Story notes for "Term of Service" by Resonant

Posted September 21, 2006

This story was inspired by seeing a story announcement somewhere that said, "Sex slave story. No slash." I started out going, "How can that be?" and ended up going, "Hm." But of course I had to write the story with slash; if I had to write a menu it would probably have slash in it.

The idea was very inspiring in chat, and everybody gave me ideas -- seriously, the chat logs are better than the story:

Livia: rodney's the guy you want when you get cold feet at night sometimes.
Livia: john is the midlife crisis convertible


Ces: Dude, if I had Rodney as my slave
Ces: I'd make him fix things
Ces: I'd be like--that drip in the bathroom
Ces: and the drapes lean left


resonant: She's like the kidlet with a pet: "But she *likes* sitting up like a human!"
Livia: "he LIKES wearing his little hat and sweater that I made him!"
Livia: seriously, she gives john pretty jewelry.
Livia: what more does he want?!


shalott: rodney needs to be panicking badly before the auction
shalott: thinking they are going to end up in the mines
resonant: "They're going to make me break rocks!"
resonant: "Do you know what those fumes do to the brain cells?"
Livia: rodney is like "by 'bed slave' do you mean we'll be making beds?"
Livia: john: in what, the BED MINES?
Ces: harvesting
Livia: the mighty bed trees must be harvested.

Early on, I had lots of plotting help from Cesca, Livia, Julad, and shalott (even from the excerpts above you can see that many of the best ideas came from them). Beta thanks to Cesca, Giglet, shalott, and Terri.

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