Orphans and One-Offs

Fannish offerings too limited to merit their own pages.

Fandoms represented here include:


Waiting For Rain
Jack/Tony, set after season 1; 2618 words.
It's three months after the California primary, and the last person Jack Bauer expects to see at this bar is Tony Almeida...

Jack/Tony/Michelle, set after season 4; 2950 words.
Once upon a time, in Mexico.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

Gen; written for Yuletide 2007; 3246 words.
Josef Kavalier's missing years, after Antarctica.

Arrested Development

The New Judge
Gen; written for Purimgifts 2008 / 5768; 733 words.
Lucille wants Michael to do her a favor. As usual.


Written for the "Isn't It Iconic?" challenge over at LaT's livejournal; 450 words.
Dick (a.k.a. Robin #1) meets Jason (a.k.a. Robin #2.)

The Blues Brothers

Five Things That Never Happened to Jake and Elwood Blues
Jake/Elwood; 2140 words.
Between the lines and behind the scenes.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

200 words.
Oz and Weevil (VM) meet in a bar.

100 words.
Giles and Cuddy (House) and an airport encounter.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
100 words.
Logan (VM) and Faith meet in Tijuana. Hijinks ensue.

100 words; Anya/Xander.
Anya interrogates Xander about romance.

500 words; written for Days of Awesome (prompt: "betrayal.")
Willow calls Buffy from the Rainbow Potsmoke Gathering.

The Chalion Saga (Lois McMaster Bujold)

The hour of love approaches
3458 words; Cazaril/Betriz
"She says if you can stand to go slowly, the first time, I'll hurt less," Betriz ploughed on. Her face was pink, but -- brave as always -- she didn't duck her head. "And I'll be more easily able to enjoy it again soon."


The Megillah of Annie, Chapter 1
820 words; written for Purimgifts 2013.
Abed smiles mysteriously. "I think this is one of those episodes where the heroine needs to volunteer for a potentially-dangerous task so she can save all of her friends."

The Megillah of Annie, Chapter 2
660 words; written for Purimgifts 2013.
"It's Leonard," Annie explains. "He's planning an illegal poker game in the Dean's office."

The Megillah of Annie, Chapter 3
1416 words; written for Purimgifts 2013.
"There's something I have to tell you," Annie says, and takes a deep breath, and straightens her posture.

711 words; written for Eid ka Chand 2013.
"Abed!" Britta slid into her chair in the study room gracefully. As usual, Jeff pretended he wasn't watching her ass. "Eed mah-bruk."


This Is My Stuff...
Written as part of the Inappropriate Elf Challenge; 221 words.
Daria has a confession to make.

A Slice of College
Daria/Jane, set after the series finale; 3740 words.
A slice of college life and the changes it can bring.

Quinn/Stacy, set after "Gifted;" 659 words
Stacy isn't supposed to want this...

One of Three
Daria/Tom (with hints of Daria/Jane); written for Yuletide 2004; 2350 words.
Daria wants to be one of three.

Dracula: The Series

A Yuletide 2008 stocking stuffer; 1073 words.
Lucard visits an old friend.


Written for Yuletide 2008; 4429 words..
Peter Bishop writes home.
As Real as Anything
Set after the S4 finale; 1133 words..
She's learned how to be graceful when her body does things she can't understand.

Generation Kill

Written for hurt/comfort bingo 2012. 731 words.
He gets to imagine what it would feel like to suck Nate Fick's cock like he's desert-thirsty and Nate is his drink of water.
All I Want for Hanukkah
Written for Chanukah 2012. 250 words.
It's not exactly polite to yank this guy's chain, but Brad can't resist.
End-of-semester surprise
Written for Chanukah 2012. 1095 words.
"I recognize that you didn't ask," Nate says, "but I'm out now."

Good Omens

Esther, Version Two (Angelic Corresondence)
Written for Purimgifts 2012; 872 words. A crossover with the Hebrew Bible.
That night when he is preparing for bed, there is another scribble in Crowley's familiar hand: "got Vashti beheaded! Go me!"

Hawaii 5-0

Ho'omaka'ana (Beginning)
Written for H50 flashfic; 2476 words..
"You free this afternoon?" Steve asks, overly-nonchalant, and it is obvious that he is up to something; he has some kind of harebrained plan. It's probably a sign of something he doesn't want to consider that Danny agrees to go with him without even finding out where they're going or why.
A Poem Yet
Written for H50 flashfic, for the AU challenge; 6286 words..
"Is this Jameson's poetry seminar?" the guy asks.// "Beats me," Danny says, "but I hope it is, because otherwise I am in the wrong goddamned building."
Keeping Watch
Written for H50 flashfic, for the Harlequin challenge; 4860 words.
Two handfuls of popcorn later, Steve lifted the binoculars again... and almost fumbled them in surprise.

Hot Fuzz

Long Shot
Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman, post-movie; 3370 words.
"If this isn't happily-ever-after, Nick thinks, it's damned close."

Iron Chef

Under a Waning Moon
Implied Morimoto slash; written as part of the Great Canadian Shack challenge.
When he saw me, his face took on an almost comical expression of startlement. "Hattori-san!"

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Zissou and the Unnamed Creature of the Deep
A crossover with Beowulf. Written for Yuletide 2006.
Zissou goes in search of the creature who may have killed Esteban -- and it's not the jaguar shark.

Lonely's Lunch / You Say Party

Written for Thefourthvine, Yuletide 2011
Savita couldn't remember the time before the ships.


A beautiful place to get lost
Ben Linus / Danielle Rousseau, set post-series. 3660 words.
It was Friday night; the end of the work-week; time for his measured weekly allotment of companionship.

Local Hero

Under Scottish Skies
A mathom, written for my birthday 2011. Fifteen years later.
Gordon spreads his hands in an elaborate shrug. "The missus makes the decisions." His eyes add, she decided we could bring you home.

The New York Trilogy

Paul Auster pastiche, written for Yuletide 2006; 1256 words.
Identity and language and scripture and mystery.

Person of Interest

Set after S2 x 03, "Masquerade." 691 words.
John is unreasonably proud when his voice comes out level. "I will always find you."
Set after S1 x 05, "Judgement." 500 words.
John can't stifle his smile all morning long.
Get a room
Set after S3 x 06, "Mors Praematura." 3255 words.
He was suddenly, irrationally furious at Shaw for shattering the quiet pretense which had been at the heart of their strange little family. Harold yearned, because he couldn't help himself; John pretended not to notice, because that way they could be friends; and everything worked just fine. Well: it had worked. He wasn't at all certain what was going to happen now.

The Rabbi's Cat

Gen; written for Yuletide 2007; 3224 words.
If only the rabbi would teach him kabbalah, Majrum reasons, Zlabya would love him.

Ripper Street

Let Me Count the Ways
Bennet Drake/Bella Culver; set after S2 x 01; 2772 words.
"I've looked in a mirror most every day of my life. I know I'm a good man," he says quickly, forestalling her objection, "or I try to be; but I know what good-looking is, and I know I ain't it. Especially not today."
O Heart, Are You Great Enough For Love?
Bennet Drake/Bella Culver; 5050 words.
"I would never pretend with you. I swear it, Bennet. You don't pretend with me," Bella points out. "You never have." There is a softness in her expression; is she remembering the once he paid Susan for her time, and then asked her forbearance to simply sit with him a while? // Since then, he hasn't come to Long Susan's with money. Only with flowers, or a sweet, or such small courting gifts as he can afford. It feels wrong to think of hiring her time piecemeal when he has asked her to grant it to him freely.


Not To Yield
Shackleton/Hurley, written for Yuletide 2005; 2580 words.
Excerpts from the diaries of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Endurance expedition.

Stand By Me

Letting Go
Gordie/Chris; written for Yuletide 2004; 1184 words.
What really happened that night in the forest?

Toy Story

And Beyond
Buzz/Woody; 5107 words
Buzz's smile makes Woody want to do things he isn't even sure he understands. And he's pretty sure Buzz wouldn't understand, either.

Trailer Park Boys

Plus ça change
Julian/Ricky, set after the movie; 2276 words..
The more things change, the more hijinks ensue.

True Blood

The Daily Show With Special Guest Nan Flanagan
Written for Days Of Awesome 2010 / 5771; 964 words
A transcript of Nan Flanagan's special appearance on The Daily Show.
Girls Night In
Written for Hurt/Comfort Bingo 2012; 1106 words
"How did it happen to you?" Tara feels weirdly shy, asking that question. She never thought to ask before. She never wanted to know. But now every time she meets a vampire she wonders. It's like a coming-out story. You know every dyke has one.

Welcome to Night Vale

Written for the Idyll challenge; 1145 words.
"Starscreen," Cecil says, as though that were an explanation. He sits down and unbuttons his shirt, sliding it unselfconsciously off of his shoulders.
Someone Who Transports You
Just barely a crossover with Fringe; 2500 words.
Somehow this act of trust felt more daring, more terrifying, than any of the paranormal oddities he'd faced since coming to Night Vale.
Also, if you don't know Fringe, no worries - you won't miss anything.
The Void, And After
3101 words.
"Cecil --" Carlos' voice trailed off. He was in no shape to go out tonight. He hated to cancel a date; what if Cecil read too much into it, what if Cecil regretted what they'd -- it didn't matter. He couldn't possibly go out. He'd be the worst date ever. "I think I need a raincheck."
753 words.
"I'm not unusual," Cecil says to the draped mirror.
Fire in the Desert
1919 words
Set after episode 47
He's pretty sure he's not in Night Vale. Is this some strange corner of Desert Bluffs? It doesn't matter: Tamika wouldn't have brought him here if it weren't safe, and Carlos is supposed to be inside.

The West Wing

The Right Thing
Set in early S5; 1486 words
"With Abbey in New Hampshire," Jed says slowly, and Leo knows they're both thinking about why she's gone, "nobody here calls me by my name."
Visitation (West Wing)
Written for Purimgifts 2011; 548 words
The aftermath of an afternoon with the twins.
Three Windows
Written for Purimgifts 2011; 300 words
Three windows into CJ's life.
Preamble to the Pillowfight
Written for Purimgifts 2011; 736 words
Donna surprises Josh with a revelation.

X-Men (movieverse)

Charles/Erik; 1405 words.
Reflections on what's in a name.

Magneto/Mystique (implied Charles/Erik); 679 words.
What's surface, and what's underneath?

300 words; gen, written for the Psalm challenge.
Charles reads and muses.

In Dreams Begin Responsibility
Charles/Erik; 2963 words.
"If this is my dream, Charles thought, I can kiss him."

200 words.
Charles and Picard (ST:TNG) have an unexpected encounter.