Doctor Who

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In the Afterlight
Set after the S5 finale, "The Big Bang." 2063 words. Eleven/Amy/Rory..
A week goes by before she realizes: she's waiting for the Doctor to walk in again.
Set after the 2011 Christmas Special. 3222 words.
"Happy Christmas," he says, letting out a breath. "Lead on."
Sick Leave
Thanks to sihayab for Brit-picking! This is Amy/Rory/Eleven fic; hopefully people who like that sort of thing will enjoy this. It's also sex pollen fic.
"It's not pollen," the Doctor objects, because it isn't, it isn't anything like pollen, and both Ponds give him very much the same look of loving exasperation.
River Run
Written for the Anywhere But Here challenge at Fan Flashworks; 500 words.
Melody Pond never stays still.
Five Things Amy Never Expected
Written for the 5 things challenge at Fan Flashworks; 500 words.
Five things that surprised Amy Pond about her new life.
All Dressed up
Written for the Drag challenge at Fan Flashworks; 2933 words. Eleven/Amy/Rory.
"There's just one thing," the Doctor added, as though he'd only just remembered. "There's a bit of a dress code."
Night at the Blue Moon
Written for the Performance Anxiety challenge at Fan Flashworks; 1288 words of Eleven/River.
River's laugh is warm, generous, intoxicating. "Bit nervous, are we?"
Tinkering With the Wires
Set after S7 x 02, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". 1582 words of Eleven/Rory/Amy.
How is this his life? Rory ploughs on. "You kissed me."
The Best Adventure
Set after S7 x 05, "The Angels Take Manhattan." 1039 words; Amy/Rory.
In the Amy/Rory Cheer-Up Comment-A-Thon, CaptainTish made a request which aligned with what I'd already been imagining...
"I've got the best adventure of them all, right here."
1528 words; Amy/Rory/Eleven, explicit
This is how it feels to be the filament which completes the circuit.
584 words; Amy/Rory/Eleven.
Set during the current season, before "The Angels Take Manhattan."
"Lots of cultures have festivals of lights, you know," the Doctor points out.
A Night Away
3315 words; Amy/Rory/Eleven.
Set after "The Angels Take Manhattan."
There's a clearing about five minutes from the trailhead, and it's there, in that relative privacy, that River puts down the picnic blanket.
100 words; gen.
Written for the "elusive or ephemeral" challenge at Fan Flashworks.
Set after "The Angels Take Manhattan."
The blink of an eye. The beat of a single heart.
100 words; gen.
Written for the "masks" challenge at Fan Flashworks.
Set after "The Snowmen."
Incarnations aren't personae.
Five Times River Kissed the Doctor
2039 words; Doctor/River.
Set after "The Name of the Doctor."
Five kisses.
Into the Deep
2775 words; Twelfth Doctor / Clara Oswald.
Set after S8 x 01, "Deep Breath."
She'd taught at the Coal Hill School. It took a lot more than a glare to faze Clara Oswin Oswald. "The water's glorious. Come on in."
Four ways it didn't happen, and one way it did
2096 words; Twelfth Doctor / Clara Oswald.
Set after S8 x 04, "Listen."
"Don't think anything rude," he said, as he guided her hands into the TARDIS.
"Why not?"
"It might end up on all the screens."
Who knows you by heart
3775 words; Twelfth Doctor / River Song.
Set after S8 x 06, "The Caretaker."
Standing in the open door, wearing a deep gold dressing gown and holding a mug in her hand, was a sleepy-looking and tousled River Song. "Hello, sweetie," she said.
Come along
1382 words; Clara/Danny
Set after S8 x 06, "The Caretaker."
"You could try it too," Clara said, impulsively.
Danny looked startled. "What?"
Okay, she probably should have run this by the Doctor before offering it, but there was nothing she could do about that now.

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