Story notes for "Experience" by Resonant

Posted May 29, 2006

Written for the "virgin" challenge on sga_flashfic.

Someone, some months ago, wrote a LiveJournal post that speculated that Rodney in his teens was probably handsome-verging-on-beautiful (to judge from David Hewlett's early acting roles), and that John, on the other hand, might very well have been short and skinny and funny-looking. It seemed as plausible as any other idea about John and Rodney as teens, and a little more surprising than most, so I ran with it. I wish I could remember who wrote the post so I could give proper credit.

You can of course read the story any way you like, but in my head it's a prologue to John and Rodney as we see them in canon.

Beta thanks to giddy, merry, and shalott. Also thanks to sgafan33 for pointing out that I couldn't have Rodney drinking Mountain Dew because there's actual citrus in it.

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