Veronica Mars

Teenaged noir at its finest.

Five thoughts they won't forget
Gen, 500 words
Five tiny character studies, set in early S2 (spoilers for S2 x 10.)

Veronica/Weevil, 3251 words
A favor; a dinner; a taste. Set post-S3 (spoilers for S3 x 05.)

In the Cards
Weevil/Logan/Veronica, 2874 words
A card game, and an unexpected end to Christmas Eve. (Not really spoilery, but set after S3 x 09.)

More Than This
Logan/Veronica; pwp written for Super Porn Sunday 2007; 1000 words.
A missing scene or two, set after S3 x 10.

200 words; gen
Oz (BtVS) and Weevil meet in a bar.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
100 words
Logan and Faith (BtVS) meet in Tijuana. Hijinks ensue.

175 words
Pre-series. Veronica and Lilly, on the beach.