due South

Cops and Mounties, from Chicago to the tundra.

Note: here you'll find links to all of my standalone dS stories. Vignettes and short pieces written in response to challenges at the ds_flashfiction have their own page. Enjoy!

Boys Who Wear Glasses
Do men make passes at men who wear glasses?
Control, chaos, and romance.
Say the Word
Fraser tells Ray what he really really wants.
Parental Guidance
Co-authored with Alanna and Starfish.
Sometimes parents really do know best.
Fraser wants to watch a movie about home.
Another Pass
A stormy night; a conversation about snowplows.
Ray never expected the way things went down.
A Taste
F/m; non-con.
Fraser gets a taste of something unexpected.
A wee snippet, written (appropriately enough) for a birthday.
Cabin Dreams
Ray/Stella; Ray/Fraser.
Ray, and his partner(s), and cabins. Het and slash!
First Night Back
Written in response to the Psalm Challenge .
Fraser muses on life's changes.
Duress: Forethought
Written for ds_undercover.
Has Fraser thought about it?
Written for dS Seekrit Santa 2004.
Ray might need a few tomorrows.
Written for dS Seekrit Santa 2005.
The saga of a tree and some mistletoe.
One Candle
Written for Chanukah, 2012. 516 words.
"Candlelight," Ray says. "Nice."