Stargate: Atlantis

Welcome home to a galaxy where you've never been.

John/Rodney, 100 words.
An episode tag for "38 Minutes" (1 x 4.)
Rodney thinks about scars.

Are You Happy Now?
John/Rodney, 1425 words.
An epilogue to "Sanctuary" (1 x 14.)
What was Rodney really jealous about, and what would happen if John figured that out?

That Untravell'd World
John/Rodney, 4400 words.
Set after "Home" (1 x 9.)
"When did 'home' become 'wherever Sheppard is?'"

John/Rodney, 5000 words.
Set after "Grace Under Pressure" (2 x 14.)
"'Better drugs,' Rodney said, 'there have got to be better drugs.'"

John/Rodney, 765 words.
Written in response to a kissing ficlet meme at sheafrotherdon's lj.
"Rodney hasn't moved from his desk in eleven hours, except to answer inevitable calls of nature and to badger anyone within earshot to bring another sandwich."

Letter S
John, gen, 850 words.
Written for the "backstory" challenge.
"He'd never even thought to ask for one of these."

Rodney/omc, 500 words.
Written for the "backstory" challenge.
"And then there was the invitation."

The Thought That Counts
Rodney/John, 7,224 words.
Written for the "strange new worlds & alien geographies" challenge.
"That was when the jumper hit the invisible wall and started to plummet. Fast."

If I Knew You Were Coming
John/Rodney, 5170 words.
Written for the " cake or death?" challenge; set after "McKay and Mrs. Miller." (3 x 08.)
"What, did Jeannie tell you I have a thing for al fresco dining and sunburn?"
nominated for a McKay-Sheppard fan award

Song of the City
"When the first footfalls woke the sleeping city of Atlantis..."
First quatrain written for the epilogue of Speranza's Written by the Victors; expanded into a larger poem, with commentary, in the upswell of fannish creativity that followed her story's release. (Read all of the yummy derivative fanworks here.)
Poem/commentary hosted on her site because I can't figure out how to hand-code it and have it look that pretty.

Rodney/John, 6123 words.
Written for McShep Match 2007; my prompt was "transformation."
"When Rodney woke from anxious dreams, he was wearing a woman's body."

The Water's Fine
Rodney/Ronon, 2370 words.
Written for a choc_fic ficathon, fall 2007.
"That was when Ronon stood up and started peeling away his weapons."

Rodney/John, 500 words.
Written for a kiss ficlet fest at mcsmooch, 2007.
"The first time he kisses John, Rodney's dipped into Teyla's stash of Athosian liquor that burns going down but tastes like honey."

Rodney/John, 4090 words.
Written for the "fight or flight" challenge.
"For many individuals in high-risk situations, war zones being the most common example, the physiological impact of constant low-grade danger activates a fight or flight pattern called General Arousal Syndrome."

Rodney/John, 2025 words.
Inspired by a poll in Lenore's journal about SGA characters' kinks.
"'It's not like I talk all the time,' Rodney protested."
nominated for a McKay-Sheppard fan award

Think of Atlantis
John/Rodney, 4389 words.
Written for the "ways to die" challenge.
"Orgasm, McKay," Sheppard bit out, sounding incredibly annoyed.

John/Rodney, 500 words.
Written for a "Sunday of Sighs festival in Cate's lj.
"John sighed happily and settled his laced fingers behind his head, body still thrumming."

Out of the Blue
John/Rodney, 715 words.
Written for a "mcsmooch; set post-"Conversion."
"'I kissed Teyla,' Sheppard said, out of the blue."

John/Rodney, 12,865 words.
Written for a "SGA Santa 2007.
When the gate bridge goes down, what kind of connections arise?

John/Rodney, 1505 words.
Written for the 38 minutes challenge at SGA flashfic.
"Rodney was looking for socks when he found them."

Si Muovo
John/Rodney, 39,434 words.
Co-written with Sihaya Black; my first AU!
The adventures of Father Meredith R. McKay, SJ, and bush pilot Jack Sheppard, in Kodiak. "I'm an astrophysicist," he said, the word tasting like ashes in his mouth. "Or I used to be."

Lucky or Smart
John/Rodney, 2814 words.
Episode tag for "Quarantine," S4 x 13.
"You mean aside from spending all day thinking I was dying of some dread disease, and the city trying to kill us and very nearly alerting the Wraith to our location, and my getting trapped in a botany lab without a single computer during what was arguably the biggest crisis we've faced this week?"

Til Tuesday
John/Rodney, 3370 words.
Written for the "second verse" challenge at SGA flashfic.
"If we were in a time loop," John said, "how would we break out of it?"

John/Rodney, 1778 words.
Set during the S4 finale, "The Last Man."
"We're both virtual, in here," Rodney says. "Or close enough for government work."

John/Rodney, 500 words.
Written for a kiss fest at mcsmooch, spring 2008.
It's some kind of festival of spring and rebirth on MQ4-311, and Teyla's eyes light up when the headwoman lists the dishes on the menu.

The Art of Losing
John/Rodney, 1500 words.
Written for a Sex Toy Porn-a-rama at Lenore's lj.
"You're not making me do anything," John says. He means it as defiance, but after the words come out he realizes it sounds like he's doing this because he wants to.

Missing Piece
John/Rodney, implied Ronon/Jennifer, 2555 words.
Set immediately before S4 x 20, "The Last Man." Written for the "Family" challenge at SGA Flashfic.
It's not as if he and Teyla ever breakfasted together, so he doesn't consciously notice her absence. Not in the morning. Besides, he has too much to do. Work to do. Answers to find.

Shed Your Skin (The Sledgehammer Remix)
John/Rodney, 4794 words.
Written for Remix Redux 08; remix of Jenn's Shed Your Skin. Set post-Conversion.
John had to know that pushing Rodney away was only going to make him find a way to break in. There's nothing like a barrier to make him want to push through.

More of the Stars and Sea (The Three Meals Remix)
Teyla/Radek, 2758 words.
Written for Remix Redux 08; remix of Marag's More of the Stars and Sea.
They were merely colleagues who dined together from time to time. Strangers on the cusp of becoming friends.

Five People John Sheppard Didn't Expect to Miss, But Does (And One Person He Expected To Miss, But Doesn't Anymore: the Role Reversal Remix)
John/Rodney, 1527 words.
Written for Remix Redux 08; remix of Telesilla's Five People Rodney McKay Didn't Expect to Miss, but Does (and One Person He Expected to Miss, but Doesn't Any More).
John Sheppard. Five people. And then there's Rodney.

Coming True
John/Rodney, 4730 words.
Written for the Fairy Tale challenge at sga_flashfic.
His step-mother was shaking her head. "Flight school costs money," she said, "and we need to save every penny we have for your step-sisters' dowries."

New Sensation
John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon, 1745 words.
Written for the Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral challenge at sga_flashfic.
"What is it?" Rodney's staring at the thing in Teyla's hand with weird fascination.

Near Things
John/Rodney, implied Rodney/Katie, 4470 words.
Written for the Home Team, McShep Match 2008. (Prompt was "eleventh hour.")
"I am not risking the possibility of showing up at my own wedding with a hangover!"

Life With Terrans (Five Things Ronon Notices)
Ronon/Jennifer, eventually; 750 words.
Written for SGA Flashfiction.
The mess hall in Atlantis freaked him out at first.

Five Things John Does to Relax Rodney
John/Rodney; 1993 words.
Written for SGA Flashfiction.
"You'll feel better if you do," John said. "Trust me."

Force of cohabitation
John/Rodney; 627 words.
Written for Lamardeuse's festival of domesticity.
"Just for the record, this is so not what I expected."

Above Oblivion's Tide there is a Pier
John/Rodney; 1900 words.
A missing scene and episode tag for "The Shrine."
For an hour, breathing the salty air of the New Lantean sea and knocking back a sixpack with Rodney, life was almost normal.

Six kinds of comfort
John/Rodney; 3458 words.
Another episode tag for "The Shrine."
com·fort Pronunciation: \?k?m(p)-f?rt\ From Late Latin confortare to strengthen greatly.

John/Rodney; 1000 words.
Set after "Tracker."
"So why'd you decide to go after her in the first place?"

In Red
John/Rodney; 1000 words.
Holiday crack; written for the amnesty 2008 challenge at SGA Flashfiction.
Then Rodney hit on an idea. "Fine," he said. "I'll do it -- if you'll be the elf."

Forever Home
John/Rodney; 13,508 words.
Written for SGA Santa 2008.
"The point is, at the end of the day I can tell you a lot more about their music -- unsurprisingly based on octaves -- and their math, which is in octal just like the Ancients' -- but not a damn thing about the location of this planet's stargate."

John/Rodney; 16,030 words.
Co-written with Sihaya Black; a recasting of S5 x 16, "Brain Storm."
John's mind was already made up, but he couldn't resist yanking Rodney's chain a little bit. "Hmm," he said. "A room full of physicists; a long-winded presentation I probably won't understand. Yeah, it doesn't really sound like fun."

John/Rodney; 500 words.
Written for mcsmooch.
"Dunno if you heard," John said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

John/Rodney; 743 words.
Written for oxoniensis' Porn Battle.
"I swear, the whole Pegasus Galaxy is a Laurel and Hardy film." Rodney's door opened for him and John followed him in.

John/Rodney; 350 words.
Written for casa_mcshep
"A Superbowl party," John said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

A Narrow Bridge
John/Rodney; 18,430 words.
Yes, it's the Yeshiva AU.
Rav Caldwell, the rosh yeshiva of Sha'arei ha-Kochavim, was standing with his arm around the new guy. Who was dressed more-or-less exactly like everyone else: black trousers, white shirt, though it seemed to Rodney that he might have left one more button undone at the top of the shirt than was strictly kosher here. Black velvet kippah pinned securely over a fairly obvious cowlick.

John/Rodney; 857 words
Written for Cate's "friendship / flirting / thinking of you e-card ficlet fest
"Okay, that," Rodney said, barging into Sheppard's office, "is not funny."

Tempted by the Fruit of Another
OT4; 3550 words.
Teamfic written as a birthday present to myself.
"I'm about an inch away from having a spontaneous orgasm," Rodney stage-whispered, "and I'm pretty sure that's somewhere on Elizabeth's list of 'diplomatic incidents to avoid.'"

Shore Leave
John/Rodney; 4021 words
Written for the "Drunken/Alcohol" challenge at SGA Flashfic.
Atlantis had been parked on Earth for about ten days when people started going stircrazy.

Flying Blind
John/Rodney; 1079 words
Written for Kink Bingo 2009; prompt "sensory deprivation."
Rodney felt kind of ridiculous, sitting at the edge of his bed with no shirt on and two layers of fabric covering his eyes.

John/Rodney; 1162 words
Written for Kink Bingo 2009; prompt "orgasm denial / control"
"And you're not going to come until I tell you to," Rodney said, as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

John/Rodney; 1067 words
Crackfic of the highest order.
New: see Ratcreature's fanart on the Art Gallery page!
John spotted the way in, spun and dove, in a kind of freefall, until the bay doors opened and he could glide right inside.

John/Rod, John/Rodney; 2002 words
Written for Kink Bingo 2009; prompt "voyeurism."
Set during and after "McKay & Mrs. Miller."
Ordinary curiosity makes him look.

John/Rodney; 809 words
Written for Kink Bingo 2009; prompt "sleepy/unconscious."
Even if John knew intellectually that Rodney was pretty much down for the count, his dick didn't seem to care.

Boys Gone Wild (The Roadtrip Remix)
John/Rodney; 8246 words
Written for Remix Redux 2009 -- a remix of Tex's awesome Boys Gone Wild.
Rodney's a man on a mission, and the Texas coast is a long way away.

John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla; 1315 words
Written for Kink Bingo 2009; prompt "dual penetration, one hole."
John's brain short-circuits.

Rodney/Jennifer; Rodney/John; 6529 words
Written for McShep Match 2009; prompt "down to earth"
"Good news," John said, apparently ignoring his question. "Atlantis is returning to Pegasus!"

Adult Ed
Rodney/John; 2321 words
Written for SGA Flashfic, "Continuing Education" challenge
Oh. That's right. He slept in the lab because John decided he'd rather watch porn by himself than have actual sex.

Rodney/John; 1828 words
Written for H/C Bingo 2012, "forced to hurt someone" square.
"We have a taboo on our planet," Rodney said, all in a rush. "If our commander were to receive corporal punishment from an offworlder, he would never be allowed to return home again."

Pair Bond
Rodney/John; 5747 words
Written for H/C Bingo 2012, "unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding" square.
"I'm sorry," the librarian said. His voice sounded genuinely regretful. "But I can't possibly grant access to a lone electron."

Rodney/John; 442 words
Written for Chanukah, 2012.
"Among the Athosians," Teyla offers, "the lamps are lit on the darkest day of the year, the day which will lead to the longest night."

Instead of carousing
Rodney/John; 442 words
Written for Chanukah, 2012.
"How did we get talked into this, again?" Rodney says for the twentieth time.

Free to Be
gen, background Rodney/John; 488 words
Written for fan-flashworks, the "Kids" challenge, 2013.
"Thank you, John," Teyla said warmly, looking down at the shockingly pink CD which was now in Torren's hand.