Story notes for "Interface" by Resonant

Posted January 20, 2006

First published for the sga_flashfic "ESP" challenge.

When I was in my twenties, I used to dream about a house like a dorm, where all the rooms connected to a single central hall, but none of them connected with each other. A couple of years ago, right after I lost my job, I started dreaming I'd inherited old houses full of stuff, and any room could contain something that would change my life forever. It seemed natural to me that, if you were in the unfamiliar position of being in someone else's mind, your own mind would resolve that into an image of a house.

The first two parts of this came fairly easily, but the third part would not get sexy, no matter what I did, until Cesca and shalott got me unstuck by pointing out that I was starting in the wrong place.

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