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Brideshead Revisited

Sebastian Revisited (2,492 words)
Written for artemis_sparks for Yuletide, 2010
Elysium (3899 words)
I would have known this was his home had it been anywhere in the world.


Shack 76 (4k)
(from the Canadian Shack Project)
"For first course..." She led him into the kitchen, where the French skiers were still twitching a little, but had largely settled down. "Frogs' legs. To be followed by a light lemon soup."

Hard Core Logo

The Legend of Djo D'yk

by Speranza

"So I gotta tell you something." Joe Dick scratched at his crotch, then took a cigarette from behind his ear. "I'm an elf, okay?"

"An elf." Billy sighed and then blew out a long, blue stream of cigarette smoke. "You're an elf, huh?"

"Yeah. Just don't tell the guys. This is between you and me--"

"No, this thing is between you and the fucking blow, man-- Fuck! I can't fucking believe this!..."

"What--you don't fuckin' BELIEVE me?"

"Fuck you! You fucking elfin FUCK!"

"I'll kick your fuckin' head in--"

"What about the ears," Billy flicked his fingers, "what about the ears, what about the fuckin' ears, huh?! You had a fuckin' earectomy or what?"

"I'll kick your head in with my curly-toed boots, you motherfucking cunt!"

"Fuck you," Billy exploded, and the smash of fist to nose was so bonecrackingly quick that Joe didn't even feel pain for a moment, "and the forest, and the fucking elves--"

"Suck my cerulean blue dick!" Joe screamed, and then the blows fell like rain, and the unicorns all galloped away, frightened.

Groupie (16k)
The girl in Vancouver changes it all.
Bricked In (23k)
"Billiam, I'm gonna have your ass in a sandwich," Joe said, and Billy barked out a laugh. "Yeah. You heard me. I'm gonna make an ass-sandwich; I'm gonna have your ass in a fucking sandwich--"
Shack 18 (4k)
(from the Canadian Shack Project)
Radio Free Billy was still goin' strong, without commercial interruption. "—this place is you, man. Fuckin' on its last legs in every possible way."
Shack 30 (4k)
(from the Canadian Shack Project)
Joe put a palm on either side of his legs, careful not to nudge the broken bones, and crawled upward, over his body, head lowered like some faithful, rabid dog.


Strong Interactions (9k)
(for Yuletide 2011)
Alice begins to sing softly. "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of--"
Reformation (4,409 words)
Oh," she breathes finally, gleeful and scandalised, both. "You love me. Oh, poor you."


38 Minutes (9k)
(for the Blast From The Past Challenge)
"Have you ever known the pleasure of drawing to an inside straight?" Trapper demands.

Millenium Trilogy

The Virtues of Isolation (Lisbeth, Mikael, 676 words)
(for the 2011 Canadian Shack Anniversary Challenge)
Good journalism was only half-research; the rest was art, the ability to turn dry facts and numbers into a story, into something interesting, relevant, satisfying.

Multifandom Projects

April is the cruellest month: Tax Shelters: A Countdown to April 15th
A multi-fandom calendar featuring the work of Basingstoke, Destina, Gearbox, julad, Justine, Kass Rachel, Laura Shapiro, Lucy, shalott, & Speranza
The Inappropriate Elf Challenge
75 Stories . . .
65 Writers . . .
55 Fandoms . . .
And More Elves Than You Can Shake A Stick At
The Great Canadian Shack Challenge
They said it couldn't be done!
They said it shouldn't be done!
They might have been right--but we did it anyway!
30 Authors!  62 Fandoms!  Yes, it's...
101 Ways To End Up In A Canadian Shack (386k)

Queer As Folk (UK)

This has forever happened, always (3286 words)
All of them are true.
Area 51 (25k)
"Let's cruise the Extraterrestrial Highway!"
The Decay of Lying (28k)
"Goodbye, you bastards! Ciao, adieu, and fuck you!" The cliffs of Dover glowed luminously in the dark. "We're citizens of the world now!"
Mere Anarchy (38k)
When the bomb went, it was louder and much more fantastic than even Stuart had expected, and he found himself laughing aloud with the sheer bloody joy of it.
Shack 69 (5k)
(from the Canadian Shack Project)
"What, did I miss this month's issue of Modern Vigilante?"

True Blood

You Get Your Life Back (8334 words, Sookie/Eric)
Some days it's hard to feel good about the vampire rights movement, but one thing's for sure: the vampires sure saved radio.
True Northman (575 words, Sookie/Eric)
Sookie bit her lip: he was wearing snow pants and probably all the red plaid flannel in the Northwest Territories.

Wilby Wonderful

The Lights (34k)
When the man pulled away, the first thing he said didn't make sense. "Go," he said.