Story notes for "Sixteenth of June" by Resonant

First posted to Ex-Wood on November 16, 2001

For some months I'd been going around in chat going, "I really want to write a story where Ray's still in love with Stella," and everybody would sort of hmm dubiously at me, because, let's face it, when you've got one member of the couple genuinely in love with somebody else, you've kind of gone beyond "romantic conflict" and into "total roadblock." At any rate, this is what I had in mind.

Ces looked over an early draft and offered some helpful suggestions, including ways to make the whole thing less talky; then she looked over a final draft and offered yet more helpful suggestions, including ways to tighten up the pacing on the stairway scene. Many thanks also to Livia and Julad, for fine and thorough betas, and to Kit Mason for setting me straight on the difference between Gaelic and Gallic.

If you don't already know all the words to "Danny Boy," go read them here.

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