Disclaimer for Calamity is Virtue's Opportunity

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This is slash, read at your own, over 18, yadda, yadda, yadda.

This story previously appeared in Concupience IV, a Manacles Press zine (though it appears here in a slightly revised version). The story you are reading is stronger due to the work of Manacles' editors, and the many friends who read this in various versions and made comments: Doro, Nicole, Barbara (of course!), Ruth, Laura, Lisa, Brie and others. Thank you all

Calamity is an Eroica story about Klaus and Dorian. If you don't know who they are (or recognize the pictures -- covers of the Eroica manga -- framing this), feel free to wander Lisa's amazingly rich Eroica site first, and then come back to the story.

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Covers of Klaus and Dorian stolen (with much guilt) from Tash's old Eroica site.

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All original Eroica images are copyrighted to Y. Aoike and Princess Comics.