Story notes for "Origin" by Resonant and Kass

First posted to SXF on February 13, 2002

I really don't write Sentinel stories any more. Jim and Blair stopped talking to me about a year ago, maybe because they figured out I was too busy listening to Fraser and Ray. As Lanning puts it, "You're in love with other men now."

But I had a handful of Sentinel stories that were in progress when I started my affair with Due South. Every couple of months I would open the folder and look at them and think, "I ought to just finish these, or else I ought to throw them out," but I never could bring myself to do either one.

So finally a third option occurred to me: I flung the whole mess at Kass and said, "Want to collaborate on any of these?"

If someone said to me, "I have a story that I wrote half of -- you want to finish it? Oh, and by the way, don't expect much help from me, because I really can't hear the characters any more, plus, you know, I'm really busy ..." I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have filled the gap as cheerfully and skillfully as Kass did. I'm really grateful to her for bringing this story to life.

Other thanks: Way on back, so long ago that they probably don't even remember it, I showed a first draft to Livia and Julad, and they had some very helpful comments about what direction it needed to go in. This version of the story also benefited greatly from Ces wielding a bottle of Anti-Chick Spray at it (undoubtedly there's some chickness still there, but I can't say it's because she didn't point it out) and from wonderful beta efforts from Justine and Sihaya.

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