Story notes for "Left" by Resonant

First posted to Ex-Wood on January 5, 2002

Once I said to Livia, "I love Ray/Ray, even though I'm not sure they're really, canonically slashable." And she said, "What do you mean, they might not be slashable? Of course they're slashable. They hate each other."

I never wrote Ray/Ray until Ces's Shack challenge gave me a safe and structured way to experiment, with the setting already established and the word count low enough that I couldn't entangle myself with plots. Once I'd written Bait and Switch, I couldn't quite stop myself.

Thanks to Ces for helping me uncover hidden kinks and depths by means of a game of Find The Sperm, to Livia for the title and the beta, and to Pares for beta, comments, suggestions, and encouragement.

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