Story notes for "Too Sweet" by Resonant

First posted to DSX in late 2000

Well, yes, it is pretty sweet.

Like "Tender," this story is the result of looking at everything, no matter how irrelevent, in light of how it could result in a nice slash story. A friend was telling me about Nanaimo bars. Since they're Canadian, I was already in a DS frame of mind, and then he said he didn't like them because they were too sweet, and I began to think: Could anything be too sweet for a guy who puts candy in his coffee?

I anticipated a nice kitcheny cuddlefest. But to my surprise, when the Fraser in my head held out a spoon to feed some chocolate to the Ray in my head, that Ray got mad and refused to take it. Hence the story.

I must point out that there are still four squares of bittersweet ("Not unsweetened." "Thank you, Fraser.") chocolate left in that box in Ray's kitchen, and I'll send food to the first person who writes something sexy happening to them.

My Nanaimo bar information and recipe came from the Nanaimo, B.C., department of tourism. They really are damned sweet.

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