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Asians Who Write Slash
by Ki

I confess. I am an Asian who reads and writes slash. I am an ethnic Chinese who is dipping her toes into the wide oceans of slash fanfiction. At this moment, I am looking for others who share the same interest, who write slash as well as reading it.

Why do I write slash? My answers can easily fill a library but I will try to organize my thoughts into a coherent and cohesive

I admit that I started writing fanfic since I was nine years old. I discovered the joys of TV and the magic of series that lit my path. :) I found out that I was a Fan, not the electrical appliance but a person who seriously likes a show and decides to follow it. Star Blazers was the first, followed by G-Force and Robotech. I grew up loving animation and guess what, I started to write stories based on these wonderful worlds. No, I wasn't aware that my stories are part of this phenomenon called 'fanfiction'. The realization came much later with the advent of the Net and webpages.

My parents were not pleased with my interest in writing. No, they were always saying that "a writer doesn't earn enough money". Those people who are born into traditional Chinese families will know. And also, I come from a country whose people are known to pragmatic and whose driving force is money.

I persisted in writing though. After school, I would go to my room and start writing. I started short stories and novels. I had stories that were born and died the next minute. I wrote. I am still writing.

Then I discovered slash.

Call it 'fate' or otherwise, I discovered about the existence of fanfiction and I was really satisfied. Pleased. I was happy to find like-minded people online. Then, one day on IRC, a friend of mine introduced me to slash. It was a cross-over story involving Chakotay, Tom Paris and Jared (from the Pretender). The hot sex totally blew me away from the computer. From then onwards, I started to explore the Net, sifting through slash stories and in conclusion, I was hooked.

Yet I keep debating with myself: why in heavens am I writing slash? Why am I writing about men having relationships/sex? I am constantly fighting against a multiplicity of identities, constantly toeing the line and watching out for danger of being discovered. Am I nuts? What am I doing?

I guess being an Asian and a writer of slash makes it more subversive. I am subverting not only recognized canon TV series but I am also subverting the patriarchal norms of the day. (sorry, I am sliding into feminist-speak bad). I am taking 'patriarchal' storylines and twisting them into alternatives. I am being rebellious and I think I love rebelling against the system. I am tired of being typecast as the stereotypical Asian who is rumored to be meek (docile, whatever). By writing, I am speaking out.

From this, I forge my own identity. Being a writer is my core identity and I love exploring the possibilities in slash and gen fanfiction. I admit I also like pushing the limits and testing my own reactions. I wonder if other Asian slash writers share my same views? Do they go through the same process? Do they have to constantly struggle against the identities and roles placed on them by their upbringing and their racial background?

I feel that there are many Asian slash writers and readers on and offline. Maybe, the silence is there to protect them. But I am emerging from the silence. I guess, I am 'outed' of sorts and I am proud of it.

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