Story notes for "Bed and Board" by Resonant

Posted March 15, 2004

resonant: OK. I'm back, and I'll write you some smut if you want.
Fox beams
resonant: You have a pairing? Or do you want to give me the name of something in the Room of Requirement and let me decide who ought to find it there?
Fox: heh. you know i'm Not So Picky. even if i said "hmm ...", i bet you'd sell me on it.
resonant: Yeah, but I need someplace to start.
Fox: um
Fox: i don't know. chicken soup? wooly socks? four-slice toasters?
resonant laughs
resonant: OK, then.

So I offered to write Fox some smut to cheer her up. This was about eight months ago, though, so I'm hoping other things managed to cheer her up in the interim.

Threesome sex is really fun to write. I like the constant shifting of focus. I have about six sex scenes in my head for these three, including one where Harry and Ron are naked in a bed while Hermione, dressed only in her plaid uniform skirt, kneels beside them and reads instructions to them out of a book.

Thanks to Fox for long-term encouragement and help, for reading each of the four failed endings, and for suggesting that the way to turn off the exposition machine was to put Hermione to sleep; to Julad and Ces for beta; and to Maryavatar for a lightning-fast Britpick.

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