Story notes for "Dirty" by Resonant

Posted July 24, 2011

This would appear to be the only "Super 8" dadslash on the entire internet? I don't know, how likely is that? Usually I'm so not an early adopter.

In my head, Joe Lamb and Alice Dainard have a little middle school romance with first kisses and all, and then split up ugly and take a long time to become friends again, so that it's some years before Alice comes home from college without calling first, sticks her head far enough into the house to see into the bedroom, runs back outside, and calls Joe from a payphone: "Joe. Your father is at my house. In bed. Asleep. With my father." And over increasingly hysterical laughter: "Joe, if you already knew about this and didn't tell me I am going to kill you."

Thanks to Julad for a quick beta, and for making me laugh by saying, "Is it just me or does this have a Breakfast Club In the Future sort of vibe?"

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