Speranza's West Wing Stories

The West Wing

The People's Servants (1118 words)
Gen, for musesfool for the December Meme, 2013.
"This is serious?" Lou whispered to Sam. "This is seriously a thing?"
"Oh, yes," Sam replied gravely.
Samba (3k)
"Okay, this is wrong," CJ says breathlessly, breaking it off.
Hollow Lake State Park (12k)
It's entirely due to President Bartlet's strange fetishistic State Park thing that they do so many outdoor events.
Epiphany (31k)
Gen, for the Leo McGarry Ficathon.
"Donna," Leo says in a low voice, but his tone is a warning: it's "Keep it together. I can't deal with neurotics. "
Overtime (4k) and Overtime 2 (14k)
"You're not that kind of lawyer. You need a real lawyer."
The Age of Aquarius (57k)
"You know," Toby said, pulling a cigar out of his inside coat pocket and regarding it thoughtfully, "I never found your relationship with Donna particularly baffling. I just figured you ran on sexual frustration like the rest of us. Though possibly," he added, pausing to sniff at the cigar before tucking it back into his pocket, "a slightly higher-octane blend."
A Van, A Plane, A Car, and A Bus (47k)
"She's--kind of my wife," Josh said.
After Gaza (14k)
"Hey," Josh said, sounding surprised. "You're a mess. Do you need help?"
Declaring Victory (19k)
Sometimes you just have to declare victory and go home.
The Politics of Love (17k)
"Hey, Donna? How would things be different if we were married?"
Loophole (31k)
Nobody seemed to think there was anything strange about her when she came out of Josh's office--she was often in the office for extended periods after long pow-wows with Josh, carrying out instructions or gathering information--and after the first ten minutes or so, she stopped wondering if she smelled like her boss had gone down on her.
Seaborn For America (15k)
Gen; sorta.
"Goober?"  Sam felt the air rush out of his lungs with a whoosh. All right, it was happening, it was really, actually happening--but it was still Josh who was asking him, and Josh was, rather comfortingly, still an asshole. "You're saying I'm a chocolate-covered peanut?"
Noble (5k)
(from the April 15th Tax Project)
Josh tilted his head sideways. "Okay, so maybe you didn't get the memo on this, but--traditionally, Republicans cut taxes. We raise them. It's kind of a sore spot, actually."

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