Aboard the good ship Serenity.

200 words, gen
A wee double-drabble set just after Serenity.
Five Drinks
1220 words, gen
Five drinks Malcolm Reynolds might have had.
3093 words, Mal/Inara
Mal meets a married Companion. Hijinks ensue.
I Fall
2753 words, Mal/River
River knows what she wants.
Three's the Charm (Extended Reynolds Remix)
2078 words, Mal/Zoe/Wash
Remix of luzdeestrella's awesome "Lucky Number ," for Remix Redux IV.
After "War Stories," Mal's relationship with Zoe and Wash...changes.
Five Short Stories
100 words apiece
Five unrelated tiny little stories, written for the non_txt community at livejournal. (Some het, some gen, some contain Serenity spoilers.)
200 words, gen; written for Sanj's self-indulgent fiction challenge .
A crossover between Firefly and Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah .
Hands (A Kaylee Sestina)
290 words, gen; written for halfamoon 2009.
Kaylee's always been good with her hands. / From the first time she touched an engine / she knew how to make it run true...
Ruth on a Firefly
3783 words; written for in_the_beginning June 2011..
"I see you found us a couple of wounded birds," the man says to Kaylee. The words are dismissive but his tone is kind. / "They're headed for Judah," Kaylee says. "And they're broke."
The Story
739 words; written for Chanukah 2012..
"Everyone needs light in the darkness. 'Specially out here in the black."