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Joxer/Ares? Sure!
by Taleya

The main bite for me with Ares and Joxer is the study in contrasts. I'm not talking the sudden 'hearts and flowers oh look, the big bad god of war goes allllllll mooshy' but the stuff with an edge.  Where you don't know Ares' motivations.  Is he just looking for a fuck? Does he like to torment Joxer? Or does Joxer just have a really fine arse?

Some of the best ones are the revenge-driven. He can't get Xena (which is another eew since their relationship came out, but no worse than the Hera/Zeus Brother/Sister thing in the Greek Pantheon) So he goes for their friends. (sorry Gab-fen ...but.... *EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW*)  Joxer's the goofball not-as-innocent as you think, Ares is the know all be all, rip-your-head-off-and-shit-down-your-neck God of War.  What happens when you put them together?  With all that leather, Ares' is as fetishitic as can be, but is he a sub or dom? (before you laugh, think about it. Definite either-way connotations with Callisto)  Top or bottom? Can't see him being topped by a warlord - how can someone fear you as a god once he's shafted you? - so maybe Joxer is his safe haven? Stupid enough to do as he says, and goofy enough to bedisbelieved if he ever *does*.  After all, even the god of war needs nookie.

Joxer is the son of a warlord. Canon. Ok, he's the quick-stuff-him-under-the-stairs-so-
we-won't-be-embarrased-when-company-comes-around son, but he's still the son of a warlord. He's got the genes. Scrambled, but there. Maybe Ares sees the potential, maybe his sadistic streak just likes taunting him. He's the enigma - Jett came out a cold, calculating killing machine. (we won't mention Jace) What went wrong? Why is Joxer the
bumbler? Maybe Ares sees it as a personal failure on his part and likes to poke around and figure out what he stuffed up.  Joxer is his plaything. Toy. Something to amuse himself with in times of piece. Maybe that's why he keeps him around.

But in the end, it's all about destroying mythologies and really hot sex, so just book me a table please waiter?

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