Story notes for "Adorned" by Resonant

First posted to Hexwood in January 2001

I wrote the first four sections of this the winter I first discovered "Due South," and they depressed me so much I didn't touch the story for nearly a year. When I started soliciting help in chat, I showed those few grafs to anne and Livia, and they said, "How does it end?" and I said, "I dunno. Happily," and they said, "Duh!" Can I help it if I'm predictable?

I also had so much beta and pre-beta help that I just about need to give co-author credit to the folks who read it in chat -- anne and Livia especially, but also Beth, Julad, Lanning, and Miriam. Julad is the one who said what every writer hopes someone will say: "A plot would only ruin it." Finally, when everybody else had seen it in parts, Francesca was the first to read over the finished story (with sex) and do useful nitpicking and ego boosting, a fact that I neglected to mention in the notes when I posted the story to Hexwood. Sorry, Ces.

And by the way, in a great example of "Things that are examples of themselves," Microsoft Word's spell-checker flags "nitpicking" and offers "nit-picking" instead.

"Hills of Donegal" is a great homesick song from Boys of the Lough's "Sweet Rural Shade" CD.

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