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Why I Hate ER Fic
by Sebastian

I really hate ER fanfiction.

Don`t get me wrong,I love the show,and spend my time watching reruns when I should bestudying biology or calculus(I`m hopeless).

But no,I`m telling you ER fans cannot write.

I love reading X-files fic.  I have read a few bad ones,but the majority of them aretruly inspired,well-researched,and the charactor analogies are breath-taking.  ER fanfiction on the other hand.....

I innocently searched for some on a recent day off and was quietly reading minding my own business,when I was affronted by poor dialouge, little to no previous research, zero plots, and charactor grasp so weak as to qualify as arthritic.

It went on.....

Every story containing such lack of medical knowledge as to suggest the author having the bare insult to make-up terms or hear one and make-up the cause, symptoms and effects(As a med student and a bit of a writer I find this particularly offensive).  Come on people, have you ever read books in your lives?

I am aware you do not recieve payment for your services but at least make an effort.And don`t even get me started on the plots.Overdone is to be the only word.  Really, get some imagination.

Doug and Carol are done for.Get over it.  If he does come back,would you,or any self-respecting human being,  put up with him?

Jen and Susan are gone,they`re not coming back.

And for all that is holy,yes, Carter can`t pick`em. His girlfriends are morons.  Stop making them haunt us.

I love Carter, so stop making him seem inadiquit, have you ever worked an 18 hourshift, in a busy ER,with no recollecion of sleep, have not seen your apartment in so long you forget your address? And then tried to make intelligent conversation?I didn`t think so.

He is smart,and he has a good heart.Leave the poor man alone.

I enjoy a good slash every now and again.  I found only a handful. They usually involved a character sleeping their way around the staff.  Trust me.  After a bad shift,  you fanasize about sleep,  nothing else.  In any case not your  thousand year old attending blood-covered and sweaty.

Please, I beg of you.  Better stories.

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