All of the stories on these pages contain adult themes, harsh language, and sexual references. Most of the stories are slash. If you are under 18, homophobic, or don't know what slash is, don't read them! Leave now!

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stories by Thevetia stories by Marie Blackpool stories by Kenna McGuire
Stargate SG-1 ::
Jack/Daniel :: NC-17
Daniel thinks he needs to try something different.
Spirits and Bodies
Star Wars ::
Han/Luke :: 148K
Coup de Foudre
Sports Night :: Dan/Casey :: 11K
In Common
Stargate SG-1 :: Jack/Daniel
Jack and Daniel struggle to deal with an intolerable situation.
The Cost of a Used Spaceship
Stargate SG-1 ::
Jack/Daniel :: 78K
Daniel debriefs the Jack replica after "Double Jeopardy".
Scars and Souvenirs
Band of Brothers :: Winters/Nixon :: 58K
To Drive the Cold Winter Away
Stargate SG-1
Daniel makes some discoveries while visiting Jack's family over Christmas.
Color the Landscape
Magnificent Seven (TV series) :: Chris/Vin :: 115K :: Rating: PG, slash :: Universe: ATF
Master & Commander (Aubrey/Maturin) ::
Rating: PG :: Spoilers: None, really; or OTOH, the entire series. I made it all up. Mostly. :: Warnings: Yes. Don't read it if you don't like thinking about what happens after the end of the books.



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