Story notes for "Abstain" by Resonant

Posted May 16, 2005

I may have mentioned a time or two my affection for "aliens make them do it" stories. This is my take on the tradition.

resonant: I am going to write a story
     resonant says magisterially
resonant: in which aliens force them *not* to have sex.
resonant: And they go into it saying, Well, hell, that's no hardship. Not have sex with you? Done it every day of my life.
resonant: But then they can't.
Margie: lol!!
Margie: "Don't think about elephants."
shalott: yes yes yes
resonant: and the damned aliens keep checking on them to make sure they're (not) doing what they're (not) supposed to do.
shalott: also, they should talk about how they are (not) going to do extremely hot things x and y
shalott: in fact, perhaps the aliens should come in at various times and mention that, for instance, blowjobs are (not) okay
resonant: ooooh
resonant: yes
resonant: I think we've already established that I am much with the talking.

Thanks to Merry, Mia, shalott, and Terri for beta, and particularly to shalott for giving me a better way to handle the return to Atlantis.

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