Getting the Message

by Resonant

Date: Tuesday
Time: 3p
Call from: Fraser
Davies is a marksman. Wear the glasses.

"Do you have your --"

"Yes, I got my glasses. I always got my glasses. I'm not stupid."

"I distinctly remember several times when you --"

"Fraser. I got the glasses, all right?"

Date: Sunday
Time: 11a
Call from: Fraser
If you need him to, he'll come and do the Jarvis Liquors report.

"What, you think I can't do a report?"

"That isn't what I meant. I simply thought that, as you already had several weeks of paperwork on your --"

"Fraser. I am perfectly capable of doing a report, all right?"

Date: Wednesday
Time: 2p
Call from: Fraser
Tony & Sandor's place closed for remodeling -- Ciardi's is good -- 492-0066

"Now you don't think I can even get my own dinner."

"I was trying to save you the --"

"I did manage to feed myself for a couple of decades before you came down and graced us with your presence, you know."

"Ray, I was only trying to --"

"Look, Fraser, I'm just sick of getting these messages like you think I'm some kind of incon -- incom -- moron."

"That isn't what I meant at all."

Date: Friday
Time: 5p
Call from: Fraser
Carteret's U of C thing starts at 8. Remember it's FORMAL!!!!

"Oh. You look ... very ... very nice, Ray."

"What, you didn't think I could dress myself?"

"I don't believe I've ever seen you in evening dress before. You look very ... nice."

"Yeah, well, I can tie a tie, Fraser. Even a bow tie."

"Ah. Well, in point of fact, Ray, your tie is a trifle awry. If you could tug the left side down. Left side. Here, let me. ... Ah, if you could lift your chin just a hair -- like that -- I believe I can ..."


"Yes, I almost ... almost have it. Oh, ah, no, now it's going in the other direction ... perhaps if I ..."


"Just ... just a moment more, nearly ..."


"Almost ... yes, Ray?"

"Fraser, is this ..."

"Yes. This is what I meant."


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June 6, 2003