Magneto and Charles -- rather sweet to see the old guys get some play...

6/26  Read all of Telanu's new H/S segment, A Wizard Song, and LOVED it. -- story's a mg long, (here's a dl'able version) and at first, I thought she was going too slowly, but it grew on me, and by a third of the way in, I thought she was going the perfect speed. In fact, as I read OotP yesterday, I kept having to remind myself that AWS wasn't canon, and those things hadn't really happened.  I have a .doc file of it if you want

Buf: Herself has a new post-S7 story called Disenchantment that's deeply cool, but towards the end seems to start heading for the sequel, instead of a satisfying end. Very nice Spike/Buffy, though.

6/25 Wow, this was one of the stories that got me into SDBs, but I'd never written it down: The Lamb Entreats the Butcher; Where's Thy Knife? JC/Krycek.  Reread Unblinded -- JC/Justin: JC's so sure that Justin's playing him that he treats him like shit. masked is a new weird au where many of them are on a Mr Personality type of tv show. Don't know if I think you'd like it or not -- it's JC/Chris

SV: Lanning's finished the next piece: Agenda.

6/24 Finished my work review - Yay! (I already know I'm getting either a 3.0 or a 3.5, but I won't know which until September. Argh.) Punk's got a new SV: Brand New Normal, which is set right after Clark gets his powers back in first season.

N: Apparently there's some sort of kerfluffle about So and So Is Dating] by Sandy, where some people thought she was being mean to Trace or Tara, or both. Yeah, whatever. Not good, necessarily, but fun -- 24, the one where Justin, Chris and Joey lock JC and Lance in the basement together for 24 hours so they'll get over themselves and see that they have crushes on each other.


Undertow is a short|sharp|sweet JC story with just a hint of Chris, and its good, but doesn't mesh with the tiny weeny bit of canon JC I know. And I know that I read Got No Rhythm (JC and Joey break up, and he listens to Careless Whisper a million times) but I never wrote it down -- it's actually a pretty cool JC/Chris story.  Nelly/Justin -- personalized embroidered custom baby blue by Julia is goodish, but since they're not a common pairing, I wanted a longer story that let me get into Nelly's thoughts  little more. Katie just added a non-timbertrick rec page (I don't know if she already had a timbertrick one, or just hates that pairing). goldengrove -- l.c. is short but toughminded -- AJ/Eminem wheels keep turning turning by stubbleglitter is nicely written, but it goes *nowhere*! Argh, that's so annoying!

6/21 I'm here on a weekend, and all I wanna do is read

and apparently it's SV day: Gotham Underground by Dana. Lex and Clark end up fighting Dad in Gotham -- nice crossover, nice first time story, good sex. What more can you ask for?  The Enemy Within by jett is not as dark as the writer thought it was, but it's still good. The Scientific Method by Lenore. Fun sequel to Anger Management. The story that brought me the phrase, "You're terrified of my cock-crushing alien asshole," and made me like it. Christmas, v.2 by zahra. Cute, short, answers the "what do you buy a pouting billionaire for Christmas?" question. Distant Lands by Beth. Fluffy but nice long term relationship story told in short bits. Wonderland by Rhiannonhero -- I liked it a lot, until the last couple of lines, which just blew it for me. HotHotHot, though.

Still to read: Earlier parts are here by me (fourth of the Quartered: Subversion in Four Movements story) and here by userinfokoimistress. Attrition )

HP: Wow -- long, hot and good: nice long H/S novel: If You Are Prepared. Snape's a bastard, pretty much throughout, Harry's a little softer than I usually like, but it works, because he's tough with Snape. I read this until 3am, at work, kicking myself the entire time for not just going home, but it was <almost> worth it.


Wearemany is writing SV: who knew? The telling of all this is good, but feels a lot like a lot of other stories, like she hasn't really gotten her feet wet in SV yet. You're never going to go there, because you're still fighting off the Nick! (dang you), but there are some lovely stories there: the Now or Never: A Nick Carter Songfic Challenge. Slow Poison is deeply depressing -- Justin gradually becomes more of a user of JC, so JC gradually gets his own person to use. Always True, on the other hand, is hothothot, and twisty and cool -- it starts out Justin/Lance, but that's not quite where it ends up.

Non-fluffy JC stories: MI's Spindle -- JoeC, C's fucked up and Joe wants to help; Katie's shuddering for days plot is: JC is vague, and you can't pin him down, but he and Lance seem happy. I both liked and didn't like the story -- wasn't sure where she was going. lcbanana's something to say is teer'love, and it's sweet; just nice the-two-of-them in Mexico vacation sex. two more:  a person of simple tastes (hot, and kinda GSFish, but a great ending), and cranky mean-spirited JC: smile for the fans

Nyn has a small ongoing series of Lance/Angel stories. Weird, huh? here, here, here, here, and here and then Icebun (where do these people get their names?) did a sequel that's Lance/Riley that I liked.


Cappuccino WIP, AU, but frequently hilarious, with JC as the bitchiest barrista ever.

Goodnight Saigon by Lyra -- okay, but too short JC/Justin roadtrip story. Reread Smack Crack Bush-whacked by Sandy -- weirdly unsatisfactory: JC wants Chris, Lance wants JC, Justin doesn't know what he wants... reread Kiss The Cook by Pet, which is cute JC/Howie, but slight. And there's a new story from Rhys, which nevertheless I'm not excited by, because they're older, and have been together a long time, and it's the wrong pairing. What a whiner I am! (Which, I'm sure, has nothing to do with the 6 hours of meetings I had today.)

6/17 Talking! On the Phone! Yippee! So nice to actually talk to you. So, I'm bummed that Colleen blabbed about the vid, damnit! Okay -- just remember that it's your vid, you get the final say on every clip, and I wouldn't be doing it except for you.

So, I've actually been writing a little. No more than little tiny scenes, none of them connected to any of the others, just silly bits, really. But it feels good to write them down anyway... You're welcome to see them if you want to -- if nothing else, it would encourage me to type them in.

6/16 Interesting weekend; Colleen and I spent a bunch of Saturday working on your vid, and Sunday, my niece unexpectedly came to stay with us for a 'few' days. Eek!

Was reading Shared Pleasures, and a couple of weeks ago, you said: "And this week I must watch the 4 stargate eps I am behind so I can be ready for Daniel." I don't know how that went for you, but I've got 6 unwatched eps on my TiVo, and hearing everyone diss the season opener didn't exactly inspire me to get that watching done...

SV: I read Billy Swanson a while ago, but as usual, forgot to write it down. Anna (I think) rec'd Around the World in a Day which is sweet but sappy and the Scientific Method, which should be famous, if only for this one line: "You're terrified of my cock-crushing alien asshole. Just admit it!" Tertium Quid by RivkaT.  It's Lex and Lana and Lana and Clark and all of them and none of them--disturbing, but cool.

HP: Sweet Dreams Ginny is sort of a secret slasher, but not in a fandom self-referencial way -- it's good. Then I blew half the morning reading A Bittersweet Potion, which I LOVED, only to find that it's still two parts from being finished. God, I hate HP fandom. <g>  Way OTT, but fun: Before the Ball

HP: Snape/Black: Shade More Than Man  It's not fabula rasa but it's good: Snape notices that Sirius is suffering from Soul Rot (what a great name for depression, eh?), which he's just created a potion to cure -- so he keeps him and doses him and slowly fixes him, as they drift into a sexual, then romantic relationship. It's long and slow and good -- but not quite as sharp as S/S needs to be. Still I recommend it to you.

6/13 Betty finished the Justin lays eggs story clutch, incubate. hatch, nest and it's pretty good (I say with a straight face), though it ends in a fairly tense place.  Hey, you updated! Way cool. I read Transfigurations, but I think I read it on vacation, and I didn't really update very well about that - you know, I downloaded 10-20megs of stories onto my toy before I left, and probably never wrote any of it down...

6/12 Sandy the Older's got this silly little Colin/JC, that still manages to be cool and hot Breakfast at the Circus.  and then, crack fic by LucyHale -- Chris/Oz, and it's long, too: Singing with the Radio

Some new babe (Aphedas) on LJ friended me, and then rec'd this story. Hey, mail from you!

Buffy: by James Walkswithwind -- Sacrifice Giles/Xander It's very spare, but by the end of the story, she'd kind of made that work for her.

We gotta connect this week, sweetie; I'm going to forget what your voice sounds like! I hate it when both our lives are insane at the same time... I bumped up my font size on the new stuff, too, thinking of you. Hope it helps.

6/10 Hmm, most of my reading this week has been at home, which is dangerous -- I never remember to update. Oh well. Lance gets his hot, hot, hot -- they're young and still new to the possibilities: Lance/JC/Chris.  Just added StrippedHalo to my SDB friends list, because she's doing a great JC-a-day rec list.

6/5 The week I read every single Lucy Hale story in a row, I somehow missed Hostage, which you might like. It's an au where the five of them (not friends, not singers) get kidnapped and held for years together in Lebanon. There's no real sex, but there's love and sexual tension, and it's long and Choey-ish. Also, I think you can read Merry's story. It's cool, and I think the end will be happy enough for you.  Right now, I'm preparing to bury myself in Rhys's new story, The Book of Secrets, though not without some fear...  Hey, you're right, I loved The Kid, though I couldn't begin to guess why it's called that.

6/3 HP day, I think: Breaking up the Girl is just scary sad -- Harry has lost while winning, Draco the reverse, and Hermoine couldn't be more bitter. The wizards\ was good, though another version of "they have to do it"

N: College Ethic -- Arsenic has written a sequel to Textbook Case (the one where they're all rich prep school boys, and Chris is a scholarship boy who falls for Joey...)

6/2 Reread "Be your own best friend" over the weekend, and 1/2 way through the story I finally figured out the title (and felt very stupid). Still love the story, though, and I'm sad that you didn't... Speaking of the weekend, the mothers met and were well behaved, and...I don't konw. They were so well behaved we couldn't tell if they liked each other at all. Currently, the plan for a vacation for the four of us is on hold.

Ooh, pure PRS porn: Orlando and Josh Harnet (or however his name is spelled) during the filming of Black Hawk Down: Cure by Calico. Hot public sex, I must say.

N:   Pagan!Sync is pretty funny -- light nearly-pointless fluff (and UNfinished, argh), but cute -- JC/Lance, Joey/Justin, Chris/Nick.  Into the Woods, by Chris J, I still don't like. Freddie doesn't have enough personality, and Lance looks like a big depressed user. Light (lambs) is fabulously sad, or maybe not, since you don't know where the relationship's going after the end of the story. Just reread Just Push Play, by Slim and Without Me, which is shameless JC porn, but a seriously fun au, and I really like Chris and Lance's friendship. Beyond Reproach was a great college au, where Lance was a College Kid for Christ. (Then I read every single other story on her page -- she's occasionally sad, but really good, and she obviously loves the trickyfish, like Porcelain, which is sweet confused pre-Europe trickyfish, and though it ends too fast, I liked it.

Chasing Draco Malfoy by Adelina PG Harry/Draco

Hogwarts Matchbox by Amy Harry/Draco

Wizarding Purity Test by Amy Harry/Draco

A Malfoy's Mercy And Other Oxymorons by Ash Jay Harry/Draco
Forget by Ash Jay Harry/Draco

Touch by Chiya Harry/Draco

You Think You Know Me by Cinnamon (starflowers) G Harry/Draco

Lavender by Iris (irisiolani) Harry/Draco

Necromancer by Kessie Harry/Draco

Study Break by Olivia Lupin G Harry/Draco

Longbottom's Progress by Mad Martha PG Neville/Seamus

Seamus Is Seamus And You Are Yourself by Ana Munami Harry/Draco

There by Lady Morsmordre R Harry/Draco

And I Love Him by Mystgirl Harry/Draco

Click by Nope (nopejr) G Harry/Draco

Snippet 15 by Pandarus
Snippet 16 by Pandarus

Eating Out by Plumeria (Debbie/aome) R Harry/Draco

Light by Plumeria (Debbie/aome) Harry/Draco

Above Average by Shadowkat G Harry/Draco

Size Matters by Shadowkat PG Harry/Draco

From The Best Of Intentions by Umbralin Harry/Draco

Interlude Of Gold by Veuki R Harry/Draco


Thicker Than Blood by Corvette Claire Harry/Draco

The Precious Illusions series by Kat and Tzigane NEW I, II, III, IV, Bleed Out NC17
The Medean Curse: A romantic comedy by Lydia Lovestruck Harry/Snape
Growing Up by Devi the Wynter Wytch R, Harry/Snape
Rite of Passage by Rushlight NC17, Harry/Snape
Just a Few Letters Off by Devi the Wynter Wytch PG, Harry/Snape
The Wizard's Bond by Devi the Wynter Wytch
R, Harry/Snape. (Some might consider this story disturbing. Bordering non-consensual.)
Into the Fire by Aspen Harry/Snape NC17

5/30  Wow -- two great stories, and it isn't even noon yet.

KassRachel just rec'd a sad but lovely Harry/Snape story called Last Dance.

And Kalima is the funniest girl in the world. Nicolette says Jump is set right after Something Blue, and if anything, it's more horrifying for Spike than realizing he's asked Buffy to marry him. It's god a Mary Sue, het sex, use of drugs in unlikely ways...and yet is hilarious.


Hey, I was reading your page (after getting to talk to you on the phone), and read this: "Followed by Doormat by waxjism, an unusual JC-is-domestically-abused-by-OMC story. After Chris intimidates the OMC away, JC then gets involved with Lance but, in the end, doesn't get to stay with him (for no clear reason)." I didn't remember it that way, so I reread it, and honey, I have to tell you. Lance and JC are together at the end of the story. It may not be the happiest ending of all time, but they are together.

Read everything on em's page -- she's the one I mentioned on the phone. They're not *that* good, but they're not that bad, either, and they go down easy. She's was/is a very early writer in PopSlash, and came into the fandom as a gen/het writer, so it's interesting from that point of view, too.


About a Dog is DS by Cesperanza.  Let Go is Howie/Joey -- words I thought I'd never write -- but it's long and sweet and harmless (though there are a lot of kids in it). Tame, Feral, and Libra by userinfobenaresq, are all *very* dark Xander stories. Nestra has a short but cool PWP for Alias -- Weiss and Sark, of all people: Safe House

SV Recs from seperis

Transom by MHC. I found it annoying enough that I wasn't even willing to finish it -- it's one of those "write it from the end to the beginning" ones. Maybe some other day I'd be charmed by it.  Where You Are by Caro and Shellah. a sweet firsttime that just...stops. Hate that.  Laid Bare by Bethy. Cute sexy bit of future history.Drugs of Choice by carlanesses. Interesting rewrite of this season, but slight. Leaning by ingrid. Even slighter. The Restraint of Beasts by penelope z. Nicely creepy!

Buf recs by rubywisp

And finally, along the "bulletproof kink" (TM Te) lines, story that still turns you on no matter how many times you read itThrowing Shapes by userinfoeliade. Gauntlet With A Gift In It by userinfompoetess and userinfozortified. Love's Bitch by userinfocicirossi. The first few chapters of Hunt Brother, by userinfoladycat777. Oh, and Night Watch, by the Webrain. Caught, by userinfoahestele. Repossession. The Education Series.


Pointless, just still adorable: Amy's Diminuendo -- Chris starts shrinking.  A couple of weeks old, but I don't think I wrote it down, and I adored it: A little less conversation by torch. It starts with wonderful misdirection. On the other hand justdestined, also by her, didn't make any sense to me at all.

5/21 Finally got this file open again.

Largely, I didn't love the remixes but a couple of them were kinda cool Fooling Nobody was Tarowen's remix of Synk's Secret -- where Chris is mean to Lance when he first joins the band. Not An Act is a strangely cool Tara/Trace story.

5/16-18 -- Wango Tango and You!

5/1-5/14 -- Europe

4/30 Wednesday. Where have I been?

People keep rec'ing Barb Cummings. I'm taking one of her Spuffy stories with me on the PDA -- I need to LOC her when I get back. was cool.  Tara seemed interesting for the first time, so now I'm dl'ing some of her stuff to take, too.  Went to check out Dacey's new picture collection -- she could make a dead man love JC. (And the cute Justin pictures are cute, too.)

Gotta run in 20 more minutes. Can't help but wonder what I'm forgetting. And what I still have to do -- I need to go by the bank and get Euros and pounds; by the hospital and pick up more drugs...and my mind keeps going to you, sweetie. I know you'll be okay, but I can't help being sad, and worrying about you.

4/24 Thursday

Bunch of new stuff in LJland today.

Always is good and long trickC, but the type of story that I personally have no patience for -- lots of dream sequences and stuff.  Into the Woods is a new Joey story by AllenSama, which I liked, right until the end. Justin's all traumatized, which is just a sort of setup for a relationship. It's the angst equivalent of having sex with a broken ankle. Leaving before you arrive is nicely sad lambs -- Justin insisted too hard that it 'wasn't a relationship' early on, and Lance never lets it grow...

SV: Thamiris has When a Strawberry is pushed into a mountain. I didn't love it as a whole, but I liked much of it a lot. Good miscommunication early on, good beat poets reference.

4/23 Wednesday Actually worked a bit today, and was in by 9:20, scarily enough. Mostly I was manic from lack of sleep.

Read some N, but most of it not even worth recording. I liked torch's Remix story, though: The Abdul Theory, and Slut (a short but hot JuNi).

4/22 Tuesday

Hmm, where have I been? I know I've been reading, after all.

N: I read Diversion when it first came out in the Secret Santa stuff, and should have mentioned it then -- Brian is frequently written as boring, Christian and bland, so reading a callous toppy little Brian giving Justin shit...well, it just made me happy. V. mean spirited.  Also read the whole Joey challenge page: anyone can whistle

So, it's 4:30 in the morning, and I"ve read on and off all day, but I obviously stopped writing things down much earlier in the day

4/17 Thursday

SV Rosenho has a fun little SV au, set in the Homicide universe. It ends a little too quickly, but it's fun. (And I'm apparently too stupid to give a name, or a link. Moron.)

N: Sad little JC/Joey - This is mine. Another one where JC is shocked to hear that Kelly's pregnant.

4/14 Monday

I had such a great weekend, honey! I can't tell you how nice it was to have you nearby. I only wish I'd planned better, and got us a massage.

HP: Kass has a good new H/S, called The Fool, that I liked, but didn't love. I want to watch them fall in love, and she just skipped over that part... I did love The Courtship of Harry Potter -- it's the best H/S I've read in a long time. (And I'm freaked to realize it's by Diana Williams, who I think is the babe behind Misconceptions, but wtf.)

SG: Destina and Carol both rec'd Driftwood by Dale Edmonds -- set right after the Pleasure Planet episode, it's melancholy but not hopeless.

4/9 Wednesday

N (where N stands for Nick <g>): Playground, by Miro  (au where Justin and Nick are both 12, and Nick loves Justin for being perfect, and it's even better when he isn't.)  Simple tastes -- JC works his way through the four of them; some nice work with their stereotypes. Skateland by Marythefan. I liked it; it's a fun au, but I'm going to have to reread it -- she plays a little too coy making it unclear who people are. Plus, it's the sort of au where we're in some sort of future where either gay and straight are completely irrelevant, or where being gay is actually *more* common. Pretty Doll Toy is just short GSF smut, but it hints at some twistyness at the beginning.  Ride is JC/Justin, and everyone's convinced that Justin's going to break C's heart.  Discoveries is a little odd. J's just fifteen -- JC realizes J's gay and offers to have sex with him immediately. On the other hand, J was one tempting morsel at that age, and C'd wanted him for years and years. Someone called it sweet porn, but the complete lack of "hmm, should I really be doing this" of C's 19-year-odd self bothers me a tiny bit. Torch has a shortshort with nice indirection at the beginning, called A Little Less ConversationShift is the new part of the Belonging Universe  where Lance is the Dom, Chris likes pain, and JC just... I can't remember how he got caught up in it. In this one, he says 'no' and Lance actually pulls a knife on him to make him do it...and yet, the mood of it is rather light and friendly. I can't decide if they have no control over their tone, or if they're doing that intentionally. Kinda cool, actually. Dark Horse is an au of Betty's from a series of hers, and I don't know if it stands alone, but it's got great 'sleeping with straight guys' politics and it's hotter than hades.  The Morning after the Night Before (also Betty) is Lance/Nick (which needs a cute pairing name, dangit), and it's told backwards, but it's good.  Feels like Inside Out -- is a lambs I was trying to find before, where Justin and Lance haven't been together very long, and Justin's trying (stupidly) to keep Lance happy, so he's working his way through the positions, and then thinks, "threesome", and invites Joey, but then gets all freaked and tense when Lance really likes it.

Buf: Anna, who used to be my friend, keeps rec'cing almost finished Angelsmut, which drives me crazy. Today's is With an Alien People Clutching Their Gods, but it's still 2 chapters from done.  Yesterday's was Take this longing which is, Souled Angel brings Wesley across when everyone else has been killed, and then tries to keep him in line as a fledgling, while he looks for some way to give Wesley a soul, too. Hot and good.

4/7 Monday, and I'm at skip=160

N: Catch and release - short by torch (the one where JC won't let J shower); Burning Man (The one where JC drags Lance to Burning Man). Kitchenware is silly -- one of the ones where a third party has to point out that "x" behavior is actually courting behavior. Undercover by Willa is...dissappointing. I kept expecting it to get better, which is kind of irrational, really. (The one where they're cops, and they go undercover at a college.)  Posted "Pants on Fire" in my LJ. First story (if you can call 500 words a story) in over 2 years.

SV Happy fic: A Life More Ordinary by Separis. Great use of time transitions, in a way I could never write.

SG: Very silly, Once More With Groping; someone just rec'd Whistling or just after on SGfic. I liked it a lot (which isn't to say I couldn't have liked it more if the writer had given me more of the things I want in a story), but the general concensus on SGfic was "cold, annoying, ATG". Hmm.

4/4 Friday -- It's Nick month, and people are rec'ing up a story.  (Cartrick. I should have known.) I don't necessarily love Howie, but someone has a photo gallery of Nick and Howie, and wow, they are pretty physical with each other -- makes me see where all of the Carter-Dorough stories come from.  Cute slight 1st time Nick/Brian, set a couple months after Brian's surgery.  Doppleganger is a Jane is a horrible person; Nick had the Boys to protect him, but all Aaron has is him.  Fall Into Place is an xover where JC and Joey realize Nick is hurting, and they start working towards becoming a threesome. The pacing isn't the best, and it feels incomplete, but I still like it. Hep Cats is JC/Nick, and I think it's adorable -- both of them are secret swing dancers, and they end up dancing together. Not an au, though I've made it sound like it. Crush is Howie/Nick, and it's full low self-esteem theatre, so I loved it. <g>. Last, and fun: Love tastes like Lemon Cream -- BSB is broken, and AJ doesn't realize it until he starts hanging around the N's when Lance and Nick start dating.

N: Sandy just finished As Lucid as hell which is awesome subreality fic. (her working title was slashdorm)

4/2 Wednesday  -- after yesterday's horrifingly self-hating behavior, I'm happy to mention I'm actually getting a little bit of work done today. But only a little. Found a Timbertrick archive -- I've probably read most of it, but I do love the pairing. I'm sorry we missed each other last night...

4/1 Tuesday  Read a frightening amount of popslash today -- basically everything on this Joey and Chris (not necessarily together) Rec site. Awesome hit or miss ratio.  Included a very cool Timbertrick where Chris is a Vampire and Justin is a hooker, called boringly enough Chris is a vampire. Yesterday I read or reread every story Zoicite has ever written, many of which I enjoy a lot -- warning, they're mostly BSB, and BSB/N xovers. 

I have work to do today before I can go home -- so it's starting to look like I won't get to go home tonight at all.

DS Have you read Fall by Mia?  It's wrong Ray, but I liked it -- it's the tale of Fraser's fall, at least in his own mind.

Buf: I really liked Anna's new X/S  Closure

3/28 Friday -- what a fuckwad of a day.

3/27 Thursday -- wow, where have I been this last week? Left work early on Thursday, took Friday and Monday off, and Tuesday and Wednesday, I have no excuse for at all...

N: Mortals is kinda nice Nick/Wade -- all he knows about Wade is bad, and he doesn't care.  I'm generally not loving the Remix -- not even sure why, but I liked this one: Thank You, NSYNC 8 years from now... Just saved the I Touch Myself remix, and I loved: No Consolation Prize -- Lance/Chris with non-sexual side of Justin... and Playmate by BettyPlotnick (v. subtle JC/Lance) and album cover ver. dilate dark...   And a BSB one, set more or less now: A Broken Heart Within Your Hands

Anna gave me a Buf/SG gen crossover (I know, I know), but it's really pretty good (though I would have liked to have know that there were moments of J/Sam shipperness). I don't remember the name, and never had the url, but if you'd like to read it, let me know, and I'll send you the text file.

3/19  Wednesday

N: The Remix stories are coming out. The Abdul theory one is my favorite so far. Lance needs help to realize that Chris is flirting with him; Justin just needs help<g>.

SG: The Cartouche on the inkwell.

3/18  Tuesday

Buf: Xandrew by benaresq - this story has impressive darkness.  Nothing Else Matters (S/A), rec'd off of Anna's page, and pretty good, though it starts with way too many broody paragraphs.

3/17  Monday

Much stuff to do today, but mostly, I want to read all of the stories posted this weekend. 

N - Bassez: Just Push Play. [The one where Lance is a college-age porn producer] I liked this one, but the au-ness of it made it less strong for me. By Slimslash and Without me.  P.O. Box 9900, Orlando, FL is gennish but cool -- about how each of them manages to keep a little bit of themselves away from the publicity machine. They have more fun is slight, but nice: JC convinces Joey to let him dye his hair partially blond, and then they have sex <g>. Fairly rare couple, really. Reread Every Song Has A You, where Joey looks ahead to the "last" concert and back to how they all got together, and yearns for JC, but never quiet admits it. Sweet. Incandescent (basez) is just sex, but good sex.  Reread Wouldn't trade you for anyone (hardedged but good Justin'Brit'Lance and even a little Xtina) and a little uncomplicated hymn ] by Jae. Very sad -- rare harsh version of JC.

SV: Marble, by Julad -- one of those stories you can admire, but not love -- a coldness or distance or something. But definitely good. And Groundwork is the new Karloff story, which I enjoyed just fine, but really, she's just telling the same story every time, now -- Karloff is scary; Mom and Dad are a pain, but they're cool; Lex loves Clark too much to let him help; Clark loves Lex too much not to help. It's the problem with a serial...

3/15-6 Weekend -- Gerald's memorial service; singing with Holly Near and Chris Williamson; Lunch with John and Nicole and putting up the handrail and all.

3/14 Friday

SN: Shrift has a new one, and I really liked it: Flirtational Theory

N: The Man/The Legend -- it's a "I love him, and I'm *really* not gay" story, but I liked it.  Cain wasn't nearly as satisfying. Chris is the viewpoint character, broken up over Dani, who dumps him when his evil twin (literally) rapes her pretending to be him. I kept thinking, "where's the slash", even though Joey and JC are a couple for the whole long thing.  Rereading Joeyfic for Joey month: Tough Mama, where Justin wants to get into Joey's pants by borrowing Joey's jeans. Hazel, where Joey didn't want JC when he could have had him, and now it's too late. Something there is about you, sheesh, another sad one; he fell into being Lance, but couldn't stop being an asshole long enough to keep it together -- great, though sad, ending. Finally, new pairings. Chris/Lance Forever Young: Lance is going crazy waiting to be old enough. Chris/JC You Angel You slight but nice.

3/12 Wednesday

HP: Someone just rec'd Wear My Face by Rusalka - slightish, but sad "Snape was a picked on Slytherin in school" story

3/11 Tuesday -- left for home at 11:00 -- mostly rereading.

3/10 Monday afternoon

SG: Barkley just rec'd Both Sides Now, which is a terrible title, but still, after the Christopher Judge episode, I'm ready for some good fic, and Kathy Martin rec'd , and Kay's got a new PWP. Now if SciFi would only play the episodes I missed this season.

Buf: Debra Doyle rec'd Counting the Days, which is Spike/Angel, and good. Too short for her own style, and ending abruptly, but deeply cool in the link between Spike and Angel.

N: SandytheOlder just finished Free Man in Paris, (post-sync Lambs) which I bleeping adored. It's long, it's slow, it's unabashedly romantic, I want to reread it again right now. Much shorter and slighter, but still good, Trick is kinda cool -- J and Chris are on the run a little, and it's not even an AU.  And I have no idea what the show Taildaters is, but it's a cute premise for Taildaters the story.  Apparently, I never wrote up Blue Dress, which is just a little kink story, but which is a sweet and hot Joey/JC; or The Gentleman Prefers Blonds, which is a nice JoLa

Gah, it's finally Friday. Came in late, took two days off, and still... What a long fucking WEEK!

Very cute Bassez with no title, complete with celebrity prezzies. Allegedly yours is an adorable highschool au (and yeah, another time I might ask why there are so many high school aus in this silly fandom but as I said, it's adorable, so let's not bother...)

Wednesday, took off.

3/4 Tuesday afternoon -- took Monday and this morning off, being sick, but I don't feel too bad right now.  On the other hand, my uncle -- one of my two uncles -- died today. Mostly I feel guilty. I never visited, never emailed. I was polite to him at family gatherings, but rarely any more. He talked slowly, and that drove me nuts.

N: Amber has put the rest of her stuff back up. She's got a bite to her. Romance (JC/Joey) is especially bitter, but here is no why
(chris can't be happy)
has a hard ending, too. Autumn Goodbye Brit/Xtina&Justin. Plausible, at least, and a little sad. See Say Stop sad Lance story where you gradually realize he can see the future, but not in any useful way, and Joey tried to help, but eventually gives up.

2/28 Friday -- Toy, fixed! Yay!. I'd feel better if I knew what had gone wrong in the first place, though.

N (or actually BSB and Justin): Something More Than Long. Interesting story that didn't quite work for me, and I don't know if it's because I really don't care as much about BSB or what. All of the BSBers are sleeping together, but only one-on-one; set current day, it'a about how they need to get their connection back.  Something like Home is kinda schmaltzy Choey, set just before Rent.  End by a Thread is a the one where JC is so angry at Justin as Justified is coming out, that he quits 'NSync. Not terrible, but not great.  Cute, but slight, the one where chris sucks is rather sweet Howie/Chris.

2/27 Thursday -- So, my toy locks up yesterday, I go in late today (i.e., took the van in at the usual time, but then went for donuts, and didn't get here until 9:15, and of course, I had a meeting at 9.

Nish -- All the broken children is Lance/Tom Welling. There is no end to the pairing madness. Good story, but not great -- I wanted a more solid ending. The Bird Story I read months ago but didn't write down -- cute premise, but a little soft: the guys acquire a bird that keeps saying Chris loves JC.  Fanmail (same site) is weirdly sweet, with a great ending. Expectations is pretty damn dark trickyfish. Ow.

2/26 Wednesday --

TS: Dasha's new one: No Big Deal part 1 was rec'd on Prospect, so I've tried to save it to the toy. Unfortunately the toy seems to be locked up, ever since I put it in its cradle this morning. Sob. Pretty good story -- pre-slash, and I'm waiting for part 2, which I assume gets slashier.

N: Lance bits, yippee. I don't buy the AJ is all Zen and everything since rehab, but I do like someone telling Lance everything is okay...

Put stuff on the laptop to read, without writing them down here. Why do I do that?

2/25 Tuesday --

Home, happy, swamped, already trying to work myway through LJ.

N: [As Women Do] -- sad Britfic -- she managed to escape, but the structure's still right behind her grabbing her sister. Unexpected is a Trickyfish that looked like it was going to be sad, but Lance forgives him (a DWNOGA challenge story that I don't remember reading). Not a story, but this picture site, MFEO, cracked me up. Have to stop reading IanMcDuff; I can't remember the last time I liked anything by him, and his politics suck. All it takes is Faith: JC/Justin pre-Germany! But sweet, and with nice Chris bits. More trickyfish: Wait for It Not good, has no point. In a Boy's Dream is a trickyfish version of Lance in the pink dress for the U drive me crazy vid. Not bad. Very sweet just-post-sync Timbertrick: Recreation by trixie.

SV: Just Pie by Livia is an adorable attempt at SV hookerfic. Lex thinks Clark is a pimp, and god knows what Clark thinks Lex is... Lex Libris by hwmitzy is a little, uh, sappy and even dumbish, but weirdly still nice.

HP: Julad and Calico just posted Lustre, which is long and interesting (mostly D's pov), even though some of the mechanics of the spell aren't clear to me.

2/18 Tuesday -- Love Fool is dark and depressing JoLa, with some weird BSB stuff included. Lance is always going to love Joey more, and Joey's always going to be weak, and hate to hurt him, which hurts all the more. (The story's in parts, so I didn't save it.)

HP: Aftermath -- long, and schmaltzy -- Ron was injured in The War; Snape slowly heals him.

2/17 Monday -- Whoo-hoo, three more days! 2 and 1/2, really. Not reading so much, more trying to save a bunch of things to my toy so that I have enough to read on the plane and such.  Though I did start working on Neurotic for the first time in months! Couple of nice Lancefics. Something Like Myself by Loey (very hot GSF) and  Gratis by Giddy (the one where Lance offers Chris the chance to sleep with him for 4 million dollars, then 2.5 million dollars...then $17.43.) Very sweet.

2/14 Friday -- maintenance

N: For Thee Sad, made me cry. Character death. I'm re-reading all of Allecto's stories, like Chameleon, a post-sync where Chris is a blues singer, and where Justin comes out after Chris does. And Shoop, Shoop -- Kevin gets divorced. Wow, I'm reading alphabetically: Allen Sama Le Plus Qu'il Change (another JC is a girl story), and Too Much; and Z's Clover's for gold; Physical Graffiti -- I had to read this because it's named after a Zep song, and it's okay -- Chris gets off on pain, and one night it goes too far; years later, he's still trying to put his life back together.

SG: Imperfections -- not terrible... When Jack hears that his mother is dying, he takes Daniel and goes home, even though he hasn't talked to his dad in 20+ years.

MM: Went by Em's page -- she's back around, and writing...CSI. Hmm. I did download one of them, called Canada, but I'm not completely sure I wanna go there.

2/12 Wednesday -- Fascinating and odd flesh merchant. Can't even describe've got to read it online; it really can't be printed out.

Mag7: Christine called, and told me about this archive, and recommended stories by Stan Lee

2/11 Tuesday -- So much to do today! So, I'm reading my way through Pop Music Problems. Most of them are shortish, but there are some gems == this is where the Jeff Tweady story comes from.

2/10 Monday -- This world a hunting is Dark, weird short timbertrick au

2/7 Friday -- Nicole just called, trying to get me to play hookey this afternoon and go see TTT again, but I have a 2 o'clock meeting I can't get out of. Wah.

N: Just read the The Creative Visualization Cookbook and it's pretty good -- J trying to make Chris fall for him with cooking and visualization. And the weirdly titled The Train Runs Over the Camel But Is Derailed By the Gnat which starts strange and ends sad, and is still good.

2/6 Thursday -- Ooh, so good to talk to you, honey!

N: creepy sad JC/Ju story: Heartbreaker; reread Synk's How We Are, which is a pretty sweet Lance/Joey story; lost the links to a three part babyJuC, and finally caught up on LJ friends -- I started Monday morning, and it's taken me until now. Scary.

SV:  Turning Over by Dangermouse. Going for a drive in the truck for a rather cute special purpose. My Leading Heart by myownspecialself. A sappy look at Clark and Lex. Maturity by rageprufrock. All in Lex's head; A bit confused, written directly after an episode, and without orienting details. Hiding in Plain Sight by dammitcarl is nice -- kinda moody and scetched out, but it works. Lois throws him a b-day party in Metropolis, and Lex and he have recently broken up... All the Trappings of Love is cute (Lex is photographed snogging Superman, and everyone thinks he's cheating on Clark) but silly. Ruat Caelum (no real link) is another one of RivkaT's -- what if everyone on earth wants Lex dead -- can you keep him prisoner for his own good?  Golden by CJ and reetchick. Alien!Clark genre -- a little overdramatic, but I liked it.

SV recs off of someone's LJ:

As the Night the Day by Alax and Dana. You need something light and fun to read?
Think of Me by ubertodd. Hee. Sequel to Tell Me and Believe Me, and ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch.
Small Favors: Certain Achievements by ingrid. Beautifully written, a great Lex, and a Clark I remember I really do LIKE. Sequel to the first section, Small Favors.

HP rec: Monsoon Weather

2/5 Wednesday -- Finally got my review in. Fuck Them. Ah, moving on.

New Em/JC, where JC WINS, and wins big: Time Out. Honestly, hon, this one might amuse you. Merry's new one has a real URL: Wolves and Boybands. Woo is cute JuNi. It's hard to believe that Nick could be that dense, but... Justin should have to work for it. For lunch, I read three nice long ones: Beside You (I have a copy, but I've lost the link, but you don't care anyway, because it's Brian/AJ <g>), Sabotage (the Calico LoTrips story -- hot but dumb, you know?) and an HP story called Flame and Shadow with the silliest pairing: Ron/Pansy. And it rocked! I got them all off of Merry's friends pages this week, but forgot links. Stay of Execution is Chris/Lance and good. FatherTime is an over the top wallow, but I loved -- an au where Chris saves Justin's life.

fulA LINKS, and a FuLa rec page College Life by Gretchen. Teacher!Chris and Student!Justin
Gods and Lovers by Lucy Hale.

Stolen was one of my fvs of the DWNOGA stories this year -- BSB never happened, but Aaron's solo career did, and the whole Carter family is living off of him -- Chris is where Nick goes, when Aaron is kidnapped. Good, and dark.

Vidded last night with Colleen, and it went very well -- we have a finished *draft* -- which means every bit of the song has a clip of video. Now for the tedious tightening it up part. She's going to come over again one more time next week, and then it should be ready for Escapade, even if we make changes afterwards. Lynn's coming over Friday night to work on her vid -- we should have gotten together last week, and I wimped out, and now I completely regret it because since she's leaving early for Europe, it's going to be very tight getting this done.

2/4 Tuesday -- It's Write Your Review Day here at happy Microsoft. Argh. It's 2:30, and I can't leave until it's finished, and I haven't even started. Argh. And it's all crap anyway -- the number is already chosen -- but you ahve to pretend to take it seriously, anyway.

HP -- interesting little weird thing: Sheep's Clothing

N -- short, sad-then-sweet: Crush; cute and short Lance/AJ: ShitList; WorstTimingYet is kind of a response to hurt/comfort-y stuff; also short-ish, but nice Joey/Justin; Kel's new one is cool, like most of her stuff, and also ends abruptly, like most of her stuff. Sigh. Still. it's good: graffiti where you've never been kissed. (Joey/justin)  terrible name, but I want to have your abortion is actually kinda cool -- but it's MPreg Lambs. I know...I know... The Bar is a long au where duh, Chris owns a bar, and the rest of the ten hang out and date and stuff. I read it when I was gulping Lucy Hale, but didn't write it down. Madchen was great trickfish, too. Left Behind by Amber is sad hookerfic, and I'd swear I've rec'd it before...Singing with the Radio by Lucy Hale is Chris/Oz, and I still like it.

 2/3 Monday -- I'm supposed to be in a day-long meeting, but I'm troubleshooting my PocketPC, so I have an excuse to wimp out for an hour or two <g>. Just dl'd the popslash off of Merry's folder on trickster (not her main one, but merentha/coldfire) and I'm back to 26 mgs of popslash. If you'll send me the Helen stuff, I'll probably have 80-90% of the stuff I lost. I'm still a maroon, but it wasn't quite as painful to refind most of it as I thought it would be. I still don't think I have everything taken off of this page, for example.

1/31 Friday  -- It's Justin's b-day, and everyone has posted a buttload of links, and I've been reading my way through, saving some, not others, in no order at all, and without saving them here. What's happening to me?

Someone just sent me this: Calico's "Sabotage," which is LoTrips, but geez, once you're reading PopSlash, it's not like you have any moral high ground, and I really like Calico.

1/30 Thursday -- Still replacing all of the files I lost. What a maroon. I could cry. On the other hand, it's been a great excuse to reread a bunch of nsync stories I read when I was first falling hard. I started back in last June and started reading (and saving) up.  Miss you, sweetie -- hope your dentist isn't too cruel.

1/29 Wednesday -- One-on-one day. Ack.

Anna rec'd a sweet short between the eps from Shrift called Spectacle that I really liked, and I reread the ones you'd mentioned in your reading. But now, I've really *gotta* work.

1/28 Tuesday -- Wah, no talking yesterday.

Separis (who writes as Jen in SV) rec'd a bunch of SV that looks interesting: Chloe: Year One by liviapenn Cool short Alternate History Chloe in Gotham story; Scotch Gambit by rivkaTIn which Rivka creeps me out and gives a terrible, fascinating story; After by rageprufrock O post-Insurgence fic is bitter, edgy, and--very real. Speak Loudly For Him by slodwick Cool Chloe: Pitch perfect ;  Satisfying by sa. Um. Hot. With food. And kinks. *g*; Round One by rosenho

And BUF from Anna: goodish S/X,  but it made me think about how many S/X stories require some soft of magic to get them together the first time. I mean, sure, they're not Jim and Blair, but it's not completely impossible that they might...

1/27 Monday -- you are the sweetest thing, giving me daily updates!

Today's actually been a rich source of fun, but none of it's popslash. RivkaT finished her SV switchfic story; Destina posted a SG...and in neither case did I save the link.

1/23 Friday -- So, one-on-one in 2 hours, so of course, I'm reading Mer's friends list.

Slimslash just posted her 10 fav Basez stories -- she's got good taste; they're all worth a read:

Tattoo and Hallelujah by Bohemia. Escort by Cecilia. JC teaches Lance to dance.  So, This by Synchronik, and the sequel, Fairytale, also by Synchronik. There needs to be more JC/Lance hookerfic. Not Yet by jchalo. Flame and Sudbury, both by Rhys. Explanation by V. Lance makes JC feel like a dork. Dare by Drew. I always knew there had to be some teenage-boy explanation for some of those fashion don'ts... Coming of Age by Sandy Keene.  Disarm by Jae. JC's gone all soft, and Lance wants to figure it out. Best Laid Plans by Halo. It's got bad sex, and good sex, and boys who know each other too well to let go. Move by Shine. Lance as a teenager in Germany.

1/23 Thursday Well, I'm just as far behind today as I was yesterday, plus an extra day. Joy. And I'm still goofing off reading LJ and such. Very silly but cute LoTR/Sync cross: Elf!Odyssey Short bank of GSF:

Someone mentioned all of these in her LJ, and I think I've read all of them, but not in this order, you know?
Calico  One of the kitchen fics -- very hot.
Nemoinis  Sweet and hot
Julad  The lighter version of 'everyone's gay except J'
Matthew I don't think I've read this, but Matthew rarely works for me.
Sandy Sad GSF, but good Constant State of Suspense

And linkless LoTrips recs:  Cimorene's gorgeous "Delirium" series, Doom Eyebrow's "Sense,"  Zahra's "Wake and Bake," and Peppersghost's "Happy."

1/22 Wednesday. God only knows what I did yesterday, since I didn't accomplish any non-reading-porn-at-work stuff, either. Going home early, damnit.

Just read your new page. "Shared Pleasures..." very nice!  I liked Whispers, too. I liked Chris's entire willingness to be cruel to be kind with the people who really matter to him. And not letting Lance eat for a week <g>.

1/20 Monday  I'm on skip=140, so far... and someone just re-rec'd A True War Story, so what the heck, I'll link to it <g>. It's good, and a much more subtle Justin has OCD than the big I'm With You in Rockland from the challenge, but the Justin-Chris vibe never gets resolved, and it's just sad.

N: Never linked torch's Legendary Grapefruit Gurus of Southern California, I don't think. Good while you're reading it, but man, no aftertaste at all. Jailbait Street is equally lovely and yummy, and completely fatfree, you know?

Weekend: Vidded with Lynn this Sunday (and screwed up my phone date with Laura, Sunday. wah).

1/17 Friday  New challenge dropping in -- this fandom amazes me. true soul desire.. had some great lines, but I didn't get the throughline of the story,  you know? It was more, cool scenes that then stopped. Clifton Street was a fun but ultimately pointless lambs ua, set in Portand, where they're all sorta Gen X slackers. I'm With You in Rockland is Justin with severe OCD. Wow. Cool Chris pain, actually.  I liked Jae's Caught, too, because's Justin's age and actions match, and that's rare in pre-Germany fic. Nobody's Fault but my Own was good too -- Justin's career is winding down, but he can still get his name on the gossip page...

1/16 Thursday -- Today I *must* be PMSing. I have read 10 sad stories since I came in this morning, and tears just keep running down my face. It's really kinda of weird, yet cool. The last one of these is called Ultraviolet where Chris has had a very hard life, but it ultimately has a very happy ending. Pretty much read everything Lucy Hale ever wrote

I"ve been on a week-long project to save the entire web's worth of PopSlash to my laptop, so I haven't written much of it up. 

1/8 Thursday I haven't so much read today, as I've continued my efforts to save all of the popslash stories I've ever read before. I'll keep putting them in the folders on trickster just as soon as (finger's crossed) Trickster comes back up.

1/8 Wednesday -- still haven't written my status for the week, and instead, I'm trying to add stories to the POPS folder on trickster, without even knowing whether you've been looking at it at all...

Okay, damnit, finally going to post where the boys are

1/7 Tuesday -- I have no idea what I've blown this day doing, but I loved N: Stoned. It's hugely over the top, and starts out too obvious by half, but eventually the insanity takes control -- I laughed out loud more than once. Poor Lance...

1/6 Monday First, definitely, Ces's elf thing. I will never be fast enough to play in one of those things, I fear. Then Rhys has a new one -- pre-sync Joey/Chris, called Wolf and Spike. Jae has a Timbertrick series (so it's not in Pops) called A Sentimental Education that starts out sweet, but ends very sadly.

SV: It's been scarse-er resently, but I did like Freshman Orientation by Punk in the sv archive

So, I got a VCD of N stuff that only works in one computer -- so I posted to Vidder, and someone recommended VCDGear, which so far, seems to be working. But of course, this machine doesn't have a burner, so step two is going to be uploading each file to trickster, and then burning it at home as mpeg datafiles. Damn, damn, damn. [The next day someone tells me, all you have to do to convert .dat files is rename them .mpg files. Who knew. <g>]



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