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Anatomically Correct (49k)
They all wanted their very own Mountie doll, manners and batteries included, horse sold separately.
Interrogation (40k)
"Just--the Mountie love fest. It's everywhere. It's like disco. It sucks."
Beyond Embarrassment (65k)
And it suddenly struck him as wildly wrong that he was calling Fraser Fraser now that he was naked and dead and sharing a shower at five in the morning.
Merry Go Round (62k)
"And where'd you get the banana anyhow?" Ray asked suddenly. "You run after the kid, you come back with a banana."
Cover art by LauraKaye in the Art Gallery.
Enduring Distance (142k)
"Yes, it's about the freakin' sub!" Ray yelled, flinging his arms up in the air. "There's a fucking nuclear submarine not a hundred miles from here, Benny!" He pointed wildly, in the wrong direction as it happened.
Cover art by Livia in the Art Gallery.
Scrabble (197k)
Then--whoa, boy--Fraser reaches for the bottle and puts it to his lips and tilts up--and I got this weird, tingly feeling all over. Like Fraser probably gets when somebody's about to blow his head off.
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Cover art by Livia in the Art Gallery.
A Dare's a Dare (60k)
"I'm the one wearing the dress, if you'd deign to notice."
Wildly Dangerous Ways (99k)
"Cause Fraser and me are starting to fuck outside of crime scenes!"
Cover art by Te in the Art Gallery.
The Killer Replacements (48k)
"I adjusted my itinerary with the hope of perhaps catching Ray Vecchio. Or the person we have come to call Ray Vecchio. Who is not that person," I said, pointing toward the door. "That person," I added acidly, "calls me 'sweetie.'"
Four Virtues (50k)
"It is a love thing and a sex thing. Also a food thing. A cow thing. A beef thing."
Cover art by LauraKaye in the Art Gallery.
The Border Between Life and Death (125k)
"I mean punished. Being subjected to punishment. For bringing the killers of my father to justice." Fraser sighed wearily and closed his eyes. "You do remember the killers of my father, Ray? I talk about them all the time."
Chicago's Most Wanted (252k)
"Of course he got the money--he's Fraser, he's organized, he's a fucking criminal mastermind, what do you think?!"
Cover art by Te in the Art Gallery.
And in Hungarian: "Hát persze, hogy elvitte - Õ Fraser, Õ rendszerezett, Õ egy rohadt bûnözõ lángelme, hát mit gondol?! " (Hungarian version courtesy of Katalin and the Fanfic Archivum)
With Six You Get Eggroll (198k)
Illustrated Version | Text Only
"Kick 'em In The Head: A Guide To Parenting."
Easter Egg: Snowed In (9k) (crossover with the SGA story 3 Lovers.)
A Moment Of Insight (197k)

"Iowa," Ray repeats. "Fucking Iowa. We're trapped in Iowa."

"Oh, you just like saying Iowa," I say, raising my paper again.

Kowalski Is Bleeding (238k)
Was it okay to fall crazy stupid in love with the ex-wife of the murdered guy who was your best friend's partner and lover? I didn't think there was any sort of greeting card out there for this one.
Bonus DVD Commentary Track by Speranza and Julad!
Eight Sessions (207k)

"I first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of my father--"

Berger grabbed for his notebook and began scribbling. Killers of my father... geez, there might be a paper in this.

Cover art by the amazing LauraKaye in the Art Gallery.
Juggling Act (148k)
So this whole mess begins with Frannie and her goddamned masturbating parrot.
Cover Art by Torra--Thank you kindly!
Ten Things To Get Used To (40k)
Not that this has ever happened to me or anything. This is all purely fucking hypothetical.
Ping! (41k)
I am not the only person here who wants a do-over.
Second Chance (13k)
Ray writhed and gasped up at the ceiling--Christ, he was so horny, he could barely breathe.
Until Midnight (23k)
Since when could Fraser afford the fucking Parkland? Since when did Fraser want to eat at a place like the Parkland even if he could afford it? Fraser's favorite food was... now, lessee, what was it? Oh, yeah: dried meat in a bag.
Mangy Dog (65k)
"Keep him?" His father was looking at him with amused tolerance: a look that Benton privately detested. "What do you want a mangy dog like that for?"
The Bodyguard (118k)
Ray braced one hand on the beer-soaked bar. "What you got over there? Terrorists? Killers? Mad bomber?"

"Olga," Fraser said inexplicably.

About A Dog (120k)
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Dief would never abandon a chase. Dief would chase the blasted woman straight into the heart of hell, if necessary. Why hadn't he ever taken the time to talk to Dief about what constituted "reasonable pursuit"?
An Admirable Solution (150k)
Having sex with Fraser was great, but it was still kind of like being punched out by an orgasm. Which was kind of fun, but ow.
Between Us (17k)
"Be that as it may," Fraser managed, forcing the words out, "you've got it wrong."
Passion (188k)
In hindsight, he could see how true the fables were, how sex and death and ritual sacrifice were all mingled up together.
Cover art by Pearl-o in the Art Gallery!
Some Strange Prophecy (317k)
"You may think he's nuts now, but you haven't even begun to see what nuts is where Fraser's concerned."
Cover art by Heuradys in the Art Gallery!
Hanged Man (192k)
"Sh." Ray cups Fraser's chin in his hand and rubs Fraser's lips with his thumb. "No talking." He doesn't know why he's so sure; he only knows that it's key that they don't talk about it.
Cover art by LauraKaye in the Art Gallery!
Next of Kin (42k)
"I don't have to tell you never to speak of this."
Bar None (33k)
Ray wasn't sure that he really knew this guy in the pale blue sweater--but man, he sure liked the way he smiled.
Locked Room Puzzle (28k)
"Aileen," Musky said finally, with the air of someone imparting great wisdom, "if you ever have a case gives you the stinkeye, one of the finest policemen in all the world lives not twenty miles past Miller's Hill."

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