Speranza's Sherlock Stories

Sherlock (BBC)

Subliminal (~2500 words)
It's as if he's got a loaded gun lying about.
Two Points (~2600 words)
"Look," Sherlock began again, "you keep saving my life. And touching me," and hm, that wasn't as conclusive as it had seemed in his head.
Bohemian Rhapsody (~10,000 words)
"Of course, she is an amazing woman: magnificent, imaginative, fearless; a soul from another age; a true diva."
Deductions (1571 words)
"So you're saying my analysis excludes certain essential factors..."
Up or Artistic Lush (~8,225 words)
"12 across," John said, waving the folded newspaper. "Superficially attractive deception largely after pool with promises of payment: twelve letters."
Stages of Grief (5589 words)
He texted Mycroft: "Four bottles of pills and the Radio Times. You're fired."
The Things You Can't Outwit ( 3031 words)
"Not everything's brains, you know."

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