Story notes for a missing scene for shalott's "A Beautiful Lifetime Event" by Resonant

Posted May 30, 2005

I don't know what to call this. See, I got to read shalott's "A Beautiful Lifetime Event" before it was finished. The first bit I got ended right after that beautiful completely platonic declaration of love, and as sometimes happens, I carried the story around in my head all the next day, thinking pleasant speculative thoughts about how it might go from there, and the thoughts turned into fantasies, and the fantasies turned into scenes, and on a whim I wrote notes for the scenes.

The next time I caught her in chat, I said, "I've got some thoughts on your story, if you're interested," and she said, "I'm always interested, but I've got the rest of it all planned out and it goes like this" -- and it was nothing like what I'd been thinking about.

So I was left with this mental picture of John and Rodney having a very serious, practical conversation that would result in the agreement that even though they didn't really want to have sex, still, circumstances were such that they ought to, even though it would probably not be that great.

And now I realized that I was never going to get to read that scene, nor the "not-that-great" sex that followed, unless I wrote it myself.

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