Story notes for "Resolution" by Resonant

Posted June 8, 2005

Originally written for the SGA Flashfiction voyeurism challenge. Thanks to Cesca, Merry, Terri, and shalott for beta.

There's a sequel: Clarity by Cesca. (We hope another sequel is on its way!) I wish I always had the knack for making Ces write sequels; this time I think I just caught her on a good night.

Cesca: maybe it's a different story
resonant: You write it.
Cesca: ahaha
Cesca: hm
Cesca: well
resonant: You could even write the Sheppard POV of this one, actually, if you wanted to.
Cesca: oh, that's temptiong
resonant: I maybe have a vested interest in convincing you to do the Sheppard pov
resonant: you know, I did give you material, should you choose to accept it, that would allow you to put a camera in Rodney's room as well.
Cesca: bugger, now I have to write this
resonant: Yes, that's so very painful for all of us.
resonant: Anyway, I wrote this in an hour -- I know because I wrote it at kidlet's ballet lesson
resonant: while shielding the page from the roomful of mommies in pooh t-shirts
Cesca: AHAHA
          Cesca loves you
resonant: If it werent' for porn, I don't think I could stomach ballet.

Trying to coordinate the various sexual tastes so that they matched was tricky.

Terri: Eyes still closed, he slid his other hand to his nipple -- res's story specifically said that John doesn't play with his nipples
          resonant loves beta
Cesca: no nipple play!
Cesca: what are you, a communist?

(And in order to find this chat log, I was doing a search and replace on 'nipple.')

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