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Walking Through The Snow  (8k)
Someone is sleeping in my bed.  For a moment I can't moveI just stand in the doorway, heart pounding, as I look at the tousle of sheets, blankets, and blond hair.
That Thing With The Air (6k)
Water dripped from his elbows as Fraser raised his hands to Ray's cold, beard-stubbled face.
Translating Fahrenheit to Celsius  (10k)
Okay, he'd mis-translated something somewhere.
Nightsweats (8k)
Perhaps a cold shower would serve more than one purpose.
Oh, fuck. Strippers. He shoulda figured for strippers.
Seven Years(7k)
"Sex and hockey?" Ray asked, apparently intrigued by the thought.
The Line (14k)
When I turn around, we are very, very close, nose to nose. This is it. 
Hands (5k)
Ben's only five, after all.
Jiggity Jig (6k)
Fraser hung his hat on the hook Ray'd installed next to the closet door ("a place to hang yer hat, Frase — that's what you need") and unzipped his leather jacket.
Self Assessment(38k)
If you have a spouse who is employed, he/she should also complete and submit an Assessment Form
Open Bar  (7k)
He did a pretty mean Bus Stop himself, but right now it was more important to get a drink, have a smoke, and get away from Donna Argullo.
Breaking Cover (6k) and The Sporting Life (7k)
Certain guys, they were like alley cats — all skinny and yowling with hunger and so horny they'd rub up on the walls. Ray raised his arms and clutched Stanley to him
"Good Afternoon, Sir" (4k)
"Are you wearing the red uniform? I love the red uniform..."
Five Things That Never Happened To Ray and Ray (7k)
Kowalski was flushed and breathing hard and looking really fucking happy — man, the guy never looked so good as when you were throwing him around some.
Number Eight (29k)
Turned out it was easy to find Fraser in a gay cluball you had to do was head for the thickest part of the crowd, where the guys were crammed together, pushing and shoving like it was a mosh pit and Benton Fraser was the band.
Believe You Me (13k)
Fraser stared at him for a long moment before nodding slowly, and then he began to speak in a low urgent voice. "Ray, I love working at the Consulate, living in my office, being a thousand miles from everything and everyone I know"
Closet (13k)
His grandmother had somehow come to believe that The French Connection was a musical, and he hadn't had the heart to disillusion her.
Early Morning (3k)
Fraser closed his eyes and opened them onto total blackness; a moment later, he heard the shush of crisp sheets as Ray pulled them back on his side and slid into bed beside him, tucking up close.
Huis Clos (9k)
Fraser turned to the Valet. "Please," he said, swallowing hard. "Isn't there anywhere else?"
Ray's Amazing Adventure at the Indigo Club  (11k)
"The Canadian Consulate is entertaining the German Ambassador in Suite B."
Canadian Shack #46 (4k)
(from the Great Canadian Shack Challenge)
 3,500 hundred miles from Chicago to Inuvik, and if I can make it on my own...if I can make it... 
Canadian Shack #2 (TS/DS Xover) (4k)
(from the Great Canadian Shack Challenge)
Ray wished the hippie kid would give a little fuckin' ground on the armrest.
Mere Inspiration (8k)
(for the DS_Undercover Challenge)
"I don't desire any of the beautiful women with which I am surrounded, several of whom have made it clear that they would gladly accept me as a sexual partner."
The Price of Expedience, with Mia (8k)
(for the DS_Undercover Challenge)
Behind him, something crashed, but he didn't dare turn around. "I consider you a colleague! A sister. Ray's sister. And —and, I'm gay." 
Core Rewarming(25k)
Ray was used to seeing Fraser do stupid, incredible things and hardly mess up his suit, but now Fraser was wet and slime-streaked and shivering faintly in his sopping wet wool.
Charting The Decline (11k)
"We're none of us as young as we used to be, all right?"
Covet (22k)
Fraser clears his throat nervously. "You wanted to see me, ASA Kowalski?"
Flying Blind (53k)
This is your ass, this is your ass on a dog sled.  Any questions?
A Rare and Genuine Gratitude (8k)
Asswipe! Jackoff! Scum-sucking bastard!
Double Negative: Rare and Genuine Gratitude II  (30k)
Ray raised his fists. It was perhaps unkind, but Fraser couldn't suppress a derisive laugh. "Oh, you're joking
Unplugged (18k)
He won't survive having his batteries drained twice.
Rosebud (5k)
Fraser had often ruminated on the likely circumstances of his death, and while "trapped in an ice crevasse," had certainly been one of them, he hadn't anticipated, "while arguing with Ray Kowalski about Citizen Kane."

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