Speranza's Dead Zone Stories

Dead Zone

A Vision In Scarlet (36k)
Johnny glanced down nervously at the exhibition program in his hand: Paranormal Phenomena in the 19th Century: Mediums, Spiritualists, and Psychics.
The Big Picture (174k)
His visions always gave him just enough information to act on, but they were never really great on giving him the big picture.
Now In Chinese! Thanks to Shingo for the translation!
Dirigo (200k)
"You mean that sometimes people have sex when they shouldn't? Gee, I don't believe it."
Blowback (13k)
Walt realized that Johnny was more than frightened; he was damn near terrified. "Oh my God. Am I that crazy?"
What It Seems (25k)
Later, his father said, "I saw you talking to Johnny Smith."

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