The Fanfic Symposium
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Submission Guidelines

So, you wanna submit a column to the Fanfic Symposium?

No, this is good!  

So, your next question is, "How do I do this?"  Well, actually, you may have several next questions, including:

(Or, if you don't have those questions, you should).

What topics are appropriate?
Well, the obvious topic is "fan fiction," but as you can tell just from scanning the subject index, we've branched out a bit - columns on fannish politics, columns that focus more on the show itself, columns on writing, etc.  Bottom line: is it going to be of interest to fanfic writers and readers?

What if it's been published somewhere else?
The Symposium gladly accepts previously published material.  The hope is that posting it here will bring it to a new audience.  Material from your own rant page, blog, LJ, or material posted at other essay sites is fine.

How long should my column be?
When I first started the Symposium, I suggested somewhere between 500 and 750 words.  (Lucy pauses to look at her own columns).  Um, obviously, longer is okay.

Seriously, as long as it's more than a paragraph and less than a novella, you should be okay.

What file format should I send it in?
If you are sending an attached file, I would prefer it be an html document. Just the basic text is fine - you don't need all the tables and such of the finished column page.  Word files ... well, I can read them, but they're a major PITA to reformat.  If you don't know html, just cutting and pasting into an email works best.

How do I format my column?

All Symposium columns are formatted single space, with an extra space between paragraphs, and no paragraph indentation.  If you send me your column already in that format, you will be my best friend.

Special formatting obviously becomes an issue if you are sending a text-only email.  As a rule, I use italics for emphasis and for show/movie/book titles.  Indicating what words you want emphasized by putting asterisks (*) around them is fine - as long as there aren't 100 or more, I don't mind formatting accordingly.  If there's something you want linked, just put the URL next to word or words you want it linked from.

Which brings me to:

Should I include html code?
Well, yes and no.

Yes if you're going to include all of the html, including paragraph breaks, etc.  Again, it doesn't have to be perfectly formatted.  I can tweak it.  

However, if you only include the style codes like <i>, or the link code, I pretty much have to reformat the whole thing anyway.

Where do I send it?
Columns should be sent to  

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