Story notes for "American Way" by Resonant

First posted on August 5, 2001

After I wrote "A Modest Proposal," I got a note from Bone, who had noticed that the voice in Fraser's head sounded like Ray's voice. I wonder, she said, if maybe Fraser would like to be Ray?

So I owe this story to her, and if you happen to notice that it has just a little bit more sex than usual, it's due to her inspiration.

Several times in the writing of this story I came close to giving up and vowing to write nothing but PWPs for the rest of my natural days. I'm grateful for friends who talked me out of it and provided solutions to various problems -- anne for enamel poisoning and the language of the flowers, Ces for numerous tweaks that gave the plot what little plausibility it has, and Livia for Constable Bowman. Miriam, anne, and Ces also gave me lovely simultaneous betas.

Finally, this story is dedicated to Cin, in gratitude for the tapes, though these probably weren't quite the kind of tulips you had in mind.

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