Story notes for "A Modest Proposal" by Resonant

First posted to DSX on April 24, 2001

Here's yet another story that I thought was going to be a nice little PWP. Just a little thing about Bi!Fraser doing a favor for Not-Quite-As-Straight-As-He-Thinks!Ray, I thought. Maybe ten or twelve pages, I thought. No big deal, I thought.

That was before the sparklers and the stolen phone company truck and the psychic and the panel van. When you take a stroll through my brain, you never know what weird little mental storeroom you're going to stumble into. (I even had some thought of introducing Verna to Turnbull, but sanity prevailed.)

Many thanks to anne for her fine and careful beta. She and Ces and Livia also had the thankless duty of reading an early draft and telling me, "You think you're finished, but you're not." Can't say I enjoyed that, but I do appreciate it.

Shortly after I finished that early draft, several of my DS mailing lists began to have discussions about the dearth of OFCs in DS slash. This story should improve the average considerably.

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If you're curious about the tarot card readings, Ray got the 7 of Cups (reversed), the 10 of Swords, and the 3 of Wands; Fraser got the Empress, the 3 of Swords (reversed), and the Heirophant (reversed). (These are actual random draws, by the way; I find that what Chance gives me is usually a lot less trite than what I could come up with on my own.) My deck is Robin Wood.

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