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UPDATE: All my stories at the Archive of Our Own can now be downloaded in .mobi or .epub formats! The files below were made by the fantastic folks at the Ebook Fan Fiction Archive. While all the stories on my site are reader-and-device-compliant, the .rtf and .pdf files below have been specially formatted for ebook reading devices such as the Sony PRS-500/505 or the Amazon Kindle, as well as for cell phones/pdas/iPods, etc.

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Due South

RTF Files
About A Dog (216k)
An Admirable Solution (272k)
Chicago's Most Wanted (656k)
Eight Sessions (488k)
Enduring Distance (264k)
Hanged Man (344k)
Some Strange Prophecy (580k)

Stargate Atlantis

Mobi and Epub files
Written By The Victors, mobi
Written By The Victors, epub
(The above files were made by amezri--many, many thanks!)
RTF Files
Benched (96k)
Fat My Dust (36k)
Last Will and Testament (252k)
MVP (128k)
OK Computer (264k)
Written by the Victors (824k)
PDF Files
The Group W Bench (188k)
Written by the Victors (828k)