Author's Notes:

There was a moment, during the writing of this story, where I seriously debated retitling my DS page: "Speranza's DS Stories, Or 101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack."  Cause face it, that seems to be what I'm doing lately.   I still may take that on as a challenge, and Resonant, brilliant woman that she is, has been helping me brainstorm:

 resonant: Kidnapping ... amnesia ...  resonant: A really bad sense of direction ...  resonant: Runaway cab driver ...  resonant: "It was the only way I could quit smoking ..."

So stay tuned for new Speranza stories with these themes! <g>

Anyway, more seriously, this story was written in an attempt to compensate for all the sex I haven't been writing lately.  So I wrote a lot of sex, but alas, it still grew into this huge frickin' plot anyway.  I can't seem to help myself.  It's like a sickness.  However, the sex to plot ratio here is better than in most of my recent work, so hey, gimme points for trying.  This story owes a lot to Resonant (Sex Pusher), Mia (MVP), Linda (Slayer Of Purple Prose), Merry Lynne (Giver Of The Nuanced Phrase), Anna (Devil's Advocate), Cin (Rabbit Consultant), and Julad, (High Honorable Poker of Plot Holes.)  I couldn't function without these women.  They rock my world.

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