The Sentinel

A Sentinel and his guide.

Just so you know, the stories here are listed in reverse chronological order, most recent ones first. (Yes, I know, that the opposite of the rest of the fic index pages. Sorry. Also, stories are in two batches -- "more recent" and "less recent" -- and then fanpoetry is listed at the end.

Newer stories

Heaven is Hell in Reverse, Sounds of Silence, and April is the Cruelest Month
Two shacks (from the Great Canadian Shack Project) and a tax shelter.

Blair's having dreams he can't understand... (2005)

In which Blair observes a Jewish holiday, and revelations ensue. (2004)

Words of my Mouth
My second TS Days of Awe story. (2002)
"May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart..."

Fitting Room
Things go awry at the mall. (Pop-tart. Plotless. But hopefully kinda fun.)

Long Day's Journey Into Night
It was a long day. And then Jim screwed up his jaw.

It's not always easy finding the right balance.

Co-written with Resonant.
Was Walt Whitman a sentinel? Is this conversation never going to be over?
Incidentally, Resonant put some lovely story notes here.
New! Zelempa made a beautiful piece of fanart illustrating the story, which is online here!

A Little Cheesecake
Blair, Jim, and a little cheesecake...

Window of Opportunity
Has Blair missed his window?

The Right to Remain Silent
Co-written with Sanj (Justine)
Some post-TSbyBS changes.

Just another morning at the PD.

Co-written with Alanna.
Jimtests a hypothesis.

Take Me Out
Blair and Jim attend a ballgame.

In the Blue Light
What does Jim see, in the blue light?

Holding Back
In the wake of "Remembrance," what's Jim holding back?

Open Door
The boys notice an open door.

On the Wall
My long-in-progress (first) Jewish!Blair story.

Jim and Blair read the writing on the wall.

As Usual
Misunderstandings, as usual.

Thought About the Army
Jim thinks about his army days.

What You See
Blair fucks with gender.

Status Quo
The status quo goes out the window.

Mutual Orbit
The aftermath of TSbyBS.

Senses & Sensibility
Originally published in Crossroads.
"The worst week of Jim Ellison's life started with a plate of scrambled eggs..."

Older stuff

Bacchus' Blessings
Blair remembers things in the shower.

Running Away
Jim doesn't have amnesia.

Jim is an officer, but is he always a gentleman?

How Many Licks...?
Blair eats a tootsie pop.

A yoga lesson. Yes, another poptart.

Hot Water II
A sequel to Hot Water
Hey, look, it's another poptart.

Hot Water Jim and Blair get themselves into hot water. Warning: poptart.

If Wishes
If wishes were horses...

Blair holds a wake; Jim stays awake.

Into the Woods, Out of the Woods, Home Before Dark
My first, and to date only, trilogy.
Blair gets more than he bargained for; Jim meets up with someone he used to know.

Jim celebrates an anniversary, of sorts.

Ice Storm
Some heat in the midst of a winter storm.

Seven Days
Movies are watched, dishes are broken, the boys get a clue.

A Sweet Year
My first TS story (my first ever piece of fanfiction!), written in the fall of 1999.
It's Rosh Hashanah; Blair does some thinking.


The sonnets feel ancient to me now; they're the first thing I wrote, in the earliest days of my involvement with TS and with fandom. This dates them back to the summer of 1999 -- hardly aeons ago in general fannish history, but long enough ago that I'm amused now by what I wrote then.

On Fandom
An introduction to the boys.

First Time: A Crown of Sonnets
Blair and Jim take the plunge. My first attempt at erotic iambic pentameter.
Alas, this file seems to be corrupted; I only have the first three of the seven. Anyone out there happen to have a copy they could email me?
Sunday Morning
In which Blair writes briefly about the events of First Time.

Post-Flight: A Crown of Sonnets
It might be more than "friendship" keeping Blair in Cascade.
Set after Flight.

Tongue: A Crown of Sonnets
Blair confronts Jim about flirting with Naomi; surprising declarations ensue.
Set after Spare Parts.

Night Moves: A Sonnet Series
A PWP in sonnet form. Jim hears Blair making noise in his sleep; then things get interesting.
Set after The Debt. This is currently my favorite of the sonnet series, so if you're only going to read one, this is the one I'd suggest.