Bible Fic

The original fandom.

[Christian] Bible

Joshua/Judah (you might know them as Jesus and Judas)
Written for While We Tell Of Yuletide Treasure 2003; 2176 words.
On a hot summer day in the town of Kerioth, one of the most famous friendships of all time begins...

[Jewish] Bible

In Zuleikha's House
Written for In the Beginning 2009; 2670 words.
Warning: genderswap!
"It didn't occur to her then that she had escaped the kettle by leaping into the fire."
The Same Earth
Written for Yuletide 2010; 925 words.
And then I went to climb atop him, because that was what my pleasure demanded, and he pushed me away.
Ruth on a Firefly
Written for In the Beginning 2011; 3783 words. A crossover with Firefly.
"I see you found us a couple of wounded birds," the man says to Kaylee. The words are dismissive but his tone is kind. / "They're headed for Judah," Kaylee says. "And they're broke."
Esther, Version One (Myrtle in the Harem)
Written for Purimgifts 2012; 643 words.
Myrtle was surprised by many things about the harem of King Achashverosh.
Esther, Version Two (Angelic Corresondence)
Written for Purimgifts 2012; 872 words. A crossover with Good Omens.
That night when he is preparing for bed, there is another scribble in Crowley's familiar hand: "got Vashti beheaded! Go me!"
Esther, Version Three (Maybe)
Written for Purimgifts 2012; 3594 words.
Maybe I was stunning. Maybe I had sallow olive skin. Maybe I could dance.