Story notes for "Knowing" by Resonant

Posted April 3, 2006

Written for Merry's get-well festival in the merrymakings livejournal.

When I posted the How To Write A Sex Scene essays, I said this:

if you've started out thinking, "How is Rodney in particular going to do this?" then even if your answer is, "Surprisingly, he's going to do it without words," you're going to take note of how unusual it is. John is going to take note of how unusual it is, and is going to find it strange, or frightening, or funny, or so hot he can't stand it.

And he's going to say, "Jesus, Rodney -- say something so I -- know it's you," and Rodney's going to put his mouth right against John's ear and say very quietly, "You know it's me," and I for one would have no complaints at all about a scene like that.

So then I had to write the actual story and see how it went.

Beta thanks to Cesca and shalott.

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