Friday Night Lights

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Eric and Tami, set a few hours after S2 x 15, "May the Best Man Win," 2139 words.
Eric scrubbed a hand through his hair. "Look," he said, finally. "I don't like Mo McArnold. I have never liked Mo McArnold."
Falling off a log
Matt and Julie, set after S3 x 06, "It ain't easy being JD McCoy," 1465 words.
This is the kind of kiss you see on the covers of romance novels.
Sunday Afternoon
A Yuletide 2008 stocking stuffer; 1011 words.
An ordinary Sunday afternoon in the Taylor house.
Written for halfamoon 2009; 500 words
Men don't cook much, she remembered her mama saying. They grill and they make chili. Maybe gazpacho if they're adventuresome. You figure out what Eric cooks, and you don't step on his toes, hear?
Written for Yuletide 2010; 2284 words
Tim Riggins gets a visit from Coach.
Wherever they go
1936 words
Set after the finale; contains spoilers for how the show ends!
"I kinda wish we could just get married someplace like here," Matt says, and drains the end of his beer.
Making It Together
1859 words
Written for Slinkling for Yuletide 2011.
Tami gets an invitation in the mail.
1003 words
Written for Days of Awesome 2013.
Inside was a letter from Mrs. Hernandez, typed, on law firm stationery. Please excuse Kendra Hernandez from school on the following dates? Tami scanned the list. Two days next week. Another day, about a week later. Another day, four days after that. And another one, a week after that. Tami raised an eyebrow.