Story notes for "Nuance"

by Livia and Resonant

First posted to SXF on November 11, 2000

Livia and I were chatting one night when she had this great insight about what Jim might be able to do if he really integrated his senses. Took nearly a year to write -- every time one of us identified some problem with the draft, it would turn out to be a problem that added two pages to the story. I had never written anything long and plotty before, but working with Livia really brought out the best in me. (She's the greatest. Read her stories here.)

In case you're wondering: That fabulous Jim/Blair first-time scene? She wrote it. It totally melted my knees.

I might add that we've both got such a crush on Scott that we're constantly matching him up with people from various fandoms. ("Hey! 'Due South' has a spare Ray ...")

We're both grateful to anne and Francesca for giving us lots of beta help.

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