Story notes for "Glimpse" by Resonant

Posted January 20, 2006

First published for the sga_flashfic "38 minutes" challenge, though as I said there, it was 38 minutes for the first draft and then 38 days for the second.

I needed smutlet inspiration, so I went up to Google and typed in "John can't." This got me all sorts of interesting prompts, such as "John can't close the deal with his last girl because he forgets her name" and "John can't say no" and "John can't marry someone rich, but he certainly wants someone secure," but I decided to go for "John can't keep up the pace."

Julad, as always, located the fuzzy thinking that was blurring the first draft; additional beta thanks to Cesca, giglet, giddy, Livia, shalott, and Terri.

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