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Dead Zone

The Dead Zone Fanfic Archive

This is small, but then so is the fandom. Vanishingly small. Hopefully, it will start getting bigger as people discover the show and start writing for it more, and equally hopefully, this archive will grow with it. It's inclusive of slash, het, gen, and all ratings.


Due South

The due South Fiction Archive (aka Exwood)

This includes gen, het, and slash, of all ratings. This is the main archive for the fandom, and has been around in one form or another since the mid-1990s, when DS was still very much on the air. As of January 2005, it's still getting a handful of stories a week, on average.


Forever Knight

Forever Knight Fan Fiction

This was meant to be the main archive for the mostly-gen stories, mirroring and eventually replacing the old FTP site, but the archivist abandoned the project for unknown reasons less than a year after starting it. She left the site up and working, though, so this is a prime archive of the fandom's early years. It houses more than 2,500 stories written prior to April 2000.

Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2

After hadn't been updated for a year, some fans stepped in and set up an interim archive that's been going ever since. Check here for post-2000 stories -- more than 600 as of late 2004.


The archive for Forever Knight erotica, both het and slash. This archive was started in the mid-1990s (when it stood for "James and Darkangel's Forever Erotica" -- it's since changed hands and location, but kept the acronym). It hasn't been updated since early 2003, but all those earlier stories are still there, and some of it is really good.



House Fan Fiction Archive

This is relatively new as I write this, and is small, but clearly growing. It's inclusive of gen, het, and slash, of all ratings. I've found some good stuff there.


Invisible Man

This fandom desperately needs an archive -- there used to be a couple, but they vanished years ago, and now what little fiction there is on the net is scattered across random homepages. That said, there's one gen archive that I know of:

The Invisible Man Virtual Seasons

Just what it says: fan efforts to create episode-like stories to fill up a "season" per year.

Beyond that, there are a few individual pages with several stories each that are worth checking out:

Through Slash-Corrupted Eyes

Charlene Ruocco's Invisible Man slash fiction. There are 5 stories here, plus at least one story that isn't in the list (it's linked in my I-Man recs). You have to click through several times to get to the stories themselves from her front page, but it's worth it.

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale was one of the backbone writers in the fandom, while the show was on and for a while thereafter. She's got 25 slash stories and 5 gen stories in her I-Man section.


Lord of the Rings

Henneth Annun

Gen, with some great stuff.



While we tell of Yuletide treasure

An archive for rare and obscure fandoms (where those terms = "have little to no fanfic written about them", not necessarily "no one's ever heard of the source"), designed to archive the stories written for an annual Secret Santa project, as well as the stories that leftover requests generate throughout the following year. There's some truly amazing stuff on this archive. Well worth checking out.


Phantom Menace

The Sith Academy

I absolutely hated Phantom Menace, and had no interest in reading any of the fiction. This is the sole exception. This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen fandom do. One woman had a silly idea, which sparked other silly ideas that she let riff off hers, which sparked more, which turned into an ongoing, usually hysterically funny tale that got written over the course of two full years by 79 different authors. No matter how you feel about the fandom, if you haven't read this site, go read it, chronologically. Trust me.


The Professionals

The Circuit Archive

Originally set up to house stories published in the old paper "circuit" (short version: stories sent around by mail, to be freely copied by anyone who wanted them) to make them available to online fans. It continues to do that as more stories get scanned in, as well as some out-of-print zines, and new stories submitted by currently active authors. This is the primary archive for the fandom.

The Hatstand

Originally designed to fill in for the Circuit Archive when that was on hiatus for a year or two. It has a lot of overlap with the current Circuit Archive in terms of stories, but also offers other things: transcripts for all the eps, categorized lists of stories, lists of stories that exist as series, lists of songvids, a glossary of period-accurate Brit usage, and series/actor information. Fabulous resource.


Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap Slash Archive

Quantum Leap is a very scattered, hard-to-find fandom on the net, which makes this archive a godsend. I can't seem to find a gen one that's still active, but this one keeps chugging along, so if you like QL slash, you'll be happy here.



852 Prospect

Sentinel adult fiction, mainly slash -- this archive has been active in one form or another since the mid-1990s, and is the main slash archive for the fandom. Several new stories are still being added each week.



The Alpha Gate (SG-1)

Gen, het, and slash. This archives stories from "the_alpha_gate", a Yahoo mailing list.

Area 52 (SG-1, SGA)

I don't like the look of this archive at all -- it's busy and hard to navigate, and hard to find things -- but it's been one of the main SG-1 archives since the beginning. When SGA started up, the archive expanded to include both shows.

Heliopolis (SG-1, SGA)

This is the gateway to three separate sites:

Heliopolis (SG-1 gen)

Helio 2 (SG-1 het adult)

Helio:Atlantis (SGA gen and het)

Wraithbait (SGA)

Gen, het, and slash. This is connected to the Wraithbait (slash) and Wraithgate (gen) Yahoo mailing lists, but is open to any SGA story, whether posted on those lists or not. This is the main SGA archive.


Rec pages

All Jewels Have Flaws

Sandy Herrold's recs page, covering a variety of fandoms and going back for several years. It looks like the last update was in 2002.

Destina's slash recommendations

Covers a variety of fandoms

Killa's recs

Heavily focused on Highlander and ST:TOS, but with plenty of other fandoms as well (35 other fandoms, as I write this, not including crossovers). You'll be able to find something to read here.

These include music video recs.

Polyamorous recommendations

Nestra and Shrift's recs page, covering a huge variety of fandoms and a mix of gen, het, and slash stories. Great stuff.

Te's (pre-2004) recs and Te's (2004) recs

The first link is to Te'c rec page, last updated in late 2003; the second is to her recs LJ, last updated in late 2004.



Godawful Fan Fiction

This is a messageboard forum, where members post about bad fanfic they've come across. A lot of it is stupid, honestly -- the rants are boring and the fiction is so appalling as not to be funny -- but every now and then there's a gem of bad writing or wonderful snark.

Hummel Eyes and Man Cream

This hasn't been updated in more than a year as I write this, so it could be defunct now, but it's still worth reading through what she has to say. She takes some of the worst fiction out there and makes it fun to read about it.


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