Story notes for "Broadway Hotel" by Resonant

First posted to DSX on June 7, 2001

I can't even explain why I suddenly found myself humming an Al Stewart album cut I hadn't heard in a decade, never mind how I came to associate it with Due South. Strange and mysterious are the ways of plot bunnies.

I actually think that Al Stewart's "Broadway Hotel" is probably, objectively, a stupid song. (You can check out the lyrics here and decide for yourself.) Still, I've always had a soft spot for it, and the line "nothing was stranger than being yourself" does strike some sparks off Ray K.

I've read that when Al performs the song in concert, he says it's about a woman who checks into a hotel with the intention of committing suicide. I totally didn't get that from the lyrics, but it made the whole thing more interesting. (If you haven't read the story yet, don't worry; there's no suicide in it. I'm not that literal-minded.)

The help I had on this one was really incredibly important; the story wouldn't be half of what it is without anne and Ces. In addition to doing a drive-through beta of amazing speed and thoroughness, anne also solved a big transition problem for me and helped me figure out some ways to show Ray what he was missing. And Ces, wonderful Ces, took care of some major problems of transition, motivation, and momentum by making two comments: "I don't think you're really getting all the things this undercover comment implies" and "No! God, no! End it at the crosswalk and put the sex in a flashback!"

As a writing aid, I mocked up a little image of Ray with his goatee and earring. Want to see it?

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