Story notes for "Reference" by Resonant

First posted on June 6, 2001

This tale began when I shamelessly begged for some birthday fic. Shrift and Nestra said, "What do you want?" and I said, "Write me some Wesley/Gunn, and bonus points if you set it in a library," and they came through beautifully with Library Porn.

Well, when Nestra's birthday came along, lots of other people wrote her nice stuff, but I was chin-deep in Broadway Hotel, and I didn't dare turn my attention away from it because hell hath no fury like a muse who's been put on hold. But eventually I did get free, and then Fraser and Ray found their way to the library, too.

Ray's story was inspired by Adrienne Rich's essay, "As if your life depended on it," from her book What Is Found There: "And, let's face it, the lesson of the schools for a vast number of children -- hence, of readers -- is This is not for you."

Addendum, June 19, 2001: I've actually tracked down a few other library fics (oh, all right, four), and have used them as the starting point for a recs page of sorts. I still welcome other links.

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