Story notes for "Bare" by Resonant

Posted April 24, 2007

Just a little follow-up to "Higher Education."

resonant: I don't know why TBC is my latex fandom. Usually I never bother.
giglet: It kinda fits with the feel of the movie.
resonant: I guess it does. All those real-life nineties concerns and stuff.
resonant: Whereas I think in the back of my mind I figure the Ancients have cured all sexually transmitted diseases.
resonant: And that Fraser and Ray have been married for as long as I have.
Ces: I think
Ces wags head
Ces: it's very about the 80s
Ces: and that politics
Ces: and the 90s, which was--you and me are the same age
Ces: so like
Ces: this story--I get why it's a big deal
Ces: it is a big deal
Ces: for a 90s mentality
Ces: it's the ultimate 90s end to an 80s love story

Beta thanks to Ces.

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