House, M.D.

The doctor is in.

Tipping Point
My first story in this fandom.
House thought he knew how it would happen, if it happened. He was wrong.
A wee vignette, set post-"Control."
How much risk is House willing to take?
In Gear
A missing scene from "Mob Rules."
House wants to christen his new car.
Game Plan
1000 words
House has better things to do than watch the game.
After Vogler is voted out, Wilson takes a gamble. So does House.
500 words
A missing scene from "Love Hurts."
Wilson wants House to relax.
500 words.
Wilson knows how to ask for what he wants.
764 words.
Piranha guy, whiskey, and a little sex in the workplace.
Motorcycle. Sauna. Flirtation. The usual.
A sonnet.
House, Wilson, sex. In fourteen lines of iambic pentameter.
House is like Vindaloo.
Another sonnet.
Wilson thinks about House. Pentameter again.
Set after episode 2 x 14, "Sex Kills."
House gives in to the inevitable.
Set after episode 2 x 15, "Clueless."
House offers to compensate Wilson for cooking. Wilson gets a clue.
Paint the Town Red
Written for the Ten Plagues challenge; set after episode 2 x 19, "House vs. God."
Differential diagnosis for a trio of coma patients.
House/Wilson/Cuddy; set after "Forever," 2 x 22.
House and Wilson and Cuddy have a more interesting evening than any of them anticipated.
You Are Receding
Spoilers for 3 x 01.
1000 words.
House muses on ketamine, healing, pleasure, and distance.
Riffing off a line from 3 x 04.
"You share You don't share offices."
100 words.
A Chanukah drabble, set during some other, happier, winter.
Conference Call
Set sometime earlyish in the series. Written for Super Porn Sunday 2007.
House calls Wilson at a conference. Hijinks ensue.
100 words.
House can't find Wilson's blender.
100 words.
Cuddy and Giles (BtVS) at an airport.
Set after 3 x 19.
House flirts with Wilson and with Cuddy, but who's pulling the strings?
Eight Festivals Lisa Cuddy Observed
1250 words; gen.
Remix of Roga's "Eight Hanukkah Candles Lisa Cuddy Lit."
Eight moments in the wheel of Cuddy's Jewish year.
250 words.
How House apologizes.
Dinner Date
575 words; written for Days of Awesome 2007.
"Here I am, ready to buy you dinner, and you'd rather mooch off someone else's party."
769 words; written for Purimgifts 2008 / 5768..
Poker night at #221B. Contains spoilers through 4 x 12, "Don't Ever Change."