Story notes for the allergy smutlets by Resonant

Once a week I have to go sit in the allergist's office for twenty minutes while they keep an eye on me and make sure my allergy shot hasn't sent me into convulsions or anything.

My allergist tunes his office radio to that so-called Christian so-called music. Listening to it for twenty minutes makes me just crazy to break a commandment or twelve.

Twenty minutes isn't long enough to write a story, but it's plenty long enough to write a sex scene.

Mortification -- posted March 8, 2005. Turnbull/Kowalski for Skinner Box, who asked for Dief-related mortification. (Actually got this one beta'd -- thanks to Cesca and Mia.)

Tidal -- posted September 23, 2004. Harry/Snape for lada_hitam, in exchange for feeding my yaoi-in-English addiction.

Surviving -- posted September 23, 2004. teneagles asked for "Harry/Ron postwar schmorn." A word like 'schmorn' actually deserves much more than this. (Written to say thank you for yaoi translation suggestions.)

Plummet -- posted September 23, 2004. Maryavatar gave me the title and requested Harry/Snape.

Intelligence Failure -- posted September 20, 2004. Semi-relevant to Laura Kaye's request: "Ray/Ray, suitability."

Subterfuge -- posted August 16, 2004. Semi-relevant to Kass Rachel's request: "Fraser/Kowalski, warmth."

Return -- posted August 14, 2004. Reginagiraffe requested "Fraser/Kowalski, tune-up."

Too Far -- posted August 14, 2004. Ron/Hermione, uncontrollable.

Home -- posted August 2, 2004. Megolas requested "Harry/Ron, comfort."

Fair -- posted July 31, 2004. Nestra requested "Harry/Ron/Hermione, langour."

Timing -- posted July 20, 2004. Reginagiraffe requested "Harry/Snape, frequency."

Surrender -- posted July 15, 2004. Nestra requested "Sirius/Remus, wonder."

Comparison -- posted July 15, 2004. cmshaw requested "Kowalski/Vecchio/Thatcher, competition."

Proof -- posted July 12, 2004. Shay requested "Ray/Ray, disbelief."

Capture -- posted July 12, 2004. Swallow requested "Snape/Lupin, deliberation."

Fascination -- posted July 6, 2004. Fraser/Kowalski, curiosity.

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