Story notes for "Advantage" by Resonant

Posted July 4, 2005

I started out trying to write a story for the SGA Flashfiction slave challenge, but the story kept growing.

My original idea was to write a story in which Rodney gets a slave and just shamelessly takes advantage, because he so would, and also because I thought it would be more fun than making him be all noble and selfless like a Trek character. So I figured I'd write it and see what happened. What happened was that John turned out to be a very bossy slave, which I hadn't anticipated, but I liked it, so I just rolled with it.

And then Rodney, true to form, refused all small sacrifices but came through on the big ones. (My opinion is that Rodney can handle mortal peril much better than he can handle inconvenience.)

In beta, shalott and Cesca made me rewrite the rescue scene and the ending twice, but I know they only torment me because they love me. I also had beta help from Terri and her fine-tooth comma, as well as from Gearbox, Giddy, and Julad.

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